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  1. Oh I see, hahaha well that image is very weird as a signature... I find it rude but no problem then.
  2. I don't understand why did you put that image it just seems unrespectful but I honestly don't care about your personal and subjective opinions because I am confident about myself...
  3. Hello Neko pie! That's so amazing another artist here, I am okay with it. Spanish is my native language too XD & thank you., empezare ahora con el español... No se que significa enviar un PM, me podrías decir? ^-^
  4. My name is Melissa and I'd like to meet visual novel makers or future VN makers to talk about it or discover a lot of new things about visual novels. I like to draw and create stories so If someone would like to make friends like me it is completely welcome. I wanted to create manga before but since I studied audiovisual production I like a lot more audiovisual products and I think they have something very special which manga doesn't have. That's how I became more interested in Visual Novels format to create stories, this is just my particular opinion, but I also like interactive mangas.
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