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  1. It's not an unusual concept.  To be blunt, Sunao's ending in Semiramis no Tenbin is basically a bad ending that happens if you miss the flag for Ami's ending.  As for bad endings that are longer than the good endings... less common but also something that happens regularly in utsuge in particular.  Sora no Baroque comes to mind, for instance.

    However, you have to ask yourself... do you really want a bad ending to be the one thing people remember when it is all over?  Because the longest and most detailed endings are the ones people remember the most.  In good VNs, the true ending generally is never shorter than the other endings and is often longer many times over for this precise reason.  It is also why - if a heroine exists for the true ending - picking a poor quality heroine for the true ending usually damns the game to the kusoge pile.

  2. 5 hours ago, ChaosRaven said:

    Nice list of top five VN's. I also like that the previous years are linked. Would be nice to also have an addendum with all English release of that year - just to know the competition.

    Reminds me that I still have Hello Lady installed. Was a bit hit and miss for me. Interesting protagonist, but the heroines felt more like side characters. Tamao's route was pretty bad, so I stalled the VN for a while. Still have to pick it up again. Just have to find the motivation. Maybe next year...

    Currently I'm reading Amatsutsumi, but it seems a lot weaker than Chrono Clock or Hapymaher so far. Pretty much nothing happens at all - just pure slice of life. I'll probably just play Mana's route and call it a day.

    Besides that, I'm also reading Flowers 4 from this year, which feels rather... low effort so far. Half the characters of the previous titles are gone and none were added, which makes the experience rather boring.

    Not counting Japanese titles, the best English VN for me this year was probably Summer Pockets. Though that wasn't a release from this year.

    Amatsutsumi definitely is more slice-of-life focused.  The only route that is a real exception is the Hotaru route.

    I really suggest you play the complete edition of Hello, Lady (including the materials from Superior), as it contains a non-heroine true route that is excellent.  Also, the extra routes for Hishia and Mitori are worth playing simply because Mitori's provides a lot of insight into some of the background noise of the other paths and Hishia's path gives you more background on Shinri.


  3. For those who are interested, the best games by that company are:

    Baldr Skydive

    Baldr Sky Zero (alternate world setting, which makes sense if you completed the original, battle system was more clunky than Skydive due to a transition to 2.5D)

    Baldr Force (has aged surprisingly well, but the visuals, while pretty, are very much yesteryear.  Occurs significantly before the development of biological AIs that led to Baldr Sky)

    Baldr Heart (based a few centuries after Baldr Skydive, when Ark's digital mind transfer tech is in common use)

  4. 8 hours ago, Nemesis said:

    Which Baldr game are you talking about so I can avoid it?

    I'm going to get all the giga games that I'm interested in before they shutdown.

    Baldr Bringer.  Baldr Bringer's story is virtually nonexistent, and the combat is awful and slow-paced (the attraction of the Baldr series battle systems' was how fast-paced it was).  

    Senkou no Clarias (the last gameplay game by Giga's Team Baldrhead) was interesting... until it wasn't.  The combat system was clunky and poorly designed, though not as poorly as Baldr Bringer's.

  5. I played the Baldr series up to the point where they for some reason decided to make the last game a piece of crap (both battle system and story).  I still don't get why they destroyed the traditions of the series to create a mindless game obviously designed for mobile phones rather than pc or consoles.  

    Giga has been showing signs of collapse for a while now.  The over-production of the 'kiss' series, which was never that popular even amongst romance VN lovers, was another sign of this.  In addition, Giga's development costs were always excessive for the genre, which probably made it worse due to the borderline nature of sales of VNs.

    Harvest Overray was decent, but after that I came to the conclusion that Giga was incapable of producing anything truly superlative outside of the Baldr series.  This was confirmed by my first attempt to play a game from the 'kiss' series, which was a total kusoge.

  6. 6 hours ago, tahu157 said:

    This is really the only thing I've watched so far. The premise is hilarious but 5 episodes in and I feel like I don't really know any of these characters at all.

    Try reading the Ln or the web novel.  So far it is pretty close to the web novel, with the exception of skipping over a lot of the school life shit.  The details that includes will fill in the characters to an extent.  As for Delta and the others, you don't really get to know them until later in the story.  Alpha and Beta are the ones who have the most 'screen time' in the story, with Ipsilon coming to life pretty late in the story.  Delta is really simple (literally simple)... she's basically a wolf to the bone.  If you can beat her up, she's submissive, if you lose to her, she dominates you.  Her main interests are food and killing.

  7. Kage no JItsuryokusha ni Naritakute is my gem for this season.  Great mix of ridiculousness, melodrama, and story.  Beast Tamer is a good harem fantasy.  Shinmai Renkinjutsushi is cute but not so cute-focused that it makes me want to vomit, so it is actually watchable.  Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita I also like, but my thing for catgirls probably has me liking it more than most would.

  8. On 10/28/2022 at 7:41 PM, littleshogun said:


    Announcement 2 - Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate


      Reveal hidden contents

    Two childhood friends attend Takafuji Gakuen: Yuuki, who wants to fall in love, and Chisato, who hates chocolates. They are part of the food research club along with their friend and classmate Mifuyu. Even though it’s a food research club, they don’t actually do anything except for buying candy with the club budget and enjoying their time together. It is an irreplaceable place to them. However, the club’s existence is in danger with one of the student council president candidates, Satsuki, vowing to close all clubs that don’t do anything. Since their club is in this list, they do their best to save it but there’s no other way but to participate in the student council president elections and defeat her. Yuuki is persuaded by Chisato to run in the election. At first he isn’t interested at all, but since the club members are trying their hardest, he too wants to win to save the club.

    Announcement 3 - Baka Moe Heart ni Ai o Komete!


      Reveal hidden contents

    Renren Academy is a school which promotes romance, with couples-only meals, events made specifically for couples, and a shrine where only couples may enter. It is said that a couple who ties the knot in front of the legendary goddess statue in the shrine on the day of the Christmas party will be happy forever. These phrases of “legendary” and “eternal love” make Shoutarou burn with excitement. He vows to find a girlfriend and confess his love for her in front of the goddess statue.

    However, there are the ‘juubakusha’ who stand in his way. They despise the lovey-dovey atmosphere given off by the couples in the school and want to cancel the Christmas party! They also play tricks on couples to try to make them break up and attempt to destroy the statue. Shoutarou won’t put up with their ill actions! Nothing will stop him from becoming the best man there ever was!


    .Announcement 5 - Shinsou Noise ~Jushin Tantei no Jikenbo~


      Reveal hidden contents

    This is the debut game for Azurite. Shizunomiya is a commuter town located on the outskirts of a big city. It has many urban landmarks, while still being full of nature on the sea side. In the middle of this town is Shizunomiya Gakuen, whose students often flock to the city after school to enjoy the wide assortment of entertainment there.

    Kazuma entered the school this spring, but he is no ordinary student. He has the ability to envision the thoughts of others, however he is not able to discern the source. Moreover, these thoughts often overlap one another, creating noise that makes it hard to understand them. While he was born with this ability, he still cannot completely control it and often gets involuntarily exposed to strong thoughts. Nevertheless, he still leads a relatively normal school life.

    First year students are required to form ‘action groups’ which have to do various events throughout the year. The groups are chosen randomly, and the unsocial Kazuma ended up with seven eccentric members. They didn’t bother to meet up, but just to do enough to fulfill their obligations as an ‘action group’. Shortly thereafter, there was a theft in the girl’s changeroom. This would be the first case for the ‘Reception Detective’ Kazuma.

    This is a mystery/suspense ADV, so you’ll have to use your detective skills to solve puzzles and crimes. It employs a ‘voices of the heart’ system where you can tell what a character is actually thinking. You’ll have to collect clues to solve the crimes, which quickly escalate from a simple theft.

    I'll try to comment on those announcements later.

    2- Given how this one had several early attempts to fantranslate it, it isn't much of a surprise.  However, in terms of quality, it isn't a 'classic' I would have bothered with.  It is just famous because it got an anime, in any case.

    3- One of a very small number of 'nearly pure comedy' VNs out there.  This one is a pretty good choice.  

    5- Mmm... to be honest, I don't get why they decided to translate this one.  It is not only niche but has extremely mixed reviews (from me, in particular).  There are some fairly disgusting aspects to the story, and it is more than a little depressing.  Moreover, there is a really awkward mystery system included in there that makes it annoying to play at times.  For a small number of people, though, it seems to have hit the spot perfectly...

  9. Something to keep in mind with replaying a VN is that 'normal' VNs really aren't suitable for being played repeatedly.  In my experience, there are a few golden standards (though not absolute ones) that enhance the replayability of a VN.

    1) Depth of the Setting- This is one of the two primary reasons why I'm most likely to replay a VN.  If a setting is deep enough, there is very little chance you will catch everything on a first playthrough, so games with deep settings often take two or three replays to start to feel stale.

    2) Emotionality/Catharsis- The degree to which a VN stimulates the emotions through presentation and story can often make a VN that is otherwise not all that special replayable.  For this reason, nakige are some of the most commonly replayed VNs from my conversations over the years with other VN players.  If it makes you cry, it is probably worth trying again, lol.

    3) Presentation (dramatic, memorable)- In some cases, there is just something about the way the story is presented that makes replaying a VN easy.  

    4) Uniqueness- Though this became rarer and rarer as time went on, this quality is often enough to make me go back to a VN.  Semiramis no Tenbin and Re:Birth Colony both fall into this type, for different reasons.


  10. Evolimit

    Tokyo Babel

    Dies Irae



    Mirai Nostalgia

    Aoi Tori

    Devils Devel Concept

    Soshite Hatsukoi wa Imouto ni Naru

    Minamijuujisei Renka

    Paradise Lost

    Kajiri Kamui Kagura

    Yurikago yori Tenshi Made

    Haru to Yuki


    Eien no Aselia

    Silverio Vendetta

    Silverio Trinity

    Zero Infinity

    Vermilion Bind of Blood



    Akatsuki no Goei trilogy

    Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana

    Akeiro Kaikitan

    Nanairo Reincarnation

    Ikusa Megami Zero

    Bradyon Veda

    Bullet Butlers

    Kikan Bakumatsu Ibun Last Cavalier


    Chrono Belt

    Cross Channel




    Rui wa Tomo o Yobu and fandisc


    Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no

    Lovekami (original)

    Jingai Makyou

    Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate (both)

    Komorebi no Nostalgica

    Tiny Dungeon series

    Valkyrie Runabout


    Ou no Mimi ni wa Todokanai

    Phantom of Inferno

    Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas

    Ryuukishi Bloody Saga

    Suzunone Seven

    Kamikaze Explorer

    Tenshi no Hane o Fumanaide

    Tsuisou no Augment (both)


    Yami to Hikari no Sanctuary

    Suisei Ginka

    Hello, Lady (all versions)

    Konata yori Kanata made

    Houkago no Futekigousha

    Semiramis no Tenbin

    Baldr Skydive

    Baldr Sky Zero

    Ojousama no Hanbun wa Ren'ai de Dekiteimasu

    Ojousama wa Gokigen Naname


    Kin'iro Loveriche (and fandisc)

    Campus's Uso series

    Bloody Rondo

    Gensou no Idea

    Shinigami no Testament

    Natsuiro Recipe

    Venus Blood Hypno (known as Hollow in the West)

    Shuumatsu Shoujo Gensou Alicematic

    Tayutama (original)

    World Election

    Prism Recollection

    Haruru Minamo ni

    Duelist x Engage



    Sakura, Sakimashita

    Abyss Homicide Club

    Amairo Islenauts

    Blade x Bullet

    Shirogane no Soleil

    Fake Azure Arcology

    Re:Birth Colony Lost Azurite

    Hyakka Ryouran Elixir

    Kanojo-Tachi no Ryuugi

    Kono Sekai no Mukou de

    Kouyoku no Soleil


    Lunaris Filia


    Sakura Iro Quartet

    Otomimi Infinity

    Reminiscence (for Aki's route)



  11. 2 hours ago, Malik said:

    Let me get one thing straight mercurius been on the throne the longest but how does his craving works like I know it is eternal recurrence and it's the cause of foreknowledge and the cause of why he wants to die and all (really cool that dies irae started because a godlike figure was feeling suicial) and we know that in his reign of throne it's basically a multiverse with all the choices creating a universe if I'm right, I didn't get this right at the end he stated that after his battle with Reinhard and near his destruction he always go back (to being born as an outsider of the world of the previous hadou god as a bug) so it means there were multiple fights with Reinhard and mercurius ? Or multiple operas 


    Mercurius was a freak of nature that appeared in the third universe and just overwhelmed Neros Satanail with logic as much as actual power (as it was put at one point, Neros was too passive by nature and excessively logical, so their fight was something of a debate more than anything else).  Marie first appeared in Mercurius's universe when he was beginning to run out of things to do, a perfect gudou (seeker of internal truths) born without a need for external factors to shape or effect her.  He immediately fell in love with her nature and saw the potential for a better world that would come into existence if she could be truly awakened to the outside world.  Reinhardt was, in his mind, a convenient tool to arrange this, as Marie was too passive to overcome him on her own (she would never desire to of her own will).  

    Mercurius doesn't so much have foreknowledge as experience of infinite numbers of past cycles.  Current canon holds that Reinhardt didn't come into existence in the timelines until after Marie came into existence, as it was Marie's incarnation that caused Mercurius to desire his own annihilation.

    Currently, two canons exist for the Shinzabansho universe (mostly because Masada kept changing his story).  One has a partial version of KKK happening between Marie's and Rea's paths, where Mercurius (who was not vanquished in Marie's path) resetting things after she was killed by Hajun, resulting in him altering the course of the events of Rea's path to weaken Ren's feelings toward her and redirect them to Rea.  The second one is where KKK is completely canon and Rea's path never happened.  This one is HUGELY unpopular with the fanbase (for obvious reasons).

    The one thing you need to get out of this is that all four paths occur in order in the first canon.  Kasumi's path> Kei's path> Marie's path > Hajun's rebellion >Rea's path.  


  12. Spoiler

    Mercurius is the fourth god of the Shinzabansho Universe.  Within the Shinzabansho Universe, when an individual claims the Throne, their ideal becomes the defining law of existence.  In the case of Mercurius it was 'Eigou Kaiki', which essentially means 'eternal repetition'.  Because of this law, he could restart the universe at any point he desired and alter the conditions going forward through his avatars.  However, he eventually became obsessed with making Marie his successor, resulting in the events of Dies Irae, where his suicide factor Reinhardt Heydrich fought against his partial clone and representative, Ren to cause a rupture in existence that would bring Marie to the Throne and give her a chance to destroy him and take over.

    Suicide factors are something that come to exist when an immortal being (true immortal, not false immortals like the Black Round Table) reaches the point where their soul begins to desire their own annihilation.  Ren was one of these, with Shirou being his suicide factor.  The immortal in question always has a natural affinity that often results in friendship or love between them and their suicide factor, but the relationship between the two is inevitable as destructive as it is friendly, if not more so.


  13. 12 hours ago, HataVNI said:

    I would say it is unpredictable, but the amount of fan translators - while scarce - is not 0. Reaching out to a group that has exactly the interests and have done Pulltop before might yield some results. Alka Translations would come to mind.  @Legendary No-Con or @Tsukishiro might be interested?

    We'll see what happens. Since Fuwanovel is back alive things might change very drastically soon. Making fan translations prosper is on our list of goals.

    Keep in mind that Kamishino had over a decade to get translated, and yet it was only finished recently as a passion project.  Moreover, though the initial translation was done some time ago, it was only recently that it was actually released.  I imagine if a potential translator plays the translated version and wants the two remaining paths, it might be a possibility.  However, keep in mind that most fan-translations fall apart for a reason, and those two paths are a prime candidate for manufacturing such a reason (they are unnecessarily long for the actual content contained within the path, as well as having a more H focus than the other four paths).

  14. As an answer to the question above, I'm not interested in tlcing the remaining two paths.   I more or less agree with Ittaku about those two paths, from personal experience.  In addition, those two paths are ridiculously long despite the lack of any real content to them, so in this case it really isn't worth the effort.  

    It is painful to read those paths, it would be even more painful to have to help translate them.

  15. ... I know that Bethesda loves to milk their games until the fanbase withers and dies, but I'm tired of hearing about Skyrim releases when it's been so long since the last real ES game came out (MMO's aren't games, they are traps for the latent obsessive people). 

    Oh... and I find it hilarious that the fan-made storylines are so much better than the original one, hahaha.

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