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9 -Nine- Episode 4: Izumi Noa Review



Welcome to my very belated VNTS Review, and as for the title I'll explain the title at PS later. As for this week, well there's quite a bunch of releases with the biggest one was Nine Episode 4. Other than that, there's also some updates as well with some of those are interesting to a degree. So overall I can say that it's been the biggest week that we have at this year, and let's see what I can write in regard of this week as well.

Shiravune did release Megasuki in which it gather some controversy along with some sex scenes between the childhood friend who is a member of track club and like to wear glasses. The controversy in question is that Shiravune did release this with Denuvo, which to say that was quite infamous in that it even cause the one who get it legally complained on how it slow down the game performance along with on how they need to connect to the internet all the time. Granted that it might be help to combat the piracy, although using this on short VN seems to be quite overblown and not quite worth the effort. In any case, I can only say that hopefully this is the first and the last time that Denuvo was used in translated VN release. From Fakku we have Perverse Incentives release at today in that apparently has some loli and interesting idea, although I don't exactly know on how much the contents in the VN itself though. Anyway go get the VN if you somehow interested with it, and have fun.

We also have HarmonEy release, and I only know that it's from same company as Tenkiame localization company so perhaps you may keep that in mind because apparently it has some bad translation. That said, if you want to see some slice of life between wife and husband that didn't have much drama, go get the VN and have fun. There's also a nukige from Cherry Kiss and once again it has unique localized name (My Married Cousin's Need for Seed), and apparently it has some sex between cousin because the MC was forced by his family to impregnate his cousin although the MC didn't really mind of it because he's been in love with the cousin and that he's been jealous when said cousin was married and have sex with her husband (So you'll have NTR cousin nukige). Not that it's interesting to me here, but if you interested with it then you can wait until it's released at April 2nd later.

Turned out that Laplacian did ask JAST help for their licensing, because we have their nukige was released by JAST back at 19th. The premise is that we'll going to have the husband tried to satisfy his wife who said as the most horny wife in the world with punny name (Kouguchi Rinko or if you prefer localized name Rikky Horne). Go get the nukige if you interested with it, and have fun. Speaking of Laplacian, turned out that there's a plan to localized their newest VN (And perhaps their Magnum Opus) Aojashin in which currently the translation of it is still ongoing and that there's a plan to release it in both of Englsh and Chinese language along with Steam release as well (The writer's tweet for the proof). No idea on who's the one who handle the localization here, but looking from their recent nukige release JAST seems to be quite possible although as far as I know JAST almost never release their VN on Chinese language though (Or perhaps they change their policy, although it's still too early to tell). Anyway I'll look forward in regard of Aojashin translation progress in the future.

As for this week fan translation, we have Eustia was at 84.42% TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 45.27% TLC-ed and side stories was at 65.73% TLC-ed, 2,900 out of 15,087 (19.2%) lines of Tsui no Sora Remake was translated, 21,131 lines from Pure x Connect was translated along with 12,835 lines of it was edited, and Hokejo was at 28.2% translated. There's also Kirikoi KS in which currently it's been at 81,262 euro funded which mean it already exceeded the requirement for Golden Time license in which it's at 75,000 euro funded. That said, in regard of Golden Time I still waiting for the announcement from Nekonyan in regard of that. We also have their 3rd secret project was already approved by Valve which mean it's almost ready for the release, although whether the project in question is a big one or not we must wait until Nekonyan reveal it later.

It's good to see that Sekai finally release Koiama 2 with English language support after they'd release it with Chinese language only. Other than Sekai did release this without English language first, what I can say is that the atmosphere and the character design itself is resemble Gochiusa, so you can get it if you want to read something like Gochiusa (With the addition sex scenes because Gochiusa here didn't have sex scenes for obvious reason) and have fun. Lastly we have Sekai released Nine Episode 4 in which it's the finale of Nine tetralogy, and of course you can get it if you've been holding back in order to play the finale of Nine here. The premise here is that our MC Kakeru finally manage to find out the one who responsible for the petrification in the town, and in order to face the culprit Kakeru did enlist Noa's help along with some other heroines. Of course other than final battle, there'll be some romance as well and in this case Kakeru will have some romance with Noa. Go get Nine Episode 4 from Sekai, and have fun. Oh yes Palette did announce that they'll release new episode at April later, although it's more or less just after stories for Nine heroines though which is more like fandisc to a degree.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and once again sorry for being late here. See you next week.

PS - Since we have Nine Episode 4 release, once again I make the VA joke for this week VNTS Review by changing 'Yuki' to 'Izumi' so we have '9 -Nine- Episode 4: Izumi Noa' here (The title for Nine Episode 4 is '9 -Nine- Episode 4: Noa Yuki). The VA joke here is from Izumi in which it's the family name of Sagiri of Eromanga-sensei (Same author as Oreimo by the way) who has same VA as Noa (Fujita Akane). For the info, there's also anime character called Izumi Noa from the old anime Patlabor, although the kanji writing for both Noa are different.

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Bought 9 -Nine- Episode 4 on release, but I'm not that far into it yet - just past the prologue. But I'm pretty sure it'll be good, since I liked all its episodes so far and this one is supposed to be the best.

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