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  1. I take it that's because of me. Welp. I might as well be a self-certified troll at this point.
  2. If one of those haters you trolled happens to be Digibro, then sure. I wouldn't mind hearing your story.
  3. Oh yeah, I remember this little thing a few years back. Well, since I'm back, might as well go festive again. #13 please?
  4. Well uh... Good luck on your transition from EOP to JOP. Note to self: Perhaps I should start relearning Japanese just to read VNs, light novels, and manga untranslated.
  5. Oh no... I did it again did I? Fuck! Drunk on my own derpiness again. Just when I thought I finally cut my ties with Fuwanovel, I up and returned to make a fool of myself. Yeah... Waking up the next morning only to find out that I made recent activity on a forum I never want to be in again is not the most pleasant thing for me. I'm sorry for wasting your time. I really need to get off my computer.
  6. I swear that this is my curse. I leave, then return, then leave, return, leave, return, leave, return... Honestly, I must be insane at this stage. Probably so insane that I forgot what being insane feels like.
  7. Ok seriously, is this about an unwarranted ban issue or not? Now it seems like it's a completely separate loli issue.
  8. Honestly, I'm confused at this point. Is this about an unwarranted ban by two ban-happy employees, or a loli issue?
  9. Does Hello Goodbye have a literal loli heroine? If so, then the ban could be justified.
  10. You may be right. TBH, I'm not sure what my feelings towards VNs are. I claim I don't like them, yet, I do like them on a very deep level. It's like I'm afraid to admit I actually like VNs. I'm a tsundere!
  11. Well uh... I never really intended to come back to Fuwanovel all of a sudden, but thanks to this thread, it lured me back in. And yes, I was genuinely angry at the news. I guess this means that I still care for VNs even if I claim I don't. I'm a tsundere! Funny how I always end up back here even if it's unintentional. Fuwa must be a black hole or something. I can't escape even if I try. But since I'm back in Fuwa's event horizon, might as well stick around. I've already botched my farewell. Also, @Kiriririri was half-right about me returning in a week. I say half-right beca
  12. I wouldn't go down the anti-SJW rabbit hole if I were you. I've already been down there, blaming everything on SJWs once, and it was not pretty.
  13. Well, this is a special occasion, because this news pissed me off. I just had to come back on to give my two cents, or it would've bugged me for days to come. While I don't care for VNs very much, what Valve is doing is going way too far, and it may very well affect the future of all anime games on Steam.
  14. Gabe freakin' Newell, what the hell are you doing allowing your very own employees to call the shots on what VNs can and cannot be allowed on Steam? What next? Are they going to go on a crusade and ban all JRPGs with an anime aesthetic? I wouldn't be surprised if that's also the case. I've been with the Steam community before, and a lot of the users are so anti-anime that they'll throw slander at anyone who has an anime avatar. If they're giving Valve more incentive to ban these games, this will be problematic in the future.
  15. Sigh... I really didn't want to come back to Fuwanovel after having said my goodbyes but... This news. THIS FUCKING NEWS, pisses me off! Just when I thought I would jump ship from Sony to Steam, this happens. Now I'm convinced Steam has an anti-anime agenda. Just why? Why does the west hate the anime medium and anything related to it so much? What has anime ever done to deserve this kind of treatment? I don't even... God, this pisses me off so much that it was enough to bring me back here.
  16. Apologies for making this thread in the "Introduce Yourself" section, but I see nowhere else to put it. Anyway, after taking the time to regather my thoughts considering my recent mental state, I've officially decided that I will be leaving Fuwanovel. This isn't out of personal malice, but considering everything I have directly and indirectly caused on both this forum and on the discord, my stress level is at an all-time high, and I could not take the pressure anymore. You guys were good people, and it was fun to hang out with you while it lasted. That being said, I was never into VN
  17. Thanksgiving is already over. It happened just a couple of weeks before Halloween.
  18. Yeah, I was thinking about this too. But since it's a useful notes page, I may have to run this down with the mods over there first.
  19. So TV Tropes has a page where it tries to define the common VN terms. See here. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/UsefulNotes/VisualNovelFanspeak Personally, I have issues with it because some of the definitions it has are either misleading or just plain wrong.
  20. I use the forums really. VNDB is too broad and massive to search alone without already knowing what I'm looking for beforehand.
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