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  1. I finished Kara no Shoujo 2 and I loved it! I almost cried at the end too, but damn, that sure got me hyped for the third episode! --------- Next VN will be Saya no Uta
  2. Alright, alright! I finally finished Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth Investigations and it was pretty good! I was a little lazy to finish it because the last case was a little frustrating but I really like Edgeworth haha now I miss Phoenix and Maya tho!!
  3. Alrighty! I've been away for a while but I'm back with a finished vn! This time, it was Room No. 9. Was it sad? It was. Was it sexy? Was I hoping for more? For sure!! :( I thought we would have more freedom of choice and especially more gore... Well, overall, I wouldn't say it was a bad experience, not at all. I did like it a lot. This left me wanting more, I think I'm gonna read Euphoria or Maggot Baits very soon... ------------ The next one I plan on finishing soon is Kara no Shoujo 2!
  4. YES!!! Yes, I can't wait! ---------- As for personal progress, I've read more of Kara no Shoujo 2 and woah, I managed to bug it as it kept turning upside down and back to normal a bunch of times before I finally restarted it lmao
  5. Personally, Danganronpa is a vn, but I'd say it's both a vn and an adventure game, in a way. Grisaia sounds fun, I have been wanting to read it for a long time x_x have fun! I agree! The second one is considered the best, although the third is my favorite haha
  6. Oh, for sure! Hahah sadly it IS redundant, I just said that in Clannad's case, it really affected me ^^" I do like to point out these things, even if it's just from a critical and personal point of view
  7. You're probably right haha I try to ignore some things because of the context of the work but yeah, that's probably what happened. Welp!
  8. Phew... I finished it. After 3 months of reading it, little by little, I decided to seriously read it and finished today! I enjoyed Clannad as a whole, it wasn't a bad experience, but After Story didn't hit me as hard as I thought it would. Maybe it's because I already knew what was going to happen or maybe it's for other reasons. Either way, it was 7/10 for me. My thoughts on After Story: After that, I did Sunohara's Ending and Jet Saito and had a damn good laugh, hahaha! ----------- My next reading will be the little bit left to finish Ace Attorney: Miles Investigations and then return to Kara no Shoujo 2
  9. Alrighty! I've finished reading Nagisa's route! Nagisa's route (spoilers...?) I'm now finishing After Story so I'll probably write my thoughts on that tomorrow! See ya! P.S.: That kiss CG is one of the best drawn so far (at least, when it comes to the kiss ones) in the entire game, so there's that
  10. I haven't been here in a little while but I'm finally getting some reading done in Clannad! I've finished reading Fuko's and Komura's route yesterday Fuko's route: Komura's route: As I'm writing this, I'm almost done with Nagisa's route (only 3 hours left) but yeah, I would say so far Clannad has been a 7/10 for me, hm.
  11. [CLANNAD] Alright, I just finished Kotomi's route, and wow...! This is the first Clannad route that made me shed actual tears :') Next is Fuko's route!
  12. oh man, I might like this vn more than I thought!
  13. Alright, after some time without updating my reading life, I'm back! I've been reading Kara no Shoujo 2 every day and I would say I'm mid-way through it I'm loving it so far! Even more than the first one, I'd say. Besides that, I've been trying to finish Gyakuten Kenji. It's pretty great! I'm starting Mei's route in Clannad, I'm curious to see what's going to happen around her and Sunohara! (Spoilers for Kara no Shoujo 2) vvvvvvvvvvv
  14. Alright, so... after finishing 11eyes, I began reading Kara no Shoujo 2 and resumed my reading of Clannad (since then, I've finished Kyou's and Kappei's route and I'm on my way to the Sunohara siblings'). I'm also almost finished with Ace Attorney: Miles Investigations! Kara no Shoujo 2: the first murder happened and I'm hyped Clannad: honestly, this vn is like Harry Potter for me in the sense that I should've read it sooner lol I feel like I'm too old to read this, it's so overdramatic and cheesy and meh- also, it doesn't help that I don't like Tomoya lol
  15. It's "Gaki ni Modotte Yarinaoshi!!!". I've watched it once and man, it's a little fucked up from what I can remember lol
  16. [11eyes] I finished Yuka's route yesterday... If I had to rate it, I'd give it a 3/5 but I'm not sure if that's even for the route itself because I couldn't notice that much of a division between the main action plot and the romance plot. Some would say this is good, myself included, but it was done in such a way that nothing actually changed until suddenly boom, the protagonist loves her. It feels really weird and artificial. Besides that, I never liked Yuka, not one bit. She is insufferable Anyways, the ending left me with even more questions than answers, but I'm guessing that is on purpose, as there is the true ending waiting for me but still;;;; I don't like when the vn is written in a way that the other heroines seem not to matter at all.
  17. Day 18 and 19! Damn, these two days have been crazy good!
  18. Day 17! This one was shorter but oh boi, was it sad...
  19. I really dig that kind of artstyle! Right now I'm reading my fair amount of visual novels and I don't really have time to read more but I'll check it out asap!
  20. Day 14! Finally, some fucking hints!
  21. Day 13! Today's reading was... a little of everything lol Training, lovin' kisses and nightmares!
  22. Day 12! I haven't read as much as the other days but man, today's cross-visions were something else o_o"
  23. Day 11! Hmmm, today's reading was interesting for sure. There were many things happening but I didn't write down a lot.
  24. Day 10 of reading 11eyes! Man, today was a big ride, holy moly. I just wanna jump to certain parts but I will write everything I wrote down on my notebook, hehe.
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