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  1. Overall it was a really good read so I don't regret reading it. But yeah, that ending...
  2. I'd rather want them to pick Making Lovers instead, but yes this. Going by how well received Fureraba was, it wouldn't surprise me if NN decided to license the whole SMEE catalog. If you decide to go on with this project, at least release a prologue patch so we can judge the quality of the TL.
  3. Please. At least consider it if the release ends up being decent enough like MiaZora. You're the hero we need.
  4. From the hints Chuee gave off because he can't keep his mouth shut: -Neither will be Favorite title. -Both will be from new partners. I want to believe. Some people are fear mongering that it'll be SakuraGame that gets it. It makes perfect sense too, given that they tend to overpay for their licenses and that Sprite is in quite a tight spot financially. Still, I want to believe it will be NekoNyan that gets Aokana. I will literally KMS if they don't.
  5. So, if I'm correct, the only stuff left to do is make a new patch with the missing stuff from the bottom list or upgrade the current patch with the fixes of the top list. Or is the patch compatible with the fixes of the top list and there's no need to do anything?
  6. Any info on the updated Restoration Patch (Heliousaurus's) that includes the fixes from the official patch? I prefer the mosaics and the bandaid.
  7. So, in other words, Heliosaurus is the only one who can save us from this. It's only a few CGs so I imagine it should be easier to replace. Also I don't believe that excuse about Lose not letting them fix the CGs when they just uploaded a lewd pic with nipples on their Enty.
  8. Side-by-Side mosaiced vs demonsaiced ingame screenshots yes. As for a solution, PM to anyone who asks?
  9. Is this the project you're talking about? If a big part of the time spent on team discussion is on how to remove honorifics while keeping relationship nuances, you're better off trying to convince the project leader that is better to not remove them. Like you said, charage doesn't tolerate the loss of honorifics and if you are all having a hard time trying to remove them then you're better off leaving them in.
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