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  1. Doing it I understand japanese games plot 100% even without understanding Japanese.
  2. Today The translator Aggregator version of sinflower is working 100% perfect with Bing. Google and Baidu. You can get some VERY GOOD translations If you compare the result in the 3 translators at same time download: https://github.com/Sinflower/Translation-Aggregator/releases
  3. Herencia released several prostitute games, but, what happens in those games ? are just sex and more sex without any plot, or the protagonist and the heroines develops feelings for each other ? happens a relationship developments ? They became lovers at the end ? Or is just a sequel of sex scenes, like we see in a porn movie ? I am talking about the games below: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=1010231 http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=1009919 I really think that is so pointless play a game with just sex and without any plot. I prefer see a porn movie or see a hentai anime. I love games with a lot of sex, of course, I even dislike game with a so much complex plot line, but, to play a game without any plot is just a waste of time, I like to see at least a character developments too. Specially a love born in the heart of the characters. See the characters gradually growing love for each other, gradually know each other. And see a happy end with both together. A terrible thing that I already see even in pure love games almost without sex is when we play the whole game and not even know almost anything about the heroine. We not know If she have parents, If she live with her parents, what their parents makes for living (their job) and things like this... Sometime we play a game with a teenager heroine living alone and the game ends without even explain why she lives alone...
  4. Thank you very much, at least my question was not ignored. From now on I will ask my question on fuwanovel instead of vndb. I already played the good endings... And they are very good but I have not courage to try the others endings. I guess is better to skip all those others endings and begin to play another NTR game...
  5. Sorry bad english I asked this question on vndb, but, I noticed that it is a waste of time, I already asked several questions in vndb but no one answer, I will try little by little bring each of my question to fuwanovel to see If I get a answer... I want to ask about the ending of Soredemo Tsuma o Aishiteru 1 https://vndb.org/v6593 I love NTR but I have abhor of sad ending and for me not have anything more sad that to be abandoned by the person that you love. I hate that so many NTR games have a separation end, I like to play NTR games where the girl keep her love relationship with the protagonist forever without never leave his side, even at same time getting a sexual relationship with another man ( This is the essence of NTR) I think a Bad End in a NTR is when the woman LEAVES the protagonist, the relationship ends. I hate it. I like to see NTR but I like that the girl keep with the protagonist forever never leave his side even keep a sexual relationship with another man too. This is trued NTR ! This is a HAPPY END in NTR For sure, I see the anime Soredemo Tsuma o Aishiteru 1 and know that Shibuya end the girl abandon the protagonist, but, all others individual males endings are like this too ? She always abandon the protagonist ? I already palyed the "Happy End" but I am afraid to try the males endings in the official walkthrough: http://sagaoz.net/foolmaker/game/s/soretuma.html Which end to avoid besides Shibuya ? I almost sure that Shinagawa Claude end is the same thing, Nanami abandons the protagonist. At least I guess it, , just see some CG around the NET. Someone can confirm it and also say to me which ends I need to avoid to not see the separation between the protagonist (myself) and my beloved wife Nanami ? I really love Nanami. Is the best girl that I already see in 15 years playing hentai games, she is for sure my waifu forever, my top woman, my ideal woman. Never want to see her reject me.
  6. Thank you very much, Fc2 looks really awesome ! I will try it !
  7. Thank you very much Plk_Lesiak, I will check it now
  8. Sorry bad english I want to create a visual novel blog review site where I can review the visual novel that I played and also post hentai images of the games but for free, I not want to pay for it. I not want to make money with my blog, but, also I not want to spend any money on it . Too bad here in Brazil I not find any blog site that allow adult content for free and also easy to use. Or someone know any place where i can host a html file for free ? I have microsoft front page and I can create easy html files, but also I cannot find any place to host images and html files for free.
  9. https://github.com/Sinflower/Translation-Aggregator/releases
  10. Today r190 and r191 both are not working anymore. Is just me again or other people too ? Google, Yandex and Bing, is not working any online translator
  11. Thank you very much, kivandopulus , translator aggregator r190 version by Sinflower is working perfect fine.
  12. Looks like you do not use chiitrans with google, it gives me the same error from translator aggregator. Looks like google machine translation changed the say that it is being connected online, someone needs to update translator aggregator or chiitrans to it connect again. show up the message "「The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable.」" google is the best transition machine much better than any other, much better than atlas.
  13. Sorry bad english 2 days ago google not working anymore with Translation Aggregator Looks like Hongfire forum about Translation Aggregator is dead. Where ask for help ? Exist any community alive that still works with Translation Aggregator ? Also, I was long 3 years without play visual novels, I begin again last month. Already was created any new tool to translate visual novels ? I keep using ITHVNR and Translation Aggregator. I find Textractor https://github.com/Artikash/Textractor/releases to hook texts, but I did not find yet any other tool similar to Translation Aggregator to use with google. Visual Nover Reader is so much buggy, at least for me.
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