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  1. Mandarake is my hero. <3

  2. Game Nights

    I do a TON of League of Legends. Other than that for normal stuff I have Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Terraria, Starcraft 2 and Minecraft. Natural Selection 2, Chivalry are things too, but I'd be surprised if I a lot of people had those and wanted to play them en masse, lol.
  3. Best Anime No One Has Seen

    All of my seconded. Amazing anime but wasn't very popular.
  4. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Currently playing Pokemon White, because I'm a hipster and forgot I had last gens Pokemon (and never finished it) and was reminded when everyone was walking around with X/Y. I picked up a hard copy from the creator on a whim at a convention back in the day. It's actually really, really good but you'll be done with everything it has to offer pretty quick once you figure it out.
  5. Fav Drink and Food? (During a VN)

    Mint tea and hot cheetos. Snack of the champions.
  6. Violence in VNs

    It's all relative to me. It could be gorey as all heck and downright disturbing and I'm game as long as it's appropriate to the writing. I may or may not decide to actually read it (I've been putting off Divi-Dead because of things I've heard about it) depending on my mood but I wouldn't say any form of visual novel whatsoever is "inappropriate". Just not for me sometimes. ...really no good option from the poll for me to choose, all of them would be inaccurate to how I feel. xD;
  7. What are you playing?

    I'm not sure I can call it my least favorite yet (because I like it a lot... then again I like everything Key makes a lot) but I totally get what you mean. Still playing Rewrite since my last what I'm playing post and I've gone through Shizuru, Kotori and Lucia. I still got a bit to go yet, but thus far the one I thought I'd like least was the best and the one I thought would be the best I've liked the least. Was ready to hate Lucia because I can't stand tsundere types but her route was just too good...
  8. VN Quotes

    "You want to believe it, but you're afraid to. You're afraid that you can't make a difference so you don't try." - Ripples
  9. Why do you use the term "VN"?

    Actually, going to have to completely agree with Lord Zero here and I think you're highly misinterpreting what he meant Joy. A video game is simply electronic software that revolves around human interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device... it's never been defined as any more then that. We call RTSs "Real Time Strategys" because they're strategy games played in real time. We call games "First Person Shooters" because they're in the first-person perspective and involve shooting. We call "visual novels" because they're games based off their visuals and they read like a novel... and they're still marketed as games because they fit the original definition for most people and especially businesses. If it doesn't count as a game for others, it honestly feels about as silly as saying social games on cellphones aren't games because that's not how it's traditionally done, which plenty of people do but we keep calling them games anyways. We don't call JRPGs Rorupureingugemu (or whatever the proper romaji is) because that would be correct if we lived in Japan, that would make no sense in an English speaking country. We can describe a role-playing game a million different ways, a war game, a murder game, an MMO, virtual chess, whatever we wanted to call it, but just describing the thing would make it pretty clear pretty fast rather then giving it a billion subgenres. I don't think he was trying to be offensive, because even I'm mystified by what the question of this thread is... because I literally don't quite understand what we're asking here. I really do get the difference in meaning with the different names, but it's pretty apparent that "galge" or "eroge" is not a widely accepted name for anyone but the niche fanbase. Old Hirameki games plastered the boxes with the term visual novel because it was the most neutral, descriptive, universally understandable term and a lot of other companies just rolled with it. It's an easy to understand, culturally acceptable, marketable term. Eroge is not always accurate and is not a very marketable term, Galge, Bishojo game or even "pretty girl game" would not be culturally understandable at all and very unmarketable. It just happened to fall that way that visual novel works, just like RTS is more marketable then "war game". It's all relative though, a name is just a name. The recent trend is to call a lot of recent shooting games like Halo, Gears of War and Dead Space "space marine shooters"... there's no "rules" in naming things. Like... this I really don't mean to offend at all to state, but the second line of your signature (hater of weeaboos) seems ironic when we're questioning why we don't use the Japanese term that virtually no one outside of VN culture would understand instead of a universally understood and accepted term.
  10. Bad Endings?

    I love bad endings that add a side to the story and make sense. For the heck of it I purposely tried to get a bad ending in Rewrite after getting an end without managing such and (honestly not that spoilerish but just in case) Type-Moon is an example of a company that makes nothing but quality bad endings. It gives a bit of pressure in your choices and not everything is so obvious. I thoroughly enjoy different sides of the same story.
  11. Logic behind your recommendations

    Also voted all three... there are some things that I think are too good to not recommend, but sometimes they're not a good fit given what someone is asking. Genre and concept is a good place I start when making a recommendation, but it's also per what the person asking likes.
  12. Crunchyroll Guest Passes

    I'm assuming since you posted the codes up they're free to grab... on that note, I claimed the second one. Thanks muchly.
  13. Piracy

    @Zoom For the record: "Piracy - he unauthorized use or reproduction of another's work." While we're getting specific is all, nothing physical needs to be 'taken'. Either or, selling pirated goods causes a company to lose sales... you pirating something causes the company to lose a potential sale. A ton of these companies aren't swimming in money either. Look at Hiramek- oh wait.
  14. Piracy

    This is a "this is why we can't have nice things" subject to me. I'm pro-piracy and a proud pirate but sometimes I wonder what other people's train of thought is on this, like people are entitled to what they steal. I own games, anime, merchandise, just miscellaneous stuff that I would've never bought if it wasn't for piracy. Anime started with Limewire for me, when I got a Newtype-USA magazine from a friend and it previewed a show called Angelic Layer. I had no clue if it was localized or not or what the deal even was, it was all so new to me. One search later, I have essentially 'stolen' the first 8 episodes of the series and since then I've never looked back. Does this make me a pirate? Yes. I also bought the first release of the series from ADV Films (when they were a thing), bought many other series produced by them, as well as things developed by Clamp and got heavily into anime in general. Let's go back to if I stole or not. Without that bridge, these companies wouldn't have gotten my hundreds of dollars. Did it hurt or help the company? I think there are gains for a company in piracy as long as people who do so have morals in line with everyone else. Rewrite should be at my door any day now, and this is due to getting to pirate it first. I'm a big believer in supporting... well... what you believe in. I want to have the things I love and I want them to last. I preorder from NISAmerica because I support them as a company, import visual novels and am just flooded with card sleeves, dakimakuras, posters, magazines, you name it, I buy it. Then comes why we can't have nice things. People who pirate for the sake of not paying for something they would otherwise have bought is just unfortunate. Okay, maybe you have no money and you wouldn't import stuff anyways, I get that, I really do. There's really a line that people love to dance though, hopping back and forth by justifying, "I don't have the money for it." one day and saying, "it doesn't hurt, I'm just one person." the next. I have no black or white opinion on this, all I can say is this is why we can't have nice things.
  15. Will visual novels ever have a market in the West?

    I think visual novels can be popular in the west but they would need to be marketed differently and fans of them currently would need to be more flexible on their outlook of them. I recently gave a college speech to a little over 100 people on visual novels (For any of you who read my intro thread, I ended up here looking for credible sources to talk about visual novels) and I'm sure to no one's surprise, when I spoke to my audience for this prior to the speech, there was a 0% success rate on anyone knowing what a visual novel is. Out of everyone who spoke throughout my speech classes though, mine got the biggest audience feedback and it became a topic of discussion. Nearly everyone loved the idea of reading something they can see and hear at the pace of a book, the visuals of a movie and the choices of a game. I say all this because I think visual novels are presented to the west all wrong when it comes to presenting it to the masses, and there is artistic possibility in creating something original in the west, marketing it and being successful while using our own culture in it. I think visual novels do poorly here because people who localize them are fans of Japan's hobbies and entertainment and wanted to bring these things to others who enjoy them and those who make them are in the same boat. This is a unique medium of entertainment, but we're also revolving the entire medium around Japan's culture, art and style because that's what we're fans of. I know people will hate the idea when I say it, and I do too, but just what if a visual novel was made with western style art that shys away from what people would call "cartoons" and western style concepts instead of everything taking place in a Japanese Highschool? What if we didn't market it to PC gamers who consist mostly of people who play Call of Duty and League of Legends and instead marketed it to those who like books and movies? Hell, what if we localized more 'neutral' visual novels like Steins;Gate (which is happening) and stopped calling it an anime-themed video game, even though that's exactly what it is, and tried advertising it more so to the masses? I know I'm speaking 4kids all over again, but you have no clue how often I hear about people's first anime being the bastardized version of Sailor Moon, an anime that should have never been on American television given our culture and how it presents its subject matter without it being dumbed down so hard that I wonder what we found interesting about it.