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  1. Try this one as said by @binaryfail. or this one
  2. Rather than a destructive escapism, I'd say that it's more of your escapism becoming a bad vice. "Something that you love that makes things worse" is just screaming a bad vice if you ask me. An action always affect something and it's not exactly always in your control. I'd like to think that weighing what is more important to me in every action I take is a good way of doing things. If this certain action I do, which I love, is having a more negative effect more than a positive one, I'd probably stop it. Then again, I can't be completely objective so which I 'value' more would be the one coming out on top. But in this case it's something that's rather vital. I don't think people can handle great amount of mental stress without taking a break one way or another. And escapism is one common method that's actually quite effective, at least for me. I'd do something to forget things for a while and then tackle the problem later with a refreshed mind. Don't just leave it to solve itself and be on your way since it'll haunt you back regardless. If it can't be solved then at least get some closure or it'll always poke you at the back of your mind. In the end it all comes down if you're willing to let go of something for the sake of another one. Getting everything you want isn't something that I would call human.
  3. Here's one good example. https://vndb.org/v299 The guy is OP both gameplay-wise and story-wise. And he fits the bill with being a badass. Although the game is heavy on gameplay so it might not be your cup of tea.
  4. Start talkin' sensei~

  5. That map is until floor 7 and yes, there's a boss. It's on the upper left part of the last floor. You'll get some restoration points the further you go in. Some for skills and some for HP. Tbh this game doesn't really require much planning and requires you to get the best gear/units or close. Darx is more than enough to destroy things and the other units are nothing but support. Personally, I've never tried the adventurers since the demon units are enough. Well this is just opinion tho.
  6. Welcome to the forums! Amazed at such tenacity, or maybe passion, for reading machine translations. Moon runes are hard to learn after all lol
  7. I don't really see the reason why not just use the both of them properly. To me, eden* was the most visually appealing VN I've ever read. Reason being the usage of subtly-dynamic sprites (just the eyes move) and the blending with the background with the sprites made it more than enough for me. Sure, Nekopara did a more expressive sprites due to the e-mote system but that doesn't mean the static sprites aren't properly conveying the feelings of the characters. A good example would the Yuzsoft VNs that has sprites with a lot of variety that constantly changes. I have no idea how much does this affects the production costs but the developers would think of things to shake things up like the current E-mote system. It's relatively new so there's still so much to improve, hopefully.
  8. Busy but not dead. If anyone needs me just hit me up with a PM.

    1. Sovereign1612


      What the fuck are you talking about? no one needs you !

    2. Kurokusari


      The world needs me

  9. I'll take this one then. I haven't really done anything since I always come up late lol. Edit: Done
  10. Done. I couldn't render it properly so I had a hard time blending it.
  11. Time to get updated on the news. By that anything that means that classes are suspended ~

  12. Finally finished with the last route! Aoi's route was . . . something? The others can't really be called compelling but this one takes the cake. The conflict was lackluster and I think it was resolved too easily. Not that the others weren't but I think the way they resolved it was too cliche. Also, they made too many things go on simultaneously. Done with the 3 routes and the only reason I can find as to why it was rated so low is because it was plain. Didn't strive for anything big but they didn't screw up in giving a bland story I guess. I didn't have any expectations at all when I started reading so I think that helped in my perception of a story such as this. It didn't tug at my heartsrings nor did it provoke any thoughts. Altough, the visuals were a good change of pace since it did use the E-mote system. Summary in one sentence: It's so plain that people find it bad.
  13. Welcome to the forums! You can register your profile here since people pickup some possible recruits here. Well at least that's what the thread is supposed to be. http://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/939-fan-translator-skills-registration/?hl=skills+registration You could also check out the ongoing projects and see if there's anyone recruiting. The community and the fan translation teams would be glad to have you around! http://forums.fuwanovel.net/forum/87-ongoing-projects/ Edit: Also, if you want some good VNs to read, then try checking out this thread. http://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/2151-50-translated-vns-you-should-read-before-you-die/ As for where to get VNs, English releases are available at Mangagamer and JAST USA. Enjoy your stay~
  14. Just finished Karin's route and I still have no idea why this scored below 7. It's nothing grand but nothing terrible either. Karin's character isn't really that deep but goes well with her route. An aspiring idol that has a cool style but has a strange obssession with cute things. In a somewhat exaggerated way, her conflict is throwing away her ideals in exchange for an opportunity to reach her life-long dream. In a weak way, she wants to be cute but her dream asks for coolness. In how I see it, she's a teenage girl who reached the point in her life where you need to decide on what do you want to do. It's pretty relatable if you ask me since there are people that feel like this when taking on an opportunity for a greener pasture. The story didn't aim for much so it didn't achieve much. One more route then I'll continue on reading Symphonic Rain which has been stalled for almost a year. The season's just right to fit with the story's setting~
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