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Looking for VNs where trap heroines convince MC to crossdress and become a trap.


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This is my post on this forum. I registered specifically to ask this question, because I can't seem to find a combination of VNDB tags that work. Anyway, I'm looking for a VN with only trap heroines and a male protagonist who eventually becomes a trap himself. It SHOULD NOT be forced.  

Otomaid cafe is on my list and I'm currently reading this:


Nukige preferred. 

Untranslated VNs?    OK, preferred.

 Non-Japanese VNs?   NO

I know this is a very specific request, but I hope someone can help me find what I'm looking for.


Thank you.


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I actually looked through my lists and the various nukige I've played over the years, but that particular (unusual) situation just didn't happen in any of them.  The closest is the usual 'normal heroine tricks/convinces/forces the protagonist to cross-dress' trope.

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Hmm I see,  thanks anyway. I actually read my fair share of crossdressing stories on Nocturne Novels (Narou's sister site for 18+ stuff)  with the trope you mentioned. While they were ok, I never liked the power dynamic. There always seemed to be a Dom/sub relationship. 

If regular heroines are involved, I'd rather that the protag undergoes sex-change through magical/sci-fi means as opposed to crossdressing. 

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