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  1. Hey! The patch's out a year ago. Sorry, I forgot to update this thread! However, players have been encountering a lot of problems and crashes in the game, so if there's anyone who's experienced with Honeybee Translation Tool and is willing to help and check what the problem is, that'll be great! ;;; I fixed what I knew but there's a part that I still couldn't figure out why. But anyways, I'll try my best to fix it and hopefully an updated patch could be posted asap!
  2. No problem! We're open to suggestions once we finish this patch, so don't worry~ Updates: First post updated. Looking for translation-checkers! Only need to check some missing translations + mistranslations, don't have to translate everything. We only need this for one route (more if you'd like, but one for now) by the way, so if you have the time, then please help us out! ><
  3. Still has lots to do, meh. 

  4. Hi. I'm not even sure if you're gonna read this orz but anyway! Someone taught me how to extract/re-insert stuff for Amnesia.iso back then, right before we drop the project, so if you're still interested, I can perhaps show you how to do so. (I haven't tried it but it's doable, I've seen examples of it.) Anyway. Are you really translating the game or...?
  5. Sorry that this is really late! ;;; Yes, there are plans, but not immediately after. ^^ Thank you so much! //More progress updates on the blog! Still recruiting translators~
  6. Just popping up and about to say that this project is still being worked on, albeit slowly.
  7. First post not updated yet, but just popping up to say that we're still alive and active! Will update with progress later~
  8. First post updated! 4 routes done (and over with), 6 more to go~
  9. because why the hell not?

  10. Full speed ahead; watch out.

  11. Yeay~ Thank you for the support <3 Progress updated on the first post and on the blog \()/
  12. busy busy no time to take it easy

  13. And filled with delicious food too, haha. Thank you! The artist was the one who did the art for Starry Sky series, as well, fyi! ^^ Thank you! Progress updated and demo patch released~ Go here for more info. \()/
  14. progress updated on the first post and the blog. we're now looking for more translators, and also re-inserter. (experience is not necessary as we'll tell you what to do and stuff.).. and also, proofreaders. you can read more about applying here. thank you~
  15. gets grumpy and turns into an angry bird project leader. welp.

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