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  1. All right friends, this project is relaunched! We've got a translator, and are looking for text & image editors and a second translator if possible. Check the re-done post if you're interested at all!
  2. The project isn't alive, per se. I had moved onto being the project lead for Alka Translations and working on things such as Angel Beats, Miazora Fine Days, Summer Pockets Reflection Blue, etc. But now that I'm no longer part of the team, I'm certainly interested in trying to reignite interest in putting together a different team for this once I actually have the time to do so. And if so, I'll be sure and update things here!
  3. We've already got another translator working on that. They just won't be able to work on the next project, so that has nothing to do with this, really.
  4. That's actually what I'm here for. I'm the Editor/TLC and I've got experience enough with both that I make things make sense in English without straying too far from the original text.
  5. I suppose, though I'd argue my elaboration right after makes it more clear what exactly we're looking for
  6. Yeah, a lot of people seem to be pointing out the N2 requirement. The team told me to ask for N2 but I'm beginning to wonder if that's really necessary.
  7. We thought about that, but figured it'd be better to just do the Plus Edition at first, for the core Snow experience, and we'd do the fandiscs if this became successful! Fandiscs included for a first project are rather ambitious. So thank you, if this succeeds, that's one of the next things on our list!
  8. Hello friends! This is newly formed translation group Snowy Ryujin TL, and we have decided that after 18 years of going untranslated, we're gonna try our hand at developing a fan translation of the Studio Mebius VN, Snow My name's Rinny, and you might recognize me from being the Project Lead & Editor for the Summer Pockets, Angel Beats 1st Beat and Miazora Fine Days projects. If there's one VN I've been absolutely dying to not only read myself but bring to English ever since I entered the VN scene, it's this one. The Visual Novel: "The story of Snow starts when the main
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