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  1. FPS MasterRace Poll

    damn spanish dude, play doom
  2. Fuwanovel Confessions

    *cough cough* aight lemme start, Male, Mouth, Yeah, Unfortunately yeah, I'm Portuguese but it's not normal to kiss the same sex i think, no it wasn't zero,same number of people but i kissed males more times than females.
  3. True or False

    about that.. false Next person has sucked dick
  4. Fuwanovel Confessions

    I kissed the same ammount of guys as girls, i'm hetero
  5. Post your desktop screen shot

    kappa lucy is back with rainmeter desu
  6. True or False

    True, one hell of an accomplishment. Next person knows my true identity
  7. Hi! How's it going?

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy being here! Anything you need be free to ask in the forums
  8. True or False

    Fa- True Next person needs to go for a shower
  9. True or False

    False, I'll work really hard tonight when i go into your room Next person thinks he's a nice guy
  10. True or False

    False, didn't even try learning yet. Next person has a secret crush on @Dergonu PS: Now it ain't a secret
  11. This is the topic of a forum game.

    This is a line of text.
  12. Now here's a question.

    My guilty pleasure is guilty crown. Seriously, haven't found anyone who enjoyed it from begining to end.
  13. True or False

    True, regret a lot of shit. Next person regrets something that he did today.
  14. Rate the avatar above you

    Man, 8,5/10 i love it, Would be even better if it had some char i knew.
  15. JRPG with romance...

    If only this thread had existed 1 month ago...