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  1. Ayeee so excited for this one~ It's a cute artstyle too
  2. This banger just dropped so I've been listening to this non-stop Hiiragi Kirai and Flower are a match made in heaven fr
  3. Loved higurashi! I found CLANNAD and Iwaihime both a bore, but for different reasons: I just played CLANNAD after many VNs, and I find it underwhelming and messy, especially when I don't care for the whole "family" theme throughout the whole game. For Iwaihime, I just found it bad overall lol. Bland "mary sue" protagonist and not very interesting cast, too many descriptions where some gore could be added and meh conclusion due to the two previously stated issues. Hope it's just my opinion and you enjoy it tho! ---------------- I've been busy with life but managed to advance on Umineko and finished What's your wifi password? It's a short, silly OEVN about you being bored, looking for the wifi password of your friend's place and instead finding her brother. It's a wholesome talk
  4. Alrighty, it's been a long time since I last talked about what I've been reading! I finally resumed Umineko last week! I keep a daily log on Notion, so I'll just: DAY 41 (DEC 9) — Episode 2's "???" + beginning Episode 3 DAY 42 (DEC 10) — Episode 3 Read 30 minutes today, but nothing to share here!
  5. Been listening to these non-stop The first one is relatable to my current mental state lol The original is great too!
  6. Welcome to the forums!! I hope you enjoy it here Looking forward to hearing more abt your project!!
  7. Interesting! Well, Little Busters is definitely a comfort read to me: it deals with the topic of friends and found family, as well as fear of change. It's mostly comedy for the common route, but it's pretty touching on all its routes and the Refrain/True Route gets me emotionally invested every damn time. It also has some weird mystery that I enjoyed. The House in Fata Morgana is another one I enjoyed and helped me in times of need, but it's a bit on the heavier side... it's a gothic (in looks and content) romance and tragedy, and deals with the lives of the people who inhabited this strange mansion over the centuries... All in all, it truly helped get out of my trauma shell and gave me more strength to deal with what life throws at me, even if it's still difficult. Finally, there's Marco & The Galaxy Dragon. While Fata Morgana was heavier, this one is the light and comical story most people think of as something to distract yourself with. You know Guardians of the Galaxy? It's the first thing that comes to my mind when I watch the first scene, but imagine that but they come back to Earth looking for a treasure. It's whacky adventures with magic and shit. Pretty fun, would recommend! Since you are already reading through Higurashi, I won't recommend it again, but that one also made me bawl my eyes out and helped me oh so much too
  8. Nah, I feel you on this one. I like it when the writing has a point to it, but it doesn't seem to be the case for this one. Sure, she's an edgy teen who thinks others are trash—like almost any teen—but the pretentious writing makes me feel not care for her. She just sounds very emo (lol)
  9. This is an old review, but back in July, I reviewed Synesthesia, a sci-fi adventure game by Spire Games. Have you played it? What did you think of it?
  10. Back in August, I played the demo for BRXKEN INSIDE. It's a psychological horror yuri and around... 1 hour? It's still a demo, after all. Check it out here and let's discuss! What are your expectations for the full release?
  11. Oh wow, someone who played this one! Fuwa interviewed the dev and has a review on it, if you'd like to check it out
  12. I can't say the same for myself I remember at the beginning of this year spending my first ever salary on VNs.... like, around 200€ on them. I swore to never again.
  13. Oooh, I see you're into utsuge, nice. Kara no Shoujo is up there for me too I really liked Soundless!
  14. Welcome to Fuwa! This sounds interesting, but like Hata said, it'd help to have a direct link to the game! I'd love to check it out.
  15. Seconded. It was a rec for me as well and I absolutely loved it. And it received an art update recently too!
  16. we talk mostly on Discord, but we (Hata, me, and maybe others w) do want to revive it soon!
  17. At long last, it's here. Oof, this was an infernal wait (outsider POV)
  18. You could say that about almost any creative job, honestly. Like... drawing! You can spend your entire life drawing, but it's a matter of mostly luck and contacts to grow and be "successful". Also hey, tugas everywhere LOL
  19. Idk man, thanks to all those years on the fantl circle, I managed to find a job related to what I enjoy doing. The otaku and VN industry is pretty much based on recomendations and contacts, not only skill or higher education. Hell, most professional translators worked as fan translators for years before becoming professional.
  20. I've played Tiny Bunny and while it doesn't necessarily match your preferences, it's sooo good! The atmosphere is oppressing, keeping you on your toes. I actually haven't played much horror, so I can't give pure horror recs. However, I've played 11eyes and the atmosphere is hella creepy a lot of times. It's an action chuuni, so if you still don't want to play it, it's understandable. I didn't really like the horror aspect in Iwaihime, but who knows.
  21. Welcome~ I hope you like it here! Copying my buddy @Kosakyun, what kind of VNs do you enjoy?
  22. Being hungry definitely doesn't help. Go eat first!!
  23. Banana Fish for sure. I mean, it make me feel dead and empty inside more, though there's also a lot of crying. I've watched the anime 4 times and it never once failed me. Oh, that and Little Busters! (the VN, at least).
  24. I haven't said anything here in a while, so let's see... Confession: I like when things are "way too artsy", even if sometimes the meaning can get a little lost. I don't want it to completely butcher the story, but most of the times people are just too conservative abt these things! Confession 2: I found a lot of the maggot guro scenes in Maggot Baits hot
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