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  1. Monogatari season two, Kill La Kill, Watamote, and Miss Monochrome.
  2. Sorry if I have been away for so long. Haven't had time to visit. I am looking for a VN called Eden* They were only two on the planet. I can't seem to find it among the VNs that are downloadable here. I heard the company that did it now works for Manga gamer. Is there anywhere where I can download it or is it officially dead?
  3. I suppose that would apply to to people that watch Christmas themed porn.
  4. Just want to wish everyone at Fuwanovel a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays.
  5. Welcome, Happy to have you here. I need to play Ever 17. I head it is really good.
  6. Welcome, happy to have you here. Kara No Shoujo is pretty good. Sadly, I lost all my save progress from it when I reinstalled my OS so I need to start another playthrough.
  7. This is one of the main reasons why I want to get a 3DS XL is for the VNs on it. I have heard 999 is really good.
  8. I thought this was about the genre Cyberpunk. This book sounds like a good read.
  9. Welcome, happy to have you here.
  10. The disabled woman VN. The man who got ketchup on his clothes and had to spend all day at the laundry mat to get it out. Fun VN. Really simulated the long wait times and the different types of people you meet at a laundry mat.
  11. Valve(Steam owners) and CD Projekt Red(Good Old Games owners) seem to be the only two companies that care about their customers though, especially CD Projekt Red. They hate DRM and don't use it in any of their games. They even gave people a free upgrade of The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition if people still had and inputted their Witcher 2 CD Key. Valve likes to give away a lot of the DLC they make for free. Plus, Steam sales are awesome. Getting a $40.00 game for $10.00 is a great deal. They are the only two developers that really deserve to earn a profit. I don't pirate games though. Mainly beca
  12. Thanks, yea, I loved it the second I saw it too, Hanako was easily my favorite character personally in KS, although Rin's was my favorite route

  13. Nice Hanako avatar. I like it.

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