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my return from hell and fuwa masterpiece theater


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hello fellow fuwans im back from my overly long hell of a vacation at my familys and here to propose a new project i'm starting i hope you take the time to read this and if you're interested in taking part let me know in a comment.
fuwa masterpiece theater
ok the concept for this is a group viewing of anime and chat . i'll be hosting the stream on my steam with a dedicated chat for everyone who watches to chat with each other during the stream.  the choices of anime will be listed in 3 main categories they will be.
(classic anime: these are time honored anime series movies and ovas that have left an impact on the otaku fandom you know those shows that whenever someone makes a recommendations list usually appear on the list somewhere. second will be genre defining/redefining titles: which are anime that either helped define or expand in a meaningful way an entire genre of anime, and finally overlooked titles: these are anime that are not as well known or as often spoken of as most series).
if this works out and people enjoy it eventually we will have theme viewings such as cherry blossom festival or holiday anime as well.
the way this will work is by vote ill put up a list of 3 in each category that i recommend and then 3 will be selected for each category that the group suggests and then there will be a one week voting period so everyone gets the chance to place a vote after a week i will take 1 or 2 days to prepare things and then we will hold the viewing, now if a series or a multipart ova wins the vote then the viewings will take place over multiple days. then after the title is finished another round of voting will take place for the next choice in viewing.
if you're interested in joining the fuwa masterpiece theater when you make your comment below feel free to submit your recommendations please limit to one per category and label what category you're recommending it as so that they can be looked through and added up for me to put through the first list.
my picks for the first parts of the list:
maison ikkoku
serial experiments lain
genre defining
ranma 1/2 (ecchi martial art romcom)
welcome to the nhk (dark comedy)
Otaku no Video (mockumentary)
Strait Jacket
Chocotto Sister
Comic Party
hope you find the idea fun and that we get some group members.

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Sounds interesting. Might join in, depending on when it happens. Here's a few recommendations I have. For the classic, I think Akira should be in that list. Although it is a movie, it is a masterpiece. For genre defining, I think Toradora would fit in that list as well. I unfortunately don't have any recommendations to add to the overlooked list, and I can't comment on the ones already there since I've never watched them before. That's just my 2 cents here.

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I'd like to give this a try--what's the name of the Skype you'll be hosting it on?


this will be done through steam as it allows me to stream the shows for everyone and have a dedicated chat for the viewers at the same time with no oversight as to the content i stream

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If you manage to make fuwans watch old anime or timeless classics I'll hug you across the internet :P

Not sure I'll manage to participate myself though. Maybe I can drop in for some episodes of Maison Ikkoku or Ranma 1/2, those are pretty long anyway.


I'll drop my own recommendations:



Princess Tutu


Evangelion (Eva-clone robot anime =p)


Gosenzosama Banbanzai

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This sounds awesome! I won't be joining, but I'd love to drop some recommendations if that's allowed.

Oh, you ninja edit'd but I was about to second Aoi Bungaku. Definitely a show worth watching that's not well known. Masterpieces of japanese literature with a great direction and an OVA-quality animation.

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