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  1. Hello everyone. First think first i have to apologise cause i left you all in dark. I have changed the workplace and moved flat so there was no time for anything else. I got finally a holiday starting in 2 days and i can relax a bit. After holiday I will be a 100% back here. I am sure that you all noticed that website is down. Reason behind is quite simple. Company charged me quite a lot of money for hosting and name. If any of you guys know how to get a website for free please do let me know in PM. Currently there is only one active (I hope) translator which even i dont have any update from. Right now my main focus is to get some translators. Again all help will be appreciated. All of our technical part is 100% complete so now we need people to translate. Well I think that at this point you all have an idea what happened and what is planed. Next question probably will be about the partial patch. Well patch is ready to be released and now just resting on my HDD. Again because of various reasons I was not able to send finalized version of partial patch to members of staff and then release it. Before my holiday I want to first send final version to remaining members of staff and once i am back we can release it for public. Probably some of you might not like this idea, but I think is fair to the people who spent time with helping on this project. Thank you all for your patience. -Blizz
  2. Hello Guys! I know it's been a while since my last post (update), but now I like to change that I have received last two files from common route which has been edited, but still need a double check. I have tried to contact my TLC, but is seems he went MIA. I would like to ask you guys if someone could help me check last two files. Also Translation of Masaki's route has been resumed so i hope there will be more updates from now on. Thanks again for patience.
  3. Currently playing BF Hardliners. To be honest iam disappointed. Was expecting much better game. Also replaying again Darksiders and Darksiders 2. Already complete both games on console but I decided to play it again on PC.
  4. My girlfriend just bought for me Asus ROG Orion Pro..... Not too expensive, but really nice sound quality and ROG Spitfire working amazingly. They look sharp too....
  5. What should I play?

    1. LighteningOne


      What type of game do you like to play so i can suggest you with?

    2. Blizzard884


      If you read my "about me" page there are my favorites, so something similar.

    3. XReaper


      try princess lover, its 10 times better than its crappy anime adaption

  6. Hahaha soon funny.... ! P.S. Iam been ironic..
  7. Wow this thread fit me well... Iam working as bartender/mixologist so if anyone want some cocktail ideas feel free to ask.....
  8. I had my country's national dish Bryndzove Halusky. With a nice bryndza.... yummy yummy
  9. Looking forward to my day off on thursday. Maybe an Update for a project

  10. Looking forward to my day off on thursday. Maybe an Update for a project

  11. I really like chocolate amaretto tart.... It is a little piece of heaven in your mouth.... Recently I bought in Japanese store Azuki Mochi and there are amazing.... Definitely number two in my ranking...
  12. New Server is Up and Running!!!! http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/' rel="external nofollow">
  13. Bloody bandits. The only thing I hate about this game is when people shooting on sight. After 4 days I get shot.... Well, I take down one of them at least.... Anyone want to join me on the adventure?
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