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  1. How about Key's VNs? I think they're pretty good for a small, decent depression. Try Planetarian if you're not a long VNs fan. Companion (a Taiwanese VN) is pretty good but not the kind to give you depressing sad but more of a wholesome sad. Overdrive's Kira Kira and Deardrops are decent, too (I personally prefer Kira Kira, though).
  2. Mostly the stories. I really love stories in general. So as long as the story is good, whether it's manga, anime, novels, music, vns... anything goes, but I think vn is the best way to tell a story. I mean it's the combination of pretty much every way to tell a story. My first vn was Narcissu and it was such a great experience that I still trying to find a way to experience it again.
  3. My recommendations are: Shiraki Aeka in Yume Miru Kusuri Lucy Noumi Kudryavka in Little Busters (She even has her own VN :v) and maybe Ame no Marginal (I haven't read it, though) If you like Tomoyo in Clannad, there's Tomoyo After
  4. I'd recommend Kira Kira ( pretty much like Deardrops) Ef ( pretty long but 100% worth it), Little Busters ( my favorite Key's long vn ) and Narcissu 1 & 2nd ( It's my favorite vn and i recommend this to anyone who asks for recommendation :v)
  5. Finished Kara no Shoujo a week ago. Still don't know how to react to the true end though. Currently trying to finish Kara no Shoujo 2 without the walkthrough. So, any advice for me, please?
  6. I mean the anime's end. That f*cking end is JKSAD#@Y$@#!$)(.
  7. Cross†Channel, yandere, yay. Saya no Uta, denpa, i guess??????? Planaterian, so short yet so good.
  8. Planaterian Lucy ~ The eternity she wished for They're pretty good. And won't take too much of your time. If you finished Grisaia and really liked it, try Cross†Channel, a more messed up group in a loop.
  9. 'Cos it's GOOD. You don't have to prioritize it but you have to read it. Kara no Shoujo's end is as sh*tty as Guilty Crown's but the story is good , even though it's kinda difficult without the walkthrough. If you skip Clannad skip Tomoyo After, too. And seriously, dump that Ikikoi in the gabage can. That sh*t gave me cancer.
  10. Steins;Gate's gonna win. Umineko'll be 3rd. Grisaia will go DOWN, AGAIN
  11. Grisaia's gonna go DOWN. Umineko vs Fate would be really close. But Umineko kicked Muv Luv Alternative out. So Tutturu girl vs Golden Witch in the final
  12. Cross Channel Narcissu Shinigami no kiss Rewrite Not really sure about Rewrite, though :v
  13. How's about Phenomeno ? Cross Channel is pretty good . Can Sound of Drop be considered as horror ?
  14. I want to say Narcissu but i talked about Narcissu like a hell lot so i'd say Katawa Shoujo. Except for Emi's, the other routes are really above my expectations.
  15. IT'S ANNOYING AF . I'm sorry but i've been in the friendzone for 4 years so questions like this make me lose my temper a little i mean a fucking lot
  16. Hoshizora no memoria If you like Tomoyo there's Clannad Tomoyo after Kira Kira ( Deardrops amateur version ) While it's not really a happy vn but i really recommend Narcissu , it's my first and my favorite of all time vn . Even though the 3rd Narcissu is kinda suck but both the 1st and 2nd are super duper great
  17. Have any one played/read this vn ? I have unlocked only 5 events , does anyone know how to unlock all the events ?
  18. Hoshizora no Memoria is good , how about koichoco ?
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