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  1. Hmm, um jogo longo desse demora anos é ANOS para terminar, no minimo depois de 5 anos você termina (se você fizer sozinho, claro.), bem, como o Zeed disse (alem do mais, nem sabia que o Zeed tinha conta aqui :3), boa sorte ai, por que você vai realmente precisar xD
  2. Yeah, $317 is not a affordable price for me right now... It seems that I will never play these games xD Thanks for helping, anyway
  3. My first post here, If I did post in the wrong section or something, I'm sorry xd So I was looking for some Eroges in VNDB and found these 2 games that were made by PIL... but the problem is, I can't find them anywhere. I did see that PIL has a site but It was not there for sale, so I wanted to know if anyone here know where to download/ buy it (The game seems like a abandonware so I'm pretty sure I don't need to buy, but still). The 2 games that I'm talking about are: Angie's Adventures in Decadence-land PILcaSEX I'm looking for the Windows version because I want to transl
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