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  1. Fair enough. I wish they also made spin offs to the other routes. I think they did that to Kyou and Tomoyo? I think they adapted Kotomi's very superficially and barely touched Yukine's route
  2. I've heard it is very good for Nagisa's route but the others were kinda neglected, which is a shame, since Nagisa is the girl I like the least lol
  3. [Majikoi] Alright, next week is Agave time! Anyways, this week I finished reading the female sub routes. Chika (5/10) I've never had a big opinion abt her; she always seemed a bit superficial and fakey for me. In some routes, she can be a handful, too... Mayo (5/10) My feelings for her are the same ones I have for Chika: meh. She wasn't very interesting and her only feature was being a loli. Kojima-sensei (6/10) I find her an interesting character, for sure. At first, I wasn't sure how she'd fit with Yamato, but her route was rather cute. I'm so excited to read Agave!! Everyone says it's the best part of the entire vn, so I hope it does live up to my expectations!
  4. I haven't fully watched the anime, only little bits on youtube, but the vn is waaaaay more dragged and idk, maybe it's just me, but KyoAni makes everything more emotional T.T
  5. I'm not a man so maybe that's why I didn't cry /s jokes aside, Clannad wasn't all that imo but maybe that's just me, since they always focus on family in one way or another
  6. [Majikoi] Aaaand I just finished Shouichi/Capt's route! So far, the one I enjoyed the most is Moro's (amongst the sub routes I've played so far - which are the bros') tho. ---------- Well, next ones are Chika, Mayo and Kojima-sensei! LET'S GOOOOO--!
  7. [Majikoi] I forgot to update y'all on Moro's route! Fortunately, I still remember everything~ And now, time for Gakuto's!
  8. [Majikoi] Oh! I wasn't expecting to finish Momoyo's route this fast! Oh my GODS!! This route was amazing for sure! My pals told me this would be mostly Yamato being Momo's plaything so I didn't have my hopes up but nope, it was much better! I mean, as much as I like seeing Yamato being toyed with, I wouldn't have cared much for this route if that was all it was. I'm reading Moro's route right now and will probably read the other before I write my updates here! Toodles!
  9. [Majikoi] Ooookay, I just finished Mayucchi's route! Oh... WOW. This route was good, very good! I really liked the pacing for this one~ Now, my pals said the downside of this route is the romance - or the lack of thereof. Personally, I felt it was fine. I didn't miss it. Actually, I felt really awkward reading those scenes, like I was a third wheel or something lol Maybe it's because (as I mentioned before in my spoiler-tagged commentary) I'm aroace, but I really could do without Yamato's comments. I don't know, I guess I just feel weird because everyone is so friggin' horny all the damn time, oof- Wanko and Capt are the only ones I can feel comfy around ------- Awwwwrighty! Next one is Momoyo, and then there's only the sub routes and the true ending left!
  10. Okay, one more route! Well, it's been a week since I've read this one but I forgot to post it here lol Gotta be honest, this was the one which surprised me the most! I was expecting some character development, but not this kind. It was good haha I skipped all h-scenes and I couldn't care less about them but damn, I think this might be on the same level as Wanko's route: while Wanko's was more emotional for me, Miyako's was better paced in its entirety (Wanko's beginning was a little too boring lol). I'm gonna give it an 8/10! Also, that "after" was VERY cute and wholesome. 10/10 Anywaaaaay, I'm reading Mayu's route right now! What's the deal with her ass...
  11. Well, one more route completed! This time, Wanko's BOY, compared to Chris', this route was so much better! Although the beginning was a little boring and dragged, I had a lot of fun (and tears)! Maybe I felt it dragged because I was rushing and I had a huge headache on those two days of reading lol Overall, I liked this route. It wasn't heavy on the romance, which is something I LOVE and find rare in eroge. Well, her h-scene... wasn't bad. I mean, I only read the first 40 lines or so and skipped the rest but it didn't look too forced. I'd still rather have a friendship route with her, tho. Like, every little thing but they remained friends. That'd be perfect ----- Next is Miyako, which I'm already focusing on; Let's see, Miyako isn't much of a favorite of mine... I hope this changes that!
  12. Annnnnnd I've read Chris' route! Man, this was a 6/10... I hope the others are better than this, I was so hyped for this VN lol Next this week is Wanko's... I dun wannaaaa I wish Wanko's was just a friendship route, sigh...
  13. Oh wow, that is a surprise! Personally, I feel like Danganronpa isn't Danganronpa WITHOUT the trials haha the puzzles could easily go away, almost nobody likes them (I do like the comic format conclusion) but yeah, I find the trials pretty entertaining. Maybe it isn't the most fun to watch, just because it's more interactive to the actual player, but oh well! I'd rec JohneAwesome if you want a fun gameplayer to watch DR
  14. I can understand why, oof... Too late, though, I'm almost finished. I mean, yeah, Yamato and his dick move unsettled me for sure but I was warned beforehand; besides, I tendo to only judge a vn after I finished it I'll talk more abt it after I do finish the route tho!
  15. Hiya, you guys! Guess who's back~ I spent last week reading through the entire common route of Majikoi and boy, did I enjoy it haha First impressions Positives strong and dominant female cast unique and diverse characters good comedy fast-paced without much info drop the end skit hehe Negatives the art and BGM are very average imo I'm still not sure what to say here abt the vn itself; I had some issues with some characters, but I will dwell on that later Characters Miyako: She was fun at first, but the jokes got tiring and repetitive with time... Wanko: I L O V E H E R ! ! ! I don't want to have to lewd her in her route uuuuugh... Ravioli, ravioli, don't lewd the doggo loli. A pal of mine described her as the mix of Kud and Masato (from Little Busters!) and it couldn't be any less true. Chris: Hmm... I don't think she's a bad character, per se... but she is indeed the least interesting one, I'd say. She's kinda preachy and annoying - kind of a jerk, a lot of times lol Mayu: Not gonna lie, I disliked her at fitst (I only liked "Matsukaze"), but she did grow on me, especially after both fights with Chris haha Momoyo: Even though her actions are questionable - with the harassement and rape jokes and all, I am still a sucker for strong girls sigh... Shouichi (Capt.): I want to see my little boy...! Here he comes! I want to see my little boy...! Personally, I see him the same way as Wanko: just an innocent child running around hehe Gakutou: I was expecting that first bad end to be with Gakutou ngl; it was disturbing, oof... Well, I love muscle idiots, he very much reminds me of Masato, except Masato doesn't think with his dick lol Moro: I like him, he's the sane member of the group lmao He doesn't stand out though, not that I mind it. Minamoto Tadakatsu (Gen-san): Man, I just love this guy! He's the first tsundere I actually stand and like, woah He's such a sweetheart hehe I couldn't bear Ikurou... He was too much; Oogushi was alright, I guess; Man, I loved Azumi, even though she barely showed up lol Aoi Touma... what a bi icon, I love him, heh; he wasn't a trash character and was clearly bi, so that's nice (yes, the bar is low) Love for children aside, Jun is cool! That cool and smooth voice totally suits him lmao Finally, for Yamato: he's a good balance between generic and OP (to the point of it being too much). I have to admit that amongst such a diverse and powerful cast, he is a bit underwhelming, but I like it. He doesn't need to be too excentring, since he is usually "watching" the story unroll (as the protagonist). ---------------- Well, then. I will read Chris' route tomorrow. I'm a little uncertain on how to feel about her, but at least now I know better than to actually read h-scenes lmao well, except this one is apparently needed for the plot
  16. Yeah, the first game. And yeah, I know about the twist thing, I've actually discussed that with my book club peers haha it's a cool thing to know!
  17. Alrighty, one more finished! This time, I finished all the endings left from The Nonary Games. Ending 6 Ending 4 True Ending Overall, it wasn't a bad game, not at all. I mean, I loved discussing it with my peers, especially when it came to the mystery! Paranoia: Deliver Me I started playing this one today and I plan on finishing it this week! First Impressions Positives: The art and the soundtrack is beautiful, as it should be, since the game itself is about music lel The mood can be very spooky and me likey Negatives: The translation is awful and it kinda breaks my immersion and overall enjoyment of the vn... Also, the voice acting isn't that good; I'm not sure if it's because I'm not used to listen to Chinese, but they all sound like they don't care about what they are saying and don't really feel the character they are playing The choices are damn weird, the fuck... How am I supposed to know what to do? And there's no walkthrough available out there [cries] THE SKIP ISN'T WORKING AAAAGH—! Well, this is all I've got for the week!
  18. Yes, it doesn't start with the exciting stuff right off the bat, but that "boring" part (I didn't find it boring, but maybe that's because I liked the mood) is very important for the plot later on. I mean, if you want to feel confused, you can just skip it LOL (btw, there will be another flashback, but this one is shorter). About the protagonist swaps - they exist because there are two mysteries and the friends part... I mean, c'mon it's just SoL pfft- take it with a grain of salt, but it's good for Yukiko (again, you'll understand why later on). But hey, if you are not liking it, who am I to force you to read it!
  19. As I mentioned before, I started playing Zero Escape - 999 -. It's been really entertaining so far, I'm liking it! First Impressions Positives: I liked the characters — it was refreshing to see more "adult" characters and everyone was really different haha the flowchart ("flow") — one more excellent addition to the steam port the protagonist — he is normal, that's all I ask for. Negatives: the minigames — this is kind of subjective but, personally, I was stuck for way too long on them and got frustrated a lot of times... the differences between the "novel" and "ADV" mode — I like the option of choice, but I'd like to have novel mode's writing with the ADV's design. It's just less polluted. Oh, well... NOT HAVING A LOAD OPTION ON THE MENU — C'mon! That's basic! ENDING 3 ENDING 5 Current theory (after discussing it with my pals) ----- This week, I'm playing ending 6 and 4 (in that order)! I'll finish it the week after!
  20. Okay, Iwaihime is FINISHED! Finally... It's been 84 years-- erm, anyways! Kiko's Route: erm... it was different, for sure. I felt grossed out by that scene, but it was on the same level as the other routes. I'm glad it wasn't too heavy on the "perfect wife" thing and that it had an actual explanation as to why she went through those phases of hers. Spoilers for the true ending and the extra chapter: I'd still give it a 6/10... maybe a 7/10 for the extra chapter alone. Tfw a dlc is more interesting than the main work itself... tsk, tsk P.S.: A friend of mine says Toé is best girl but I still can't understand how, she's so meh To be fair, so are the other characters but-
  21. Alrighty, it's posting time! I'm going to finish Iwaihime until this weekend, but so far I've read Kanae's and Riria's routes and I'm currently reading Kiko's. Well... It's not getting any better. To be honest, the only reason I haven't dropped it already is because I'm reading this for my vn club, so I do want to discuss it with the people there, even if it's to complain lol Kanae's Route: Hum... This one was just weird, I guess. I don't know, I just noticed that the thing that made me really want to stop reading is the pacing, again. Well, it's not like this problem would disappear from one part of the game to the other. Riria's Route: In a nutshell, can Lily just fuck off? I'm still reading Kiko's but man, this is going to be one heck of a route... Sexism and traditional gender roles: the route! Oh boy, I can't wait! Hahaha... haha... ha... ----- As soon as I finish this one, I'll start the zero escape games aaa I can't wait!
  22. Alright, I'm reading Iwaihime and I've read the first 4 chapters. So far, I would give it a solid 6/10... SPOILER-FREE Negatives: each chapter follows a very predictable storyline and pattern which gets boring after a while; the plot is too fast for me to get attached to any of the characters and the horror element is very affected because of it; I was expecting more gore, especially in the second chapter... since the graphics are the best element, I wanted for the vn to show the gore, not tell ugh... The voice acting isn't the best and the comedy sounds too forced, especially because of the fast pace. It's hard for me to enjoy it because I just can't get attached to the characters; The protagonist is very assertive, sure, but other than that, he is just so bland and protagonisty lol Positives: the graphics!! Honestly, this was exactly what drew me in when it first released in Japanese besides being from Ryuukishi; yes, there are some derpy CGs and sprites, but overall, I really enjoy to look at the art the mystery isn't a super positive point, as it isn't as intriguing as I was expecting it to be, but it's still making me interested enough to keep me reading!
  23. Little update: I finished Moe Era! It was nice!! It made me think about life a lot (not that I didn't overthink it before) and the post-first-route content was very interesting, for sure!
  24. Alright, this month is going to be spooky I'm playing Moe Era right now and I'll finish it before this Sunday and, right after than one, I'm going to start reading Iwaihime I'm so excited aaaa
  25. About Room No.9? Yeah! I mean, the plot itself is how the experiences affect their friendship. I would say the last endings are the best endings! ----- Sooooo, I just finished Saya no Uta! Man, it was depressingly amazing! my next vn will probably have to wait as I am quite busy with school right now, but I'll probably read Magical Eyes - Red is for Anguish
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