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  1. Thank's for your hard work! I have been wanting to play Azumi route for looong time My most hypedroute is still yet to come tho..... Now to figure out where to get the actual game. If there's a digital copy out there somewhere that i can buy, please tell me (if the patch works with it and price is reasonable, i will most likely get that) otherways i will just find a not-so-legal one.
  2. Though so :/ It pretty much always goes like this with nearly all VN adaptions (i can only think of Clannad that did really good job with the adaption), so i pretty much always try to play the game or read the source material before the anime airs. BTW, do you have any idea how long it will take till the patch comes out?
  3. Oh......Well i guess i will just watch the anime then :/
  4. So i watched Little Busters around 3~ months ago and played the VN as well. After that i found out about EX, but i din't want to start the anime before playing the actual game for obvious reasons. The problems started at this point. I tried looking for EX/ME from pretty much everywhere with no luck whatsoever and gave up already. Now i remembered that i still haven't finished the EX anime/VN and i really want to see Sasasagawa Sasami's route, so here i am. If anyone of you know if there is full ENG patch for the game, please tell me. I couldn't find either the game or patch on my own (the ones i found were all dead links) so i'm getting pretty desperate here And i know you can't post torrent links here, so pm me or add me on somewhere else, i just want to play the game and finish the anime! And is this dead or no? http://fuwanovel.net/novels/little-busters-ecstasy i think the patch was released already?
  5. I don't really care about the other 2, but i'm REALLY hyped about Azumi and Benkei
  6. I'm preeettyyy sure this project is dead as it can get
  7. It was most likely really popular and they introduced many new girls that were also popular, thus giving birth to the whole A series. That would be my best guess.
  8. I kinda have to agree you there. I have played Grisaia no Kajitsu 3 times now and i always played either Yumiko or Amane last The reason is that Yumiko is my favorite girl from the game and has the best route IMO (Amane's is close second) and i saved Amane for last because her ending is just so beautiful....
  9. Guys don't go too much off topic. It pains me to come here only to see the new messages to be about how you like to play your VN's :/
  10. You should hurry up and read them! Majikoi is good VN series and really worth the read. And i'm pretty fast reader, so i'm having hard time finding good VN's to pass the the time my self I'm currently reading Grisaia no Kajitsu for the 3rd time to pass the time It's easily my favourite VN i have ever read and i have both steam version and the one i got from Fuwa before they deleted all the links. Cant wait for Seikai to be done with the 2nd and 3rd game so i can by them.
  11. That's great news A-2 even has the route i'm looking forward the most in the Majikoi series so far.
  12. Surprisingly quit here even though is 2016 now... I guess i will go 1st then; Happy new year everybody!
  13. Now we only need rest of the girls and a group picture
  14. Seiso OFC!! I have been waiting to be able to play her route for a loooong time
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