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  1. I've seen akatsuki no yona, but the other ones sound pretty cool. I'm actually hype from your description xD
  2. Huh, both sound interesting, I'll check them out. Thanks ^_^
  3. I am currently looking for a manga that has a knighted protagonist, like knighted to a princess or to conviction. Its a pretty specific characteristic so I know it should be hard. I have found nothing this far, but who knows? Maybe someone knows a hidden gem, or one that I just simply missed :9. If you know a similar case, but not the specific knight thing, I'd be happy to know :). As far as restrictions, it has to be medieval (not really into futuristic things). Fantasy, love, adventures, action, comedy, whatever extra genre in the manga is appreciated :). (Just for the record, already read most of popular ones, so thats why I'm looking for hidden jems)
  4. I am more against the fact that like Grisaia some other games were already translated but not licensed. Maybe the patch wasn't of perfect caliber, but nonetheless it took the same amount of work. You could say its to prevent piracy or quality drops, but aren't we playing for the fact we love vn's? Seems kind of greedy from localization companies :S (Not complaining from companies like mangagamer that translate untranslated vn's, they deserve what they charge)
  5. Looks cool, I think I'll download the prequel and decide from there
  6. I would like more PC adult games I guess. But a port for some 3ds galges would not be bad.
  7. I think the first thing that would happen would be like, oh, lights are gone. Then goverment would have people on cars, going through the streets, saying that something is wrong with electricity, asking the neighborhood to light torches or something like that and closing their doors. If they do not find a way to solve it for a long time, people would start to get extreme. Crime would increase. The goverment would dispatch the army. The groups of people would become reclusive since they have to keep things secure (food, health, etc.). All of this while the 1st world countries try to find new ways of comunicating with their inhabitants. Honestly you would stop caring that there is no electricity, and start caring about your security and your family's.
  8. Yeah, yeah, that's the kind of cliche thing I'm talking about. Its like when DxD was popular and then they made Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. I don't really care if it is better. But it is the same. I guess that in the end demand wins over quality. Hmmm. The thing is, light novels are just like a book, are they not? (Sorry if I'm wrong) But I don't really like them. When it comes to anime like things, I like them with some way to picture them.
  9. You know what I wish studios stopped? The cliche animes about a guy who gets into a only girl school, and it is either about mechas or magical swords, abilities, you name it. Asterisk, Infinite Stratos, Shomin Sample, Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut. Its like they are using the same plot in diferent universe. And some will not think the same, but when I watched Oregairu I was watching Boku wa Tomodachi ga sukenai, and I felt like they were similar in a way. And I think preder Tomodachi :S
  10. How about Nameless? It is in Korean instead of japanese, but of course, it is translated. Its about a girls whose ball jointed dolls become human. Its otome. Or Amnesia? It is japanese, otome too. 'Bout a girl who... ehmmm... has amnesia, and has a spirit trapped in her brain. Pretty cool, felt like yandere in some routes XD. I know of a website, I can send a PM with the link if you are interested.
  11. Haha sorry, see the bright side, you get to see Beel in frog 5 times. Actually, I called Uber weird because I called us weirdos, ok forget it now I'm depressed -_-
  12. Yeah, the ending to the anime was really bad, kinda depressing after all the good vibe it had carried
  13. I'm rewatching Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai. Man~ That anime sure goes well with some fuwanovel and milk w/cookies, obviously :S
  14. Moe is life, and Beel is just so.... Huh~~

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