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  1. Help with Utawarerumono

    When I run utawaremono on my laptop I get a Please insert Utawaremono DVD alert however it works fine on my desktop computer. Both if them are in Japanese locale and installed in the same location. The only difference is that my laptop runs on Windows 7 starter(super outdated I know) and the desktop runs on Windows 7 Pro. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong? Could somebody give me some help on what to do?
  2. Well 5 people in the computer club at my school play vns. None of them including me have had the guts to make it till the h-scenes though
  3. Sayori's views on censorship

    http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2016-05/10/japanese-artist-3d-printed-vagina-obscenity Strangely this article says differently
  4. VN Reading Club - March (Time Month)

    Steins;Gate because it's been on my backlog for way too long already.
  5. Visual Novels about debating

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a translated english visual novels with debate actually in the plot and not just a side story. Thanks.
  6. Visual Novels about debating

    Easiest way for me to learn about debating since my school is making me part of a debate team and I know nothing about it
  7. Visual Novels about debating

    Thanks for the recommendations guys. Yeah it had that one debate scene debating their love for the protagonist and other current affairs matters although it wasn't actually a serious one. Sounds interesting. I'll give this one a try.
  8. The small chest club? Sounds like heaven. A refuge from heroines who have breasts large enough to suffocate the protag in his sleep. Also Tsundere is the heroine acts violent towards the protagonist while in coodere the heroine acts cold towards the protagonist.
  9. Well I don't have any favourite trait that would make me instantly like any heroine. It's more of a combination of traits. 1)Short hair with that one loose strand 2)Small breasts 3)Petite sized heroine 4)Independent enough so she can survive without me(but I still like being relied on every once in a while) 5)Flirty nature 6)Likes to get petted on the head Will add more when I think of it
  10. Radical visual novel ideas.... Share them here!

    Not sure if this has been done before but you the protag, are an 80 year old man and your wife has died. You get sent to an old folks home or maybe an neighbourhood for old people waiting for their time to come. There you meet with 4 other senior citizens. One if them has azeimers disease, the other is a crazy cat lady(because why not), the third is a bed ridden grandmother who has been hit by stroke, the final heroine is an old lady who refuses to act her age. Your goal? Find a way to escape the old folks home and get revenge on your children for sending you there. What were you thinking? Find love as an old man to replace your wife?
  11. Tutorial - How to read untranslated visual novels .

    Is it possible to connect LEC Power Translator to this?
  12. Hello Fuwa

    Hello all I'm Leonidas. I discovered this forums while searching for vns to play. So far I have finished playing Katawa Shoujo ,Sakura Swim Club and some other short kinetic novels. I am currently playing My Girlfriend is the President and Yume Miru Kusuri. I hope to get along with everyone here.
  13. Hello Fuwa

    Thanks for the moe. I love it. Can i use it as my avatar? I learnt about vns after watching The World God Only Knows. I was like hmm I gotta try this type of games for my self.
  14. Hello Fuwa

    Pork roast Ftw!!
  15. Hello Fuwa

    Thanks . Whos your favourite heroine in My Gf is the prez?
  16. Hello Fuwa

    Hard to say since I haven't finished all the routes yet. But so far it's ell--Chan(since I'm a sucker for lolis).
  17. Hello Fuwa

    Lets just say that my parents thought that a Spartan King was the perfect name for their son.