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  1. Thanks men!! I will give it a try ^^ thx 4 ur time
  2. I´m currently playing hatsukoi 1/1 and Im loving it so far (there is a couple of things i didnt like but its ok) can u recommend me some VN/Eroge with good artwork like Tone works games or something like that? I didnt know where to put this so Im doing this on Vn talks... PD: Sorry for my bad english, also im kinda new in this type of games, but I find them interesting (if u know what I mean) jokes aside, thanks for reading this and understand my ignorance about this ^^
  3. Thanks, do u know if there is any game of tone works already translated??
  4. Hi! ^^ first of all sorry for my bad english, I want to ask... is there any translation for the VN Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai?? Im currently playing Hatsukoi 1/1 and I've played like 25 hours now lol, I like Tone Work's game, so i want to know that, if there's not a translation for that game, is there one for other of Tone Work's games? i liked sooooo much hatsukoi by now... But I have to know if theres any other game of Tone works translated ^^ Thank you so much for reading this !
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