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  1. I haven't expanded my collection by much in 6+ months sadly. I used to go to pixie daily
  2. Happy Birthday, Kayochin!! I'm a little late, but it's still a day to celebrate, Kayochin being a practical favorite of mine tied with Rin! I haven't done one of these in a while, but here's an small image dump in celebration of her birthday!
  3. Watched Ep1 of KonoSuba, i really liked the first episode, humor and characters clicked with me, looking forward to more of the anime. At first, I thought, man, I really like this, I wonder if anything else will be good this season... then I watched Boku dake ga Inai Machi ep1 and 2, and I was completely blown away. Those two episodes were fantastic, extraordinary, simply an experience. I hope it stays consistent, because that was just incredible. Oh, and Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm's characters totally threw me off, didn't expect their personalities at all.
  4. Just convert to a Nico fan already にこにこにー
  5. 1 ticket for 84k points. T1 for Fairy Kayochin to match my Fairy Rin!
  6. Happy birthday, Eclipsed! I'll leave others to leave witty birthday wishes. yayfirst
  7. Event ended at 3:00 my time. That was just a little close.
  8. It's actually from a scene of ReBirth3 after you get the true ending. The idol pictures of the other CPUs are also from there. Well, there's the answer. I have RB3, but only got ~5 chapters in and pushed it to the side to start working on grinding out the remaining achievements in RB1 and RB2.
  9. Figured it out with a friend, it's a Steam Trading Card. I knew I saw it from somewhere and didn't find it in game, but friend linked me it. http://steamtradingcards.wikia.com/wiki/Hyperdimension_Neptunia_ReBirth3_V_Generation_-_Neptune_%26_Nepgear
  10. That CG was NepNep2, I forget when it happened and why.
  11. EN has halved EXP now? For JP, they have a "seal shop" where you sell R, SR, and URs for seals and you can buy cards and vouchers with them. LP carries over on gems and rank ups. Not sure what else, I don't play JP much any more either.
  12. Well, at least we both support Rom in some way! As for Neptune, she's 2nd best CPU (can't say for Victory II), and probably my third favorite overall.
  13. Blanc best CPU, Rom best girl. I got your back!
  14. I doubt things will skyrocket, but I guess I'll just start search star>5.0 and start spamming anything I like listening to with No Fail despite the difficulty for a few hours each day for the next few weeks lol
  15. Happens to me occasionally when I open the game from locked screen.
  16. Yeah, that'll never happen. I feel like I'm never going to advance that far in skill, it took me this long just to get a PP score of 117, I don't think I'll ever be able to start pulling off 150+s
  17. It took me over 10 months to get 100 PP, but I finally broke the 2000pp mark. Spoiler is old screenshot showing my PP as of February 18th 2014! I never thought I'd actually make it to 2000, it was my goal for the past like 6 months, ever since I got back into the game I've been trying to get back to where I was 2 years ago. Also, 2016 PP for 2016!!!
  18. 1 hour of playing is nothing for me. But racing against the clock isn't fun, I only beat the cutoff by 1.2k, which is a 3-medley and a little more. I almost failed one song and if I had, it would have been even close (I was dead tired at the time lol)
  19. But the main series isn't a VN, it's a JRPG with a story told in VN format. I play HDN with an Xbox 360 controller as well. Also, Rebirth 3's Opening is my least favorite of the three as well, because again, it doesn't fit the Hyperdimension Neptunia feel. Rebirth 2's OP just gets me plain hyped to play the game. I remember the first time I heard it in game my whole body was ready, and I was just thinking, it's finally here!
  20. Fuyu ga Kureta Yokan is one of my favorite songs in the whole franchise actually. ~~ Event wise: I slacked hard. I was supposed to grind steadily for T1 throughout the event, but in the last few days I realized I didn't even play for a few days so I decided to go for T2. But last night, I lost track of time and when I looked at the clock, I had about 80min to grind 11k event points to try and make it to T2... and, well,
  21. I really can't choose. If I had to, I would put 3 as last. It's a nice sounding song, but it just doesn't give me the "Neptune" feel. And then 1 and 2 have different biases. 1 was the original title music I started the game with, but Neptune 2 is the game I liked more because Rom because I like the sisters on average more, and NepNep2's OP is freaking awesome, definitely the beet, and the bias comes heavy when that title screen song comes after that OP I watch every time I launch the game. So I guess 2>1>3
  22. I'm still at about 50k myself and have gotten 4 tickets. My last day of class was the Monday that just passed, so I'm free to grind all day when I stop being lazy lol
  23. Taken from here! Note: Before 500, you must ask a global moderator. After 500, you can change it yourself.
  24. As of 21k event points, I had gotten 3 scouting tickets from the MedFes already, and I never buy the increased chance on drops. I only get the EXP up and the EP up every medley. Event point wise, I'm at 26.6k but I have a medley stored and enough LP to do 2 more, but I'm busy with homework all night and morning I think I've spent either 2 or 3 gems so far.
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