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  1. Ah, I wasn't aware of that, sorry. Still, I did look at that list although it's just a huge link dump with hundreds of links. Pardon my lethargy, but I'm not sure it's effective for finding something appealing.
  2. Hi guys! I recently finished Grisaia no Kajitsu and I'm nearing the end of G-senjou no Maou. Both of these have been fantastic (and Shinigami no Testament looks good too, but isn't translated as of now). I suppose I'm interested in any fully translated eroge with an appealing story to it that's more than plain old romance and/or slice of life. Anything with an interesting story that doesn't have a horribly depressing ending please. I haven't read many [interesting] novels other than the two above, so anything helps. Thanks guys!
  3. Is this a lost cause then, or does someone else have their eyes set on it?
  4. Why forget about it when someone else can bring it to life?
  5. That depends on where you're from. I'm not saying we should be harassing him. I'm saying that people simply want answers which he still has yet to be clear about. People harass him because it starts with asking a question which he "cleverly" avoids which only raises more and more questions. All that does is result in people wanting more answers and eventually people become upset when they don't get any single answer to any of them. A single person being rude to him doesn't mean he needs to start being sarcastic and hiding his true intentions from every person he comes across. Essentially w
  6. I don't understand why the community is at fault for "being rude to him" when we're acting this way because we want answers. Is it wrong to want to know what's happening with this? For Insem, it's as simple as being open with the answers rather than dodging the question because he thinks it's funny. It doesn't matter what has happened previously. We're trying to find out if he's actually working or if he quit. Even people who simply ask politely haven't gotten anywhere. I'm sure if he was a little more open about it, hardly anybody would be rude anymore.
  7. Everything he's said has been sarcastic. Personally, I'd rather not just keep waiting to see what happens. We've been at this same stage for months now.
  8. Hey guys! (Sorry if this is in the wrong section) https://twitter.com/StaircaseSubs/status/442807505219878912 It looks as though he's finally done beating around the bush. Is there any chance anybody else wants to pick this project up, even if it means starting over? Essentially Insem isn't exactly the type of person for translating this kind of stuff. There's no use bothering him about it now. If anybody else is up for picking this up, I don't mind pitching in with editing and such or whatever's needed, but I'd like to see if we can at least get this going at some point.
  9. An OST is usually just the music included in the game. Sadly, it doesn't include all of the voices and such.
  10. So I decided to come back to life out of nowhere for absolutely no [good] reason. I kind of wanted to mess around with sounds and such just for the fun of it. Is there any simple way an amateur like me could extract sounds from Grisaia to play with without wanting to cry afterward?
  11. Don't forget that for some reason mothers in anime are all really young looking and often act like a clingy girlfriend instead of a mom.
  12. I'm kind of the same way. I started to like Ruri later on in the show, and I was looking forward to them back together. I actually started to like Ayase too, but after that he just shot for Kirino out of nowhere. It was good until every girl in the show suddenly liked him only to be rejected for Kirino out of nowhere.
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