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  1. Senkou no Clarias kinda caught my eye because the main heroine on the cover looks like Luna from Tsuriotsu. Not really a coincidence, because Navel's artist Suzuhira Hiro did the character designs for that title this time. Too bad the ratings aren't too good - the art is certainly pretty.

  2. The VN doesn't look like Shuffle at all. The two original artists Nishimata Aoi and Suzuhira Hiro were part of the staff, but instead of drawing anything they were just 'School uniform design assistants' - what the heck?! Instead they got two artists with Da Capo roots, which probably explains why this VN has such a similar lolige look like Da Capo 3. I feel cheated! :yumiko:

  3. 6 hours ago, Clephas said:

    Speaking as someone who played Dungeon of Regalias and part of Verethragna, the 'story' of their gameplay games is... just not good in general.

    I was refering more to their mystery titles Hyakki Ryouran no Yakata, Saint Estella no Majo and Kiriya no Roku Shimai. Though Kiriya techincally doesn't count since they were still part of Atelier Kaguya at that time and Saint Estella was a lot weaker than the others. But none of their gameplay titles had a good story. However, they don't feel as grindy as other gameplay titles and they are still decent nukiges if you like the art style.

  4. Yes, I'm also wondering how PayPal will react to this. I also find it hard to believe that the regular porn market will just ignore the new possibilities that Steam's new policy will offer them. Although adult VN's might be the first to make use of it, I wouldn't be surprised if Steam will soon be flooded by regular porn productions with real actors as well.

  5. Spoiler

    I'm really happy that they included an alternative ending for Sheren and Meirin.

    That alone already makes it worth playing for me. :mare:

    Though, if I understand it right, those are just alternative extra scenarios that open up when the main route was finished, so they are not integrated in the main story itself. I would have preferred the latter to have some meaningful branching choice in the game, but I can live with it. What matters is that it's there.


    I do want to say that I really seriously don't understand why they kept the system where you can't read all the heroine events each chapter.  Sengoku Koihime allows you to read all of them, and it didn't seem to hurt the story... and it was immensely annoying to end up seeing some of the scenes that were slightly out of line with the current progression of the story.  Only the 'ruler' heroines' scenes perfectly matched what was going on in the story as a whole, and that disrupted my enjoyment of them immensely.

    I guess they were blocked to add more replay value. Though the time offset problem if you pick them later is certainly inconvenient. Not sure if I'd really read them all at once myself, since it really drags the pacing down - at least with my reading speed. :sleep: In the original Koihime I just spread them over two play-throughs.

  6. Well, an alternative Gaiden end would be at least better than nothing. :sleep:

    Still, I've read the first Koihime three times and two routes of SKM, so that's five times roughly the same story. I therefore do hope the new routes bring some fresh air with them. Not sure if just more details will compensate for what an alternative route with a new story development would have brought. On the other hand, better one rich and detailed route that two half assed ones.

    At least there are some new characters that interest me like Rian and Suirei. Though the character designs of the new Raika and Pao aren't really my cup of tea. I hope they are better written than they look. <_<

  7. Does the Go path has separate routes? Judging by this screenshot, at least the first game about Gi seems to have had routes, so I would have expected the same for the second one too. And a route where you can save Sheren would have been the most logical conclusion for me, and I would actually be a tiny little bit disappointed if there wouldn't be one.

    I mean, did they just copy/paste the original SKM Go route with just some slight differences? A history lesson is nice, but having the possibility to 'change' history is what really makes it interesting (as every Civ or Total War player would certainly agree). And Koihime is certainly not a piece of literature I'd expect 100% historic accuracy of.

    I actually found the various faction paths in the original Kohime and SKM too similar anyway, with always the same battles and events just from different perspectives, so some fresh air with different routes in the remakes would have been nice.

  8. 1 hour ago, Narcosis said:

    If anything, Minikui Mojika no Ko looks exactly like something Nitroplus would make nowadays (it's written and directed by Vio, who also wrote Totono), while Erewhon is supposedly sex heavy like their previous games... which will definitely ruin it as a story.

    Oh, I wasn't aware that Nitroplus is going Clock Up nowadays. Guess, I still see them as Stein's Gate low ero company. :o

  9. I was surprised that you could keep that up so long anyway. Even for a fast reader, VN's and especially slice of life ones are a considerably time commitment.

    Only reading what you want at your own pace and without pressure will make you enjoy the medium much more.

    And I know that it sounds incredibly cheap and wiseassy now, but you should try to balance your life more for a more healthy life style. If you're out of your twenties, the body tends to be not so forgiving anymore. But a bit more healthy food and some excercise can work wonders.

  10. 1 hour ago, Clephas said:

    Romance... romance in extreme situations?  Liar-soft doesn't do soft romance, so all the relationships are under stress or are twisted in some way (there are a lot of non-protagonist h-scenes in this game). 

    Yes, I expected that much. Liar-soft doesn't really seem to be big into romance. A bit of a pity, but as long as they've other qualities to make up for it, I don't really mind.

    The title does look interesting, so should MangaGamer pick it up, I'd most likely play it.

  11. Hmm, judging by the script sizes on TLWiki, Dies Irae is just a bit more than 3 MB of text. That's a not too unusual size for location companies. Both MangaGamer and Sekai tackled both more with Da Capo 3 and Grisaia respectively. I also had the impression that the killer is usually the voice costs. MangaGamer had no problem with Da Capo 3's 4 MB of text, but when asked about Majikoi which just has about 3 MB, they said they have to pass because they can't afford the voices. I heard that despite Jast's sparse releases, they seem to able to sell quite a lot of their titles, otherwise I wouldn't know how they could take on Majikoi.

    But well, I wouldn't be surprised if Light does a Kickstarter for one of their newer titles again. They did one for the Dies VN and the anime, so they seem to be pretty okay with Kickstarter financing.

  12. Very interesting list. I'm not the biggest chuuni fan, but Propeller titles seem to click with me more than others since they have a decent amount of mystery mixed in. They also have good music - I'm still hearing tracks from Tokyo Babel and Pygmalion.

    I liked Comyu for its characters (mainly Mayuki & Kagome) so I'd definitely give Hello, Lady a try.

    Draculius looks rather dated and a bit too cutsy for a VN about vampires & werewolves but I'd probably still give it a try since I just have a thing for vampires.

    Gekkou no Carnevale looks totally badass and has a real hot chick with Rebecca, so I'd definitely give it a try.

    Regarding Shinigami no Testament however... I have to admit that my interest took a serious hit after the (for me) disappointing Sorcery Jokers. On the other hand, it doesn't have the two-protagonist problem Sorcery Jokers did suffer from. Still, despite the good art I don't trust the writer - his characters are somewhat one-dimensional.

    I don't really understand why you consider VN's from Light as flop-candidates though. It's highly popular on VNDB and (in contrast to SubaHibi) sold great on Steam. With over 70.000 owners it even wipes the floor with most moeges. And while I personally didn't really like it, I was more the exception - most people seem to have liked it. The overall reception was certainly a lot better than the titles from Propeller or 3rdEye. I'd even go so far to say that the chuuniges from Light are probably the ones with the biggest chance for success. I mean, I remember times when Kohime Musou was MG's best seller with about 2.000 sold copies. And sales from Dies were in another league, especially considering that it wasn't just sold for a mere 5 - 10 dollars.

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