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  1. Wow, this will be more than enough for at least a year stock, thanks guys!
  2. Is the translation good? I heard it's like one of the hardest VN to be translated. If you expect me to read JP well, I hope I'm okay by using DI as one of my starting VN.
  3. My taste? Well basically I like: 1. Chuunige 2. Anything with gothic lolita (I like Aqua from Himawari, read 11eyes for Liselotte, read Umineko for Bern, and been anticipating to read &Sora and Sakuuta next, need to say more?) 3. Plotge or Charage doesn't matter, I can appreciate both 4. Preferably have some depth 5. Japanese/English translated doesn't matter except if its too 'difficult' 6. Some denpa is nice too 7. Yanderes are pretty nice 8. I like devoted characters the most (the reason I put Haru Usami on my top favorite characters) 9. Sett
  4. Finished Umineko 1-4. It's quite nice and the amount of trolling kek. I hope Chiru have more trolling as how I often heard Bern dubbed as Trollkastel XD Expecting murder mystery, got ">implying" debate and chuunifest as a bonus kek
  5. Hehe, I like all those chuu2 stuff too, because even before knowing anime,vn, and all those otaku related stuffs, I was already a chuunibyou back on my mid-highschool times. Regarding my taste well, I kind of enjoy many stuffs except subtle stuffs intentionally not exploring thing and those symbolism related stuffs, or romance that comes out of nowhere except in parodies. Well so far as I know VN isn't really a medium that has many subtle stuffs like that so I enjoy many VNs I read so far. Also stubbornly loving characters is my favorite character personality (that's why Haru, Kazuki, and
  6. Thanks all! Nice to meet you It's a character of my favorite design ever, Suigintou. Well I'm a sucker for Gothic Lolitas afterall Eh not really my first VN lol, my first VN is honestly as mainstream as most people VNs Katawa Shoujo and is VNDB not showing the stuff that you don't score? Because I don't score anything that if I think it deserves below 9. I read SubaHibi like 6 months ago when I heard from some people I met online that it's a VN that gives a great experience. Well I decided to try it and I absolutely love it and even made a review of it.. here http:/
  7. Been getting into Higurashi for now but only have read it like 5 minutes. I already gives me some creepy vibes though.
  8. I usually go with the screenname Moelohim/Moeconoclast/CinnamoeRoll/Moelitist or something along that name around the internet So well here's my vndb profile https://vndb.org/u114124 Also if I'm on somewhat free time I also wrote reviews to stuffs I've completed and by that, Visual Novel is no exception. Nice to meet you guys!
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