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  1. Guess it's finally here for EN. Glad to hear it's coming out soon. I assume it's going to be a stand alone patch? Or a purchasable game?
  2. The biggest convention until July's Anime Expo huh.. Interesting. Probably gonna follow up with the Visual Novel announcements and see what might be in store for us. Hoping to see some eye catching visual novels that has a good story line, and maybe a different kind of genre we aren't used to seeing everyday.
  3. Meanwhile I'm salty as a tasty fudge stick dropped in a pile of sand trying to clear E5. With the addition of trying to get good drops from E2 (Akizuki + Teruzuki) on Node F. All S ranks with no signs of either one. Pls drop to me ;-;
  4. Alright. Will give that a shot! Wait, so you have Oyashio already??
  5. Well, I wouldn't. That's just me personally haha I get newsletters from Wargaming for WoT and WoWS. If I added in a SEA, I'd probably first think "wait, is this SEA or NA?" In addition, I tend to use my other email address to reply with others who don't reside in the US. The other email is technically like a foreign language use account. Cruisers just have that one huge disadvantage I hate about: Easy to be Citadel shot.
  6. How far is everyone in the Spring Event? Managed to reach E5 somehow, but that's the only node I'm having difficulty so far. Any good Suggested Compositions for E5 attacking the boss? (Also, my LBAS is set from suggestions I got, so nothing to worry there.)
  7. Sure, I don't mind. However, my username on NA server is actually different from the Fuwanovel Username. "FuryTomic41." well, you would have to sign up with a new account (you can use your same Email, but I wouldn't recommend that) for a different region. Your Username can still be the same, as it is registered in another server that is different. Also, Wargaming's Headquarters is stationed in Russia, so EU gets all of the goodies first before other regions. Destroyers are fun to play in, (Usually rack up some kills) but the drawback is torpedo reload time, armor, and HP level. You are also pretty much a threat to Cruisers, so most of the time, cruisers will try to destroy you first.
  8. Played since CBT (Closed Beta Testing) Fairly fun in many aspects. (I don't regret going into CBT with Yuubari purchased haha) You can register for any server/region to be quite honest. It just depends on your preference of choice. I have both an NA account (Pretty much my main account since CBT) and my SEA account (Created this account recently to play with friends who reside in SEA regions)* The difference I can see from these two is that the NA region tends to focus more on different events and rewards, while SEA has different events (mostly ARP Collab Events from what I remembered) and rewards. Whie EU is mostly updated with events and premium content/ships first before the other servers. It's up to you on what server you feel like playing on. Good Luck and Fair Seas Captain! *Please note that I have created 2 separate installation folders since there seems to be a conflict of trying to install one region client with another. I would suggest if you intend to play on more than 2 regions, create separate installation folders won't conflict with each other (Example: NA: World Of Warships NA, SEA: World Of Warships SEA, EU: World of Warships EU) That's what I found best for me. However, If you don't feel like you want to install the game again 3 times just so you can play on different regions, try looking on the WoWS forums.
  9. I was informed a while back that they were having some issues of having the game being released. You could check on the XSEED Fourms for more information they posted.
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