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  1. I played Gore Screaming Show approximately three months after I began playing untranslated VNs, so - oddly enough - I remember most of the important bits.  At the time, it was already considered a classic by the English-speaking, untranslated-playing community, but I think it was considered so more because it had all the iconic elements of a good Japanese horror story.  At the time, the style was mildly popular in the JVN community, with Sabae no Ou and others still being produced quietly in the background for the fanboys.  However, the genre pretty much vanished after 2013, with most horror taking a different tack afterward.

    Gore Screaming Show, like a lot of the horror VNs of the time, involves a lot of tentacles, a chaotic evil true heroine, and sudden bursts of horrific blood splatter.  There are also several bad endings with story, including one that branches off the true path.  

  2. I'm fond of the style from ten to fifteen years ago, like seen in Ikusa Megami Zero, as well as the older style used in Dies Irae.  However, that just means that, in the end, I like different types of anime styles.  

    The tendency to go for excessively deformed or hyper-realistic designs in Western animation and cartoon styles puts me off, partially because I've spent so long with otaku media, partially because it just isn't as refined as even the worst anime style in modern times.  I just don't respond to it.  

    A few use the 'neutral style', which has a watercolor-type look combined with a more refined sprite design that is easy on the eyes, but that kind of thing requires a level of skill that most VN-makers in the West can't manage, so it is more of an exception than a trend.

    Edit: In the end, those are just my personal preferences.  The idea that a certain style is prerequisite for VNs is not something I'm going to say yes to.  I simply prefer the anime styles in general, for similar reasons to why I stopped watching Western media entirely.  That is the more straight answer to the original question, lol

  3. On 7/7/2022 at 2:11 PM, Plk_Lesiak said:

    Oy, maybe it's an overkill to create a thread over mostly one show, but I think we're getting something quite unique this season. By that I mean Yofukashi no Uta, which seems to be mostly slice-of-life, borderline-affirmative vampire story? Is that allowed in Japanese media, vampires that aren't self-hating monsters? Exploration of the night world that is driven by wanderlust rather than horror? I don't even know how to process this. :P

    Oh, right, there's Overlord IV too. Those two should be enough to keep my will to live relatively high this season. 😆 Also, second season of Highschool of the Elite will probably be really good, but I still have to catch up on the first one...

    Yofukashi's Monogatari vibes are why I immediately decided to drop it... to be honest, I got tired of the series after the first season.

    Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru is a pretty cute romantic comedy where Ayumu constantly flirts with Urushi while refusing to admit he is in love with her.

    Overlord 4 began slowly, but what was there was solid.  I just have to wonder if they'll draw things out too much...

    Kinsou no Vermeil reminded me of Kanokon in a good way.

    Jashin-chan is Jashin-chan, you either like or hate it.

    Tensei Kenja looks to be  a semi-solid isekai with an overpowered protagonist.

    Isekai Meikyuu Harem is unwatchable unless you get the uncensored version, which makes it nfsw.

    Kumichou Musume was cute, reminding me of Aishiteiruze Baby.

    Engage Kiss looks to be a trashy low-end fantasy with an unreliable protagonist.

    Utawarerumono is... Utawarerumono.  If played the game, so far it follows things a bit more faithfully than with the first anime...

    RWBY is fast-paced and fun so far, but it shows signs that it will probably turn to trash later on.

  4. 2 hours ago, Sparteh said:

    Could you recommend me more chuuni? This year proved how much I missed it when I read Tsukihime Remake, Bradyon Veda and Chuusingura.

    Magatsu Barai's PC version comes out at the end of this month, and Propeller's first game in ten years comes out in September.  


  5. Oddly, writers are the easiest personnel to find for VNs.  Artists (of quality) on the other hand are rare and often costly.  I remember when I commissioned art for a VN I was trying to make eight years ago, I got charged forty dollars for each CG (high-detail) and fifteen for each sprite (not including variations of pose and expression).  I imagine the basic costs have probably tripled or quadrupled by now, though.

    Considering that most VN readers are art bigots, it isn't something you can get away with skimping on (except for backgrounds... people are willing to ignore skimping on backgrounds).

  6. On 6/8/2022 at 12:49 PM, Sparteh said:

    Finally, after years of effort, I cleared my backlog. Now I need a new one. I would like to ask for recommendations for anything good you can recommend. My requirements:

    • don't care whether JP or ENG;
    • decent plot;
    • satisfying true end.

    Madohi Shiroki Kamikakushi (Edit: Osananajimi end is the true end)

    Kurogane Kaikitan 

    Waga Himegimi ni Eikan (Majinzoku side end is the true end, all three national paths are satisfying, side-heroines get gypped)

    Edit: Oh I forgot.

    Kunado Kokuki

  7. *a member of the Untranslated Liberation Army aims his Nihongorifle at Zakamutt and fires off a round of depleted Japoranium into Zaka before jumping into the sea of information*

    On a more serious note, I'm glad to see this come out where people can read it other than us elitists.  

  8. 1 hour ago, Lugh said:

    @Clephas And where can i get Phantom of inferno? I cant find it on steam or mangagamer?

    Honestly, I think you'd be best off looking for it on amazon, since it came out when Jast USA was the only major localization company.


  9. Devils Devel Concept's protagonist is as far from a doormat as it is possible to get.  It's not translated though. 

    Ayakashibito is translated and the protagonist, while he tends to cry a lot more than most, is suitably strong-willed and is willing to do what is necessary based on the situation.  

    Phantom of Inferno's protagonist is a brainwashed assassin.  The only unfortunate aspect of the game is that the only English version is a weird DVD that plays like a video.  On the upside, that version has all the lines - dialogue or not - voiced.

    Grisaia's Yuuji and the Phantom Trigger male protagonist.  The downside to Yuuji is that he is mentally unstable, so he might irritate you depending on the path.

    Anything else I would suggest wouldn't be translated, unfortunately.

  10. Japanese and Asian Mythology

    Waka-sama no Zasuru Sekai

    Kamisama no Shippo

    LoveKami (the original)

    Natsu no Owari no Nirvana

    Yami to Hikari no Sanctuary

    Madohi Shiroki no Kamikakushi




    Aoi Tori (Christian)

    Eushully's Dir Lifyna games (in a roundabout way, since most of Earth's gods are dead when the series begins)

    Tokyo Babel

    The Soleil series by Skyfish (primarily Norse, with some other pantheons mixed in and Cthulhu Mythos at times)


  11. I won't spoil it, but Nanairo Reincarnation has revenge aspects on certain paths.

    Toshiro Kashima of Vermilion Bind of Blood was an avenger for a time and pursues it during some of the paths.

    Ryakudatsusha no In'en is a vengeance story.  Ryuukishi Bloody Saga is his life afterward.

    Venus Blood Hollow is a vengeance story.



  12. On 3/12/2022 at 9:57 AM, Rahman N said:

    Added all of them to Wishlist. Thanks for suggestion.


    Is this VN getting an English translation for now? Or it won't be translated? I am waiting for it to be translated. Do you know Any new information about its project?

    No.  I believe there used to be a project, but it has probably fallen apart, as there is no entry on vndb for it anymore.

  13. 2 hours ago, Fireminer said:

    I’m bored, so I make this list. Pick whatever question you’ve got an answer:

    1. Which VN “disguises” itself as another type of game? (e.g. BlazBlue)

    2. Which VN has the best battle system you’ve ever played?

    3. Same question as above, but for the worst battle system?

    4. The most annoying minigame in a VN?

    5. Which route in which VN has the hardest requirements to reach?

    6. The funniest joke ending in a VN?

    7. What is more important in a chuunige? The characters, or the setting?

    8. Any explaination/plot twist/retcon/etc. in a chuunige that is so nonsense you just want to pull your hair off?

    9. Any recommend for a chuunige that is neither about revenge, loners trying to surivive, or an underdog going against the system?

    10. Is there any VN that does the “being intentionally bad/gross” successful? What is the Cho Aniki of VN?

    11. A nukige whose plot is too complicated for its own good?

    12. Do you want to own the collector’s edition of any particular VN?

    13. People like to post screenshots from PC-98 games because they like how they look, but which of these games is actually worth to play?

    14. Which VN would you like to see a remake?

    15. Anyone here old enough to have experienced the titles that were brought to the West by companies like JAST in the 1990s? How did you find out about these games, and how did you buy them?

    16. Any particular gripe about translation in a VN?

    17. VN that used to be big but no one talk about nowadays?

    18. What are some examples of VN writers that found success in other fields?

    19. The worst fandisk that you’ve ever played?

    20. Writers, artists, or even companies that you want to see a comeback?

    21. Which VN or dating simulator spin-offs of established game franchises (e.g. Days of Memories to King of Fighters) that impresses you the most?

    22. Which is the worst character font for VN to use

    23. Or just in general, which title has the worst user interface?

    24. Do you guys think there are a lot of people buying low-effort titles the likes of Miel’s games, or is it just a very dedicated group?

    25. The most bizarre downfall of a VN developer/publisher?

    26. Games that you want to be translated the most so that more people could experience them?

    27. Any Western-made VN that particularly impresses you?

    28. What do you think about the idea of using 3D models and/or premade assets (such as Honey Select) to reduce the cost of making VN?

    29. Which anime adaptations you consider superior to the original VN?

    30. How many of you here like mecha? I just want to know how niche is the audience for mecha VN is exactly?

    1.  The Agarest series

    2. In VNs, Ikusa Megami Zero, in rpgs, Grandia

    3. Ouzoku for VNs, Final Fantasy XII for jrpgs

    5. Any true route with route locking, since you have to slog through crappy heroine routes to get to them and half the time, you don't get it if you don't read those crappy heroines' story.

    6.  Akatsuki no Goei 2, Tae and mom oyakodon ending.

    7.  Hard to say... but I'll go ahead and say characters (in other words, no Victim A heroines, no Mob character A protagonists)

    8.  Everything in Raillore?  The whole game fails on every count because the story is told exclusively through dialogue and repetitive action cgs.

    9.  Hello, Lady is an obvious candidate for a revenge story, The entire Silverio series for underdogs against the system, Bradyon Veda for a loner protagonist

    11. Nukitashi

    12. No, I already do for the ones I want.

    13.  A matter of opinion, but I don't see the point in playing any of them.

    14.  Ikusa Megami 2 (hurry up, Eushully!!!)

    16.  Most VN translations before the year 2014

    17.  Dies Irae (because the anime was pure fail)

    18.  Higashide Yuuichirou (Manga, LNs, anime, and video games)

    20.  Shumon Yuu for writers, Akatsuki Works for companies

    21.  None.  Spin-off VNs usually suck.

    22.  Any non-Japanese font ( jk lol)

    24.  Nukige that don't have pretentions to being anything else will always have a solid fanbase.

    25.  Light's original owners failing because they forked over too much cash to a smartphone game company to try to make Pantheon to satisfy Masada's need for self-aggrandization.

    26.  Propeller's last three untranslated Higashide games: Bullet Butlers, Chrono Belt, and Evolimit.

    27.  No, but then, the EVN market was still pretty undeveloped when I burned out.

    28.  No.

    29.  Shuffle, if you don't include the Essence+ version

    30.  Mecha VN mostly don't exist outside of the Baldr series and a few other gameplay VNs.  I love the Baldr series and I am a long fan of Gundam.

  14. On 2/4/2022 at 12:15 AM, Vekili said:

    Which ones do you suggest the most

    like 2-3 of them

    (excluding evolimit)

    That begin with a light tone and become troubled and somber after: 

    Sakura, Sakimashita

    For ones that begin with a lot of jokes but become serious and/or grim later:


    Tiny Dungeon

    Tsuisou no Augment

    For ones with a serious action focus that is emphasized by the slice-of-life early on:

    Hello, Lady


    Tenshi no Hane

    For end of the world that begins with laughter:

    Soranica Ele


  15. 19 hours ago, Markan said:

    Grettings, like the tittle says, I'm looking for this kind of VN, a story that begins like a happy or comedy one but turns dark and serious later.

    A few examples could be: Rewrite, Muv-Luv or Sorceress Alive.


    It doesn't matter if it is untranslated.


    Soranica Ele

    Tenshi no Hane o Fumanaide

    Tiny Dungeon

    Tasogare no Sinsemilla

    Suisei Ginka

    Hello, Lady (suggest that you read the Superior Entelecheia version)

    Rui wa Tomo o Yobu

    Tsuisou no Augment

    Sakura, Sakimashita

    Akatsuki no Goei (depending on the route, the third game especially)




    1 hour ago, Silvz said:

    Anything by Key, I guess.

    Nakige don't count...  

  16. 19 hours ago, Samogost said:

    I see. I'll do that. Thank you for your reply. I read your blog about Sangakki. In your opinion, is it worth reading the (heroine) routes of the first, and second game?

    Mmm... to be honest, it depends on if you take a liking to the heroine and how the common route plays out up until the split.  I do recommend that you play Yoshimi's route in all three games, if only for amusement's sake.  Kani's routes are all boring, so I wouldn't bother picking her in any of the three.  Other than that... Erika?  Erika is probably the most unusual character on the list from my point of view.

  17. On 1/30/2022 at 3:21 AM, Samogost said:

    Hi all.

    I am a bit confused, so I would like to ask for help. Do I need to read Tsuyokiss and Tsuyokiss 2gakki before I start 3gakki? Am I missing something if I go straight to 3gakki?

    Yes, you are missing something.  To be blunt, the best thing you can do if you don't want to read through the entire thing is to read the common routes for the first two games, since 3gakki is based on the idea the protag didn't choose anyone in the first two semesters.

  18. 1 hour ago, snakezenn said:

    Yeah, those were the two that I was talking about and on VNDB it said they were classic tsunderes which I am still not too sure what exactly that means. Anyway thanks for the replies I will have to check it out.


    Classic tsundere, in practical terms, usually refers to a heroine who covers up their affections with a thorny attitude.  The reason I say this doesn't apply here is because Saku and Tamao straight-out don't like Shinri at the beginning.

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