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  1. Need help with Fureraba 18+ patch installation.

    Alright, I've copied the files successfully. Now I just need to read through the VN to confirm the h-content has been restored. Thanks.
  2. Ok, so I've downloaded the patch files for Fureraba on Steam from Nekonyan, and unfortunately, I have to install them manually. Does anyone know which directory to put the patch files in? I would like some help please, so I don't mess up and render the VN unplayable as a result.
  3. What makes the perfect waifu?

    I guess in a way, waifus are like imaginary friends you would dream up as a kid. The only differences being that waifus/husbandos are more of a teen and adult fantasy, and that they're already pre-existing characters rather than figments of the imagination (unless you draw original characters that is). Believe it or not, I actually don't have a waifu. I don't know if that's a blessing or a curse.
  4. John Bain AKA Total Biscuit has passed.

    It's sad to see one of the gaming community's biggest reviewers go. Even though I didn't know him, I was aware that he had a very big presence online, so may his soul rest in peace.
  5. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Playing Tokyo Xanada eX+ on the PS4. It's a surprisingly good action RPG with 3D platformer elements.
  6. Ah yes, the "VNs are not games" argument. You'll only find those around VN community pages, but go beyond that to other game communities, and you'll find a much worse environment than even that. In many Team Fortress 2 communities, I find a lot of users who are strongly anti-anime, and will go to great lengths to harass anime fans with outright slander in order to discourage them from ever watching anime or reading manga, LNs, and VNs ever again. It's a very toxic environment. I've also seen a couple of anime-related game pages come under attack by these same users. I remember when the Rosenkreuzstilette game was finally released in English on Steam a year ago, and it received massive backlash for simply being a Mega Man clone with moe anime girls. The backlash was incredibly stupid to the point that it ended up just falling flat on its face.
  7. I'm not surprised. I've been with the Steam community for a long time, and most users there are really against anything anime-related, and that includes VNs.
  8. Mangagamer to bring their visual novels to GOG

    Well good on them. If they want to get away from Steam's draconian rules, then I have no complaints. Just as long gog itself is reasonable with VNs.
  9. Sigh... The more I read news about this, the more I feel the entire western world is coming together to take a stand against anime for some reason. And given how hypocritical some western publishers and developers can be (sexual nudity in certain western-made games are ok, but anime-based games from Japan are not), I can't even tell where they draw the line anymore.
  10. Anime VS VN: Do VN make you smarter?

    Well, if there's one thing that Grisaia no Kajitsu taught me, it's that Anomalocaris was an actual animal that lived on Earth about 540 million years ago in the Cambrian Period. Thanks Makina Irisu.
  11. VNs are going through a Renaissance of sorts today. With many companies now aiming to publish VNs in the west, as well as western developers getting involved, one could argue that the Golden Age of VNs is happening right now.
  12. Hiya fuwanovel community

    Welcome to Fuwa. Enjoy your stay!
  13. Hi Fuwanovel!

    Probably too late to reply here but, welcome to Fuwa. Enjoy your stay!
  14. What does an editor do in fan translation?

    Oh... Uhh, well, if you're underage and don't have any prior experience in the TL field, I'm sorry to say buy, you're kinda jumping the gun here. I really recommend finishing high school first and take some language courses in college, because what you need first is to actually learn how to do TLs, and it's something that you cannot rush unfortunately. TLs take time, and there are no fast or easy work-arounds. Naturally, this applies to fan TLs as well, and most people actually do fan TLs to test out their TL skills they've already learned.
  15. What does an editor do in fan translation?

    I should probably mention to you that Fuwanovel is not a site fully dedicated to fan translations that you think it is. Sure, there are a small handful of users on here who do fan translation projects, but Fuwa is mainly just a community of people who love to discuss about VNs in-general. That being said, it seems like you're still new to the TL scene, so I recommend asking some of the more experienced users on here, or perhaps look up some info regarding editors online. I admit I'm not the most helpful person on here because I know squat about the TL business, but I hope you take these into consideration. Best of luck.
  16. been a while... hi

    You know, I think I may have seen you around here before, but I'm not entirely sure because my memory is quite faulty. So instead, welcome (back) to Fuwa! Enjoy your stay!
  17. It's my birthday, where is my present?

    Well... Not sure what present to give to the Harbinger of Destruction. A doomsday device maybe? Or maybe some mythical object to make one transcend godhood? Happy birthday!
  18. Lurker saying hi

    Welcome to Fuwa! Enjoy your stay, and have fun!
  19. Cocoro@Function, any news?

    Basic rule of thumb here. If a TL project is inactive for more than a year, and with no frequent updates to keep users posted about it, then it is most likely dead. The chances of such a project picking itself back up after that long stretch of time is very rare, and very unlikely to happen now that Pulltop has dibs on any planned localizations for its titles.
  20. Inquiry for Dog Owners

    My parents own a dog, and they keep her in check with just a leash to a secure object. If you can't afford a fence, the leash is the cheapest and harmless option, because I don't like shock collars. They're like a form of animal cruelty, and I don't like seeing pets get hurt.
  21. My review of "Tales of Berseria"

    Wow, I can't believe I actually missed this review. It's really well done. Tales of Berseria is perhaps my most favorite Tales game to date, beating out my previous favorite Tales of the Abyss. The combat system is such a vast improvement over past Tales games and so fluid, that I feel that the term "Linear Motion Battle System" has become outdated. Unlike other Tales games before it, Berseria actually uses full-on 3D movement by default, while others before were restricted to a linear plain and had to rely on Free Run mechanics. This allows me to attack multiple enemies at once without targeting, and makes dodging attacks easier. The story is also a vast improvement, and for once, there isn't a single main character I despise for being annoying. My only complaint however is the soundtrack. I feel that it isn't Sakuraba's best, as it lacks the distinct punch it had in past Tales games.
  22. Hope will get along!

    Ah, that explains it. Thanks.
  23. Why I hate the Fruit of Grisaia

    Well, to be fair, I think the reason why most people hate Grisaia's common route is because of its sheer length. It can take hours, or perhaps even days for slower readers, just to get to the actual branching choices that lead into the routes. I don't blame them really, because while I didn't necessarily hate the common route, I was fatigued from it by the time I got to the first route choice.
  24. Hope will get along!

    Welcome to Fuwa! Enjoy your stay, and have fun! EDIT: BTW, your avatar seems familiar. I swear I've seen this character somewhere.
  25. If you are reading this....

    If helping my mom paint my brother's room is considered having a wonderful week, then sure. ...I guess.