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Is HANACHIRASU any good?


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Yeah, it's decent.

Great setting and music.


As others have said, there's lots and lots of info dumping regarding swordplay and whatnot.

It can get pretty tedious, as a lot of it is repeated.

It has one of the most unlikeable protagonists you'll come across.

Within 20 minutes, you'll want to see Akane's head on a spike.


Also, the major plot twist is something you'll see coming a mile away.


Thanks everyone for your thoughts.  I will give it a try on this.



OOOooo... it look interesting. Can you tell me where to download english version? 


I'd definitely recommend Kikokugai over Hanachirasu as well.
Be prepared to read a comedy or something light hearted after that one, though, otherwise you'll have heartburn for weeks.


It hasn't seen an official western release yet, as JAST loves spending years and years on projects.

You should be able to find the fan translated version easily with a google search.

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Depends on your perspective.  The infodumping is a serious downer, if only because it tends to break the pacing.  If you want something bloody, it is a decent choice, but if you don't have any patience for it, I'd suggest just holding down ctrl during the swordsmanship infodumps. 

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I was looking for a dark protag and decided to read Hanachirasu, I'll be downloading and playing it in a few days, so I guess we both will be reading it.


It's supposed to be pretty good but I'd suggest that you wait a little before reading it. Hanachirasu is getting an official release (yes it is finally coming out) in February and that is going to have a revised translation so you're better off reading that instead.

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