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  1. [Musicus!] This week I'm playing Musicus! I think I only played one vn focused on music so far, so I'm really looking forward to it! First impressions Positive The writing flows so well! I don't know if it's because I've been reading "meh" VNs or what, but I could read this for hours and not feel tired. The music AND THE SONGS, holy moly. I love the BGM, it fits so much and I was expecting actual songs, but I wasn't expecting to love them this much! I guess I'll be searching for them later on... The characters: so far they are pretty darn interesting and captivating! Eveyone has their own flavor and I'm especially intrigued by Hanai. The VA wasn't bad, so I guess that counts as a positive. I wish more VNs had voices for the protagonists tho... sigh, but I guess I understand the reason as for why they don't. Negative The art is 50/50. I like some aspects of it, like the background art and the art for the protagonist and some girls, but most of them just look kinda derpy, especially those eyes lol Act 1 (before Ozaki's route) Oh boy... this vn is something special already. I love the flow, the characters, the writing, the songs, the philosophy aspects, everything! The art has grown on me, I admit. It made me smile, bang my head, cry my eyes out... It was the whole package. P.S.: Guess who's addicted to Gura Gura now ------------- Next week I'll be talking about Ozaki's route!
  2. [Magical Eyes -Red is for anguish-] Soo, I've been reading this one for the past two weeks and wow, what a waste of time. Bah, at least now I know lol Also, it's funny how soft I was while writing the "first impressions" lmao First of all, to anyone who might be interested on this one: if you don't want to wait for a sequel that is yet to be released, don't bother to read it. Sure it has a story on its own, but the main characters don't even start developing. First Impressions Positive: The art!! Gosh, I find this art really good It's not as stunning as a lot of other vns I have played but it's still very pleasing to look at! The story and mechanics; the story is very chuuni-ish, I admit - but hey, if that's something you enjoy, go for it! I don't mind it but I don't love it either. And oh, there's a map and you can choose where to go... Kara no Shoujo flashbacks, oof- I hope it's not as "stressing" as that one. Negative: Definitely the sloppy writing. The descriptions are awkward, the English isn't the best and a lot of the sentences are very long, which usually isn't the best for both the English language and the readability of the game. After finishing the game... Everything was from bad to average. The OST was pretty forgettable; the background was awful, oof; the art was... ok? I don't know, it looked a little weird the more characters I saw, but it wasn't really bad; the writing was awful bad lmao almost every sentence is too dragged or long and it really affects one's reading experience and overall readability of the story. The narrative was very poor, to be frank... I don't know if it was the pace, but I felt utterly bored reading this; the dialogues are super generic, just like all characters; they look like they are trying so hard to be funny it hurts. Overall, I will give this one a solid 4/10. So, would I recommend it? Next week I'll be posting about Musicus!
  3. [Marco and the Galaxy Dragon] This week I finished Marco and the Galaxy Dragon and dang! Another great vn that surpassed my expectations! I had already played the demo waaaay back when it released and was not bored, but I didn't expect it to hit me this hard in the feels near the end... First impressions first: I LOVE the art and the fact that almost every scene is a new CG (that explains the size of the whole vn) and the various animated parts The comedy is pretty over the top, normal for a vn, but it did make me laugh a few times; I'd be lying if it said I was bored, even for a slight second. Speaking of which, the thing I loved the most abt this vn is the pacing: so many vns end up either being VERY slow and dragged or just too quick to explain things and/or get attached to the characters and although this one is very fast in its pacing, you can still understand how each characters works. Sure, it could be better worked in some parts so you could feel more for some characters, but they all played their roles perfectly imo. It was so entertaining that time flew by and I didn't even notice! The ending left me destroyed and sobbing... It's not SUPER hard-hitting, but when it has to, it can make your eyes wet, at least. After that, it took me a while to recover and reflect on it. Aaah, it was such a good story... I'm really glad I played this one, since, except for Soundless (my previous read), I had been disappointed by the other vns I had read so far this year. Also, I absolutely love Gargouille's design I haven't decided what I'll read next week but until then, toodles!
  4. [Soundless - A Modern Salem in Remote Area -] This week I finished Soundless, an amazing OEVN that surpassed my expectations! At first, even though this was a recommendation, I cringed a little at the art just because it wasn't as "perfect" as the other ones I played. However, I quickly got used to it and I'm glad that isn't usually enough to put me off because boy, oH BOY WAS I WRONG. Even though it never stopped being cruel, the game only started getting REALLY weird after a certain point; after that you won't be able to stop reading. I really liked the setting. Stories with religion involved aren't all that uncommon but still! The BGM doesn't feel too unique but that has its own charm, in a way, since a lot of the tense moments are almost silent, with a slight static noise. Overall, I'll give this an 8/10!
  5. pfft I mean, I didn't say I hated it It wasn't "wow, amazing" but it wasn't bad either - I had fun. Sure, it was full of plotholes but for me, as long as I'm having fun and the plot isn't a complete whack, it's 7/10
  6. I just finished reading Harmonia and boy, it was kinda disappointing ngl I was expecting more from Key, but it just felt like they recycled a lot, from the art (I know it's the same artist, but still-) to the plot. Even though I know it's the same artist as their other vns, it felt very generic when it comes to Key's works. There were two main things I HATED in this: the writing and the voice acting. The writing was just so damn plain it hurt. I know he's a robot and all but I don't know, they could have written it better; the voice acting was painful to listen to, oof- I tried to, but I had to mute all of their voices;;; Overall, I'd give it a 7/10. It wasn't anything special, but it was a nice little story, good enough not to be a 6 or lower. I'll probably read Soundless next!
  7. I do, but mostly because the ones I've been reading are for my vn reading club and I like to take some notes for my little reviews on this thread haha
  8. It won't be that hard for me lol jk I like Undertale but OMORI looks way more like the game I'd love very excited indeed
  9. probably, I had the same experience lol it was really disappointing, oof
  10. Oh boy, I really REALLY want to play that one It's been so long since I ever saw the first trailer, 6 or 5 years ago. I want to play it with my partner tho, so I'll wait a few months!
  11. [Majikoi - Agave] Alrighty, I finished it. Phew. This... was something, alright. Next vn will probably be either Musicus! or another one that should be super short to read until Musicus is released in English
  12. Fair enough. I wish they also made spin offs to the other routes. I think they did that to Kyou and Tomoyo? I think they adapted Kotomi's very superficially and barely touched Yukine's route
  13. I've heard it is very good for Nagisa's route but the others were kinda neglected, which is a shame, since Nagisa is the girl I like the least lol
  14. [Majikoi] Alright, next week is Agave time! Anyways, this week I finished reading the female sub routes. Chika (5/10) I've never had a big opinion abt her; she always seemed a bit superficial and fakey for me. In some routes, she can be a handful, too... Mayo (5/10) My feelings for her are the same ones I have for Chika: meh. She wasn't very interesting and her only feature was being a loli. Kojima-sensei (6/10) I find her an interesting character, for sure. At first, I wasn't sure how she'd fit with Yamato, but her route was rather cute. I'm so excited to read Agave!! Everyone says it's the best part of the entire vn, so I hope it does live up to my expectations!
  15. I haven't fully watched the anime, only little bits on youtube, but the vn is waaaaay more dragged and idk, maybe it's just me, but KyoAni makes everything more emotional T.T
  16. I'm not a man so maybe that's why I didn't cry /s jokes aside, Clannad wasn't all that imo but maybe that's just me, since they always focus on family in one way or another
  17. [Majikoi] Aaaand I just finished Shouichi/Capt's route! So far, the one I enjoyed the most is Moro's (amongst the sub routes I've played so far - which are the bros') tho. ---------- Well, next ones are Chika, Mayo and Kojima-sensei! LET'S GOOOOO--!
  18. [Majikoi] I forgot to update y'all on Moro's route! Fortunately, I still remember everything~ And now, time for Gakuto's!
  19. [Majikoi] Oh! I wasn't expecting to finish Momoyo's route this fast! Oh my GODS!! This route was amazing for sure! My pals told me this would be mostly Yamato being Momo's plaything so I didn't have my hopes up but nope, it was much better! I mean, as much as I like seeing Yamato being toyed with, I wouldn't have cared much for this route if that was all it was. I'm reading Moro's route right now and will probably read the other before I write my updates here! Toodles!
  20. [Majikoi] Ooookay, I just finished Mayucchi's route! Oh... WOW. This route was good, very good! I really liked the pacing for this one~ Now, my pals said the downside of this route is the romance - or the lack of thereof. Personally, I felt it was fine. I didn't miss it. Actually, I felt really awkward reading those scenes, like I was a third wheel or something lol Maybe it's because (as I mentioned before in my spoiler-tagged commentary) I'm aroace, but I really could do without Yamato's comments. I don't know, I guess I just feel weird because everyone is so friggin' horny all the damn time, oof- Wanko and Capt are the only ones I can feel comfy around ------- Awwwwrighty! Next one is Momoyo, and then there's only the sub routes and the true ending left!
  21. Okay, one more route! Well, it's been a week since I've read this one but I forgot to post it here lol Gotta be honest, this was the one which surprised me the most! I was expecting some character development, but not this kind. It was good haha I skipped all h-scenes and I couldn't care less about them but damn, I think this might be on the same level as Wanko's route: while Wanko's was more emotional for me, Miyako's was better paced in its entirety (Wanko's beginning was a little too boring lol). I'm gonna give it an 8/10! Also, that "after" was VERY cute and wholesome. 10/10 Anywaaaaay, I'm reading Mayu's route right now! What's the deal with her ass...
  22. Well, one more route completed! This time, Wanko's BOY, compared to Chris', this route was so much better! Although the beginning was a little boring and dragged, I had a lot of fun (and tears)! Maybe I felt it dragged because I was rushing and I had a huge headache on those two days of reading lol Overall, I liked this route. It wasn't heavy on the romance, which is something I LOVE and find rare in eroge. Well, her h-scene... wasn't bad. I mean, I only read the first 40 lines or so and skipped the rest but it didn't look too forced. I'd still rather have a friendship route with her, tho. Like, every little thing but they remained friends. That'd be perfect ----- Next is Miyako, which I'm already focusing on; Let's see, Miyako isn't much of a favorite of mine... I hope this changes that!
  23. Annnnnnd I've read Chris' route! Man, this was a 6/10... I hope the others are better than this, I was so hyped for this VN lol Next this week is Wanko's... I dun wannaaaa I wish Wanko's was just a friendship route, sigh...
  24. Oh wow, that is a surprise! Personally, I feel like Danganronpa isn't Danganronpa WITHOUT the trials haha the puzzles could easily go away, almost nobody likes them (I do like the comic format conclusion) but yeah, I find the trials pretty entertaining. Maybe it isn't the most fun to watch, just because it's more interactive to the actual player, but oh well! I'd rec JohneAwesome if you want a fun gameplayer to watch DR
  25. I can understand why, oof... Too late, though, I'm almost finished. I mean, yeah, Yamato and his dick move unsettled me for sure but I was warned beforehand; besides, I tendo to only judge a vn after I finished it I'll talk more abt it after I do finish the route tho!
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