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    Ryuk211 reacted to Zalor in Recommend me a VN with a revenge-fueled story.   
    Kei's route in Dies Irae applies
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    Ryuk211 reacted to littleshogun in Recommend me a VN with a revenge-fueled story.   
    Well usually the VN with revenge them have the MC did commit the act, so it's kind of rare to see the heroine start the revenge plot of her own. That said, there are several VNs that can be qualified to a degree, such as Semiramis no Tenbin. Still if you interested with the MC also involved in revenge, there are several translated title of it such as Baldr Force (You can also try Baldr Sky duology), Muramasa, Kikokugai, and Hello Lady. I hope that my recommendations here can be helpful to you.
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    Ryuk211 reacted to GXOALMD in Recommend me a VN with a revenge-fueled story.   
    If you haven't read the Devil on G String yet, then I've got a pretty good suggestion for you.
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    Ryuk211 reacted to Markan in Looking for something like Black lagoon (Details inside)   
    Maybe ChuSinGura 46+1, MC must adapt in the edo period as a samurai after a backward time travel accident.
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    Ryuk211 reacted to Bredan in What is the appeal of ecchi comedy where the MC gets brutalized?   
    It's not a VN problematic, but sadly a big part of 'otaku' culture. I don't agree with the fact that's it's just comedy ; it is to me very linked to the same roots as the tsundere thing (especially 2nd generation), super heroines that are stronger than their male counterparts if those are even present (everywhere now, from swordwomen, magical girls to even Yamato Nadeshiko and idols that have become the super heroines of the non-fantastical tales) and even NTR. For me, this is also linked to the famous 'beta' MC.
    This culture is (was ?) largely a male thing, and as cliché as it may seem, males that have no or few good relations with women. There is no reason to expect sane male/female relations in general... there's a lot for me to like in this culture, but this aspect is what makes me often drop some VNs, animes etc.
    EDIT : I may be foolish... but I've even sometimes asked myself if that could be somewhat linked to the lack of birth in Japan. That's a problem shared by most rich countries, but seem heavier there compared to other ones. You may laugh at me ^^.
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    Ryuk211 got a reaction from Dreamysyu in What is the appeal of ecchi comedy where the MC gets brutalized?   
    VNs often have this kind of fanservice where the protagonist gets physically abused for simple misunderstandiings.  I have always disliked it and don't find it funny in tbe least. 
    Having said this,  there are obviously people who like this kind of ecchi comedy.  So can someone explain explain it's appeal to me? 
    Btw I like fanservice as long as the MC doesn't get brutalized.
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    Ryuk211 got a reaction from dannyboo in What VN do you wish you could play for the first time again?   
    G-Senjou no Maou. Usami Haru's  route.
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    Ryuk211 reacted to littleshogun in Will Anyone From America or Europe Make a Quality Visual Novel with a Black Protagonist ?   
    I see that you now used emoticon of anime character crying, which to say is very fantastic on it's own.
    Seriously though, at this rate you'll going in circle by your request (If not command) in regard of creating black skinned MC in a VN. I'm not saying that it's not possible to have black skinned MC in a VN, but I afraid I must say that your point here might be taken as an insult to even black skinned people because you just directly assume that what black skinned people need to be happy is just to self insert with the same skin colored MC, while actually there's a lot of factor that can make black skinned people to be happy just like any other people. As for your real life situation, while I can see that your issue is understandable I think it shouldn't be used as the reason for keep futilely begging and crying asking for a VN with dark skinned MC just for you to self insert (I don't think that it's usual for the people to self insert just because of the same skin color), although if you just want to entertain us like a clown then I have nothing to say other than keep at it until you get what you want.
    PS - From your past posts I know that you're willing to work hard to get the VN with black skinned MC and has very big production value only to have lack on resources problem, but considering that you said that you've been depressed because of that perhaps it's about time you took some time to rest and recuperation from VNs for some times.
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    Ryuk211 got a reaction from Plk_Lesiak in Hello   
    I've been reading visual novels on and off for a few years now.  That said, I'm reading VNs regularly for a couple of months now as part of my Japanese study. I probably should have written an Intro before asking for recommendations. Sorry about that.
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    Ryuk211 got a reaction from Fiddle in Looking for VNs where trap heroines convince MC to crossdress and become a trap.   
    This is my post on this forum. I registered specifically to ask this question, because I can't seem to find a combination of VNDB tags that work. Anyway, I'm looking for a VN with only trap heroines and a male protagonist who eventually becomes a trap himself. It SHOULD NOT be forced.  
    Otomaid cafe is on my list and I'm currently reading this:
    Nukige preferred. 
    Untranslated VNs?    OK, preferred.
     Non-Japanese VNs?   NO
    I know this is a very specific request, but I hope someone can help me find what I'm looking for.
    Thank you.
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