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  1. Chapter 194Looks like this arc is finally over and done with. I'm not surprised that her illness wasn't life-threatening and is perfectly treatable, sucks to see her go though. Wonder how often these 'visits' will be? The Mother ended being up alright in the end, kinda disappointing how easily she caved in afterwards though.
  2. Only a year before we know what Marika's sickness is all about. Yay pacing! Well, someones being awfully optimistic. I'm just glad to see that the heartless mother is still heartless (or would emotionless be the better term here?).
  3. At least it's finally getting somewhere! I'm just ready for this arc to be over so we can return to the status qua, whatever the hell that is at this point anyway.
  4. Absolutely nothing, as long as you're not overly fanatical obsessive about it. It saddens me to see Haru in third, but I can accept that for Marika. Her dad just earned a lot of respect from me right there. I almost want to say Chika doesn't deserve him.
  5. Oh no, the Kosaki followers have gone from fags to fanatics In all seriousness though Team Haru ftw, followed closely by Team Marika! In other news, Chika is still a terrible mother.
  6. I've only played a little of it, but it's been awesome so far.
  7. I don't think a bridge is harsh enough for her.
  8. I started watching it, but quickly put it hold due to RL. I just haven't got back to it, and probably won't for a long while.
  9. I might actually watch that scene when it actually gets animated. Eventually...
  10. It's probably going to be at least another 3 or so chapter before we find out anything else about Marika. The wait is killing me...
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