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  1. I don't want to discourage you but, it is hard to find capable member(s) who will stick with the project from the beginning to the end. If you have translator, it will be easier for you to find member and keep your project alive. For example. My own team was downed to had only 1 translator for a year. Fortunately, that translator won't give up and keep the project alive long enough to pass them to another team.
  2. I need to re-organize the team. This project will be stalled for a while.
  3. Just usual Friday update Not much progress this week except I found survivor(s) among among the pile of bodies of in-active members. I still have plan B if this team can't finish this project by themselves. As I usually say "This project never die"
  4. This is worst than I thought. This project is one of the top VN I want to play too.
  5. It is hard for any team to find a capable translator who won't quit middle way but I wish you could find one.
  6. I kinda forget to update last month's progress, sorry You can check it at usual place. Re-translation is in-progressed but slowly due to have too many games to play, less time to do something else. TLC made his progress too. I still need editor(s) to do their job, as TLC was kindly enough to check through all prologue script. But I need Nero to call them back from grave or recruit new one.
  7. I just think about the worst case if anything gone wrong. Only bad new left is translator. Last time I checked, he is still stomping and punching demons. PS: It is the time we need to assign work to editor and qc. We have TLC helping us right now.
  8. I'm back (for now). Nero is still missing. Translator is...well...still the same.
  9. Yeah...I have a good new and bad new(s) Good : Some kind soul TLC agree to help me (σ≧▽≦)σ Bad : - Nero is still missing. - Translator is "Doom" in the "Uncharted" hell. I don't know how long it will take to get him out of that. - I have vacation aboard start next week. So, No report/update until next month
  10. Just some back-up plan in case Nero is confirmed M.I.A. - I will keep this project running as long as I can, or finish it with the limited resource I have. Any help is welcome and I don't mind if another team want to take over this project. - Translator will keep translate the rest of this VN after re-translate common route. - If we don't have TLC, I will let Editor skips TLC and edit those re-translated script. Quality might not be as good as you expected and have a lot of error but it is still better than no progress at all. Updated progress : Common 50.05%
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