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  1. ah different game? Bleh that seriously sucks,so now gotta wait 2-3 more years for the 2nd and then the 3rd release? ._. by that time i might have finished learning the language xD
  2. anyone seen Hitsugi no Chaika yet? how is it?
  3. well for me i enjoyed Higurashi's anime more than the VN especially the 2nd season,the build-up was awesome for Umineko it'd be the opposite,the anime is really weird i didnt understand a thing
  4. heh some else who also thinks the same as me yea i also liked Tsugumi a lot and thats rare from me since i typically hate these 'tsunderes' but she was a really interesting character with a sad but interesting backstory. Loved how she developed throughout as well. though there should've been more screentime with her and Takeshi after he came out of Himmel,if i remember right she only got teased at ;p
  5. you've to take ur time and read this,u cant really say anything after 2 episodes the story is more complex then that and as others have says the characters do change a bit
  6. Guess i'll start on that after finishing I/O. I can handle dark stuff if the endings are atleast satisfying. ;d
  7. think Gintama,their humor wouldnt be even half as funny/effective if it was dubbed. The punchlines,the gags,the parodies all would just look awkward
  8. its not the VAs per se,some of the situations feels too unnatural in dubbed ones. Like some action scene,someone naming one of their attacks or acting surprised after something big happens it always sounds much 'cooler' and better in the original Japanese voices
  9. Subbed always dubbed feels very unnatural to me and cant watch it without feeling weird or laughing at some of the voices well thats just me
  10. Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu D:, Its so interesting WHY NO 2ND SEASON YET! .The first one ended too abruptly,they cant do that type of ending without making a 2nd season ! Also another one i can think of would be Oregairu(Yahari Ore no...blah blah). that was a very unique sort of anime with a unique protag would love to see more of it. (all the characters are also really interesting) there are others but these are the 2 i want the most i guess?
  11. heard its kind of dark or sth? i dont like dark endings :c. thats why i'm hesitant to start it at this moment and for another thing i never heard of it before the translation got finished xD
  12. looks suspicious,why would he post that in 4chan lol
  13. well hopefully they do it a bit faster too ;d but yea good to know they'r alive
  14. usually 480p so its easier to store them after watching,bit higher if the anime is good or is a good action one and if its a show i really loved,like lets say Code Geass? only then do i bother dling the BD release
  15. yep totally agree with u just because your doing fan translation doesnt give u a right to do watever the hell u want and trolling people non-stop for almost a year if he got pissed off because of the 'hate' he should never have started doing this anyway,there are many stupid people like that on the internet and so his following behavior is really cannot be said that he did it because of the 'hate'. He did it because he's a jerk or person who gets butthurt too easily
  16. scripts doesnt exist like i said he's just lying,trolling people
  17. what in the world is this......? Fruits? As if birds werent bad enough seriously the internet never fails to amuse me ;d
  18. worst game i ever played. Crysis 2 probably after the masterpiece of a prequel the way they destroyed the sequel makes me cringe even to this day D: needless to say i never got around finishing it (maybe played around 50% or so) the story and gameplay was not even half as interesting as the prequel
  19. not 99%,its 15% ;d the Introductory Chapter(common route) is the only thing thats close to completion
  20. delete? lol impossible,he never did anything after the initial patch i'm sure of it perhaps he planned to and announced he was done in advance just for the heck of it but couldnt follow through in the end so now he cant give it out even if he wants to well thats wat i think anyway
  21. wow that spoiler ;D good to know the more interesting heroine gets the 'main' role for once. Dunno if this was popular enough to warrant another season but the old shitty one got 2 cours,hopefully this one too
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