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  1. I'm about to apply for Japanese studies this month because the seats for the course are about to open, so this got me thinking, maybe I can finally have a use for learning Japanese by becoming part of the translation effort for visual novels, since there are still a lot of VNs that are not yet localized. I've been thinking of joining a current VN translation company but seeing the many complaints about translation quality from those companies (which can vary), I'm not sure if this would be a good idea so maybe I'm better off joining a small fan translation team. What do you guys think?
  2. True, but my interest in anime (and by extension, VNs) has been on a slow decline so I'm no longer getting enjoyment from it like I used to. At this point, I'd just be forcing myself to learn Japanese and it's going to feel more like weight than an ambition. Right now, I'm slowly gaining interest in more western works, and since I wanted to write a book to begin with that goes beyond light novels, I've exposed myself to more English literature. I just don't see a point to learn Japanese anymore because I don't have any practical use for it.
  3. Alrighty then. I guess pursuing a translating career for VNs ain't worth since I really don't take an interest in it, I just thought it would be a useful opportunity for learning Japanese. But since I no longer have a reason to learn Japanese now (my original goal was to live in Japan to write a light novel), I'll just apply to English literature studies at my college so that I can write books.
  4. Well played. TBH, I was being more cautious today but I kinda failed on that, since once again, I took another April Fools joke seriously. Chalk another one up on my number of times I've fallen for an April Fools joke: 16. Will I ever break this streak?
  5. Well, if this isn't an April Fools joke, then I wish you luck on your future endeavors. You'll always be remembered by the community regardless, so good luck out there. EDIT: I'm actually terrible at farewells so forgive me if my farewell kinda sucks.
  6. Hold up. Since this thread was created shortly before April Fools... Ah, very clever.
  7. I know what you feel. I came on here myself hoping to become a large part of the community who has an interest in VNs, but as time went, I find myself getting on less often then I should because I really don't know what to talk about on here. My experience with VNs is very small (and nearly everyone on here seems to hate Grisaia, my first go-to VN ever) so most of the time, if any at all, I reply to off-topic conversations about other stuff. I'm hoping this will change once I expose myself to more VNs and start taking Japanese Studies but until then, my activity on here is very low (part of which is me still recovering from the post-traumatic stress of my cat's death last December so I'm not very talkative). I wish you luck on your future endeavors, wherever they may take you. You'll still be remembered here on this community.
  8. Today, I uninstalled my copy of Grisaia no Kajitsu on Steam because it still had Imouto Works' 18+ patch installed on it. I don't know what kind of reputation the guy had on here but from what I've heard, he was a pirate so I can understand why Sekai Project decided to take him down. I honestly feel shame for downloading his patch because at the time I did, I thought it was official. I'll now put my effort into saving money on the official 18+ copy from Denpasoft. In the meantime, I'll settle for the all-ages copy on Steam. But first, I would like to know: is the content cut from the VN just H-scenes? Or is it on the same level as what Moenovel did to If My Heart Had Wings? Is the all-ages version of Grisaia still worth it?
  9. I would rather have Yuuji go up against Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell or Aiden Pearce from Watch Dogs, but this sounds like a good match-up too. I'd probably give the victory to Yuuji for how insanely skilled and prepared he is. The guy can make a bomb from a Tomogachi toy!
  10. Welp, there goes my chance to try out 11eyes in the future.
  11. I've created a page of Chrono Clock on TV Tropes. Here's the link to the page: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/VisualNovel/ChronoClock For any Tropers on Fuwanovel, feel free to expand on the page by adding more tropes and improving the description (since I actually suck with descriptions anyway). A note for admins and mods: If this thread is in the wrong category, feel free to move it elsewhere.
  12. Honestly, I feel like I'm not important enough on here yet to be greeted for my birthday, but thanks anyway. Really appreciated.
  13. Mind the weird drawing animation. This song is old but gold.
  14. Last time I checked, doesn't Tyranobuilder have organization saving issues? I've read that a major con of using Tyranobuilder is that it's unable to save organized scenarios and you have to set it all up from scratch. Unless that was a bug that got fixed already.
  15. Playing Shovel Knight. It really needs no introduction since you probably played it or at least heard of it before.
  16. Chrono Clock. No comments at this point since I just started playing it, but I will give a full evaluation on it once I finish all routes. At least I can finally post on this thread now since I'm playing something other than Grisaia for once.
  17. Ehh, this thread was pointless anyway because I already got the VN on Steam. Though it's great to know that the H-scenes in Chrono Clock are not plot relevant so I won't be missing out on the important stuff.
  18. I'm planning on getting Chrono Clock today because I need more exposure to VNs in general. I'm getting it on Steam because its easy for me to access and I'm no longer picky about eroge titles. However, is the VN in general worth it or not?
  19. I don't think the Vocaloids have a specific gender demographic TBH and any gender can listen to them. However, it's generally agreed upon that they're mostly liked by males more than females because of feminine appeal from most Vocaloids (the only exception being Kaito of course).
  20. It's just as @Deniz said, play your own music with the game BGM muted. Create a playlist on your phone, MP3 player, or on YouTube, and then select the song you'd like to play during a specific event and so on.
  21. It's pretty easy to forget that celebrities are humans and are just as prone to injury, illness, and death as everyone else. They are not "gods". They are not destined to live forever so that they can keep entertaining us, so when a celebrity dies, it is somehow treated as "the impossible and the unthinkable has happened". Celebrities are humans, so when it is time for them to pass, all we can do is mourn and remember their legacy. That is all.
  22. The Fruit of Grisaia is fairly linear so there are no special failure endings, golden endings, or a bonus route that give out bonus CGs. There are only two endings in each route (a good ending and a bad ending), and none of the choices will overlap or even interfere with each of the heroine's stories. It's just a simple read from the choice that starts the route to the end. As for route orders, you can read them in the order you like. However, there seems to be an agreeable opinion that Amane's route is better saved for last because of plot and ending-related reasons which I will not spoil.
  23. Rest in Piece. Apollo 13 was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid, so he will be missed.
  24. If your brother's getting into anime, make sure that he doesn't abandon everything (especially anything western) because of it, like I have once. Otherwise, he'll end up a really close-minded weeaboo. Getting into a new hobby is one thing, but going into the mindset that "Japan is everything" is another. Be sure to tell him to keep an open mind as much as possible while still doing the hobbies he loves. Oh, and show him this video just in case. Sorry, don't have any weeb jokes. I'm terrible at humor.