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Yu-Gi-Oh Disscusion


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Hello Everyone at Fuwanovel, its me Novel21.

I want to talk about Yu-Gi-Oh anime serie and I have question for it.

Here is my question.

Does somerbody know where i can find Yu-Gi-Oh anime in subtile?

And beside question part, I want to hear what there think about Yu-Gi-Oh.

Lets Disscusion about Yu-Gi-Oh start.

Best regards Novel21

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Most stream sites should have it. Google works wonders. Though Arc-V episode subs take a while to come out after the raw is available. Usually it takes between 2 to 3 days to get subbed. Raw appears on Sunday so expect subs at around Tue or Wed. 


Now to talk about the card game. . . 


Anyone play it irl; atm I'm mainly playin' Burnin' Abyss and Melodious Diva. I pulled a Virgil from 3 packs yesterday so I got really lucky (just like the time I pulled Dante from special edition). 


I hope Melodious will get their fusions printed in Crossover Souls and BA get a female boss monsters (I don't need any more bishounens).

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My thoughts on Yu-Gi-Oh...

Well, when I was a kid, it was one of my favorite shows to watch xD

I think I only watched up to the 3rd arc, where arc 1 dealt with Duelist Kingdom and Pegasus, arc 2 dealt with Egyptian Gods, Battle City and Marik, and arc 3 dealt with the the Seal of Oricalcos, the Great Leviathan, and Dartz.

Idk anything about the "modern" Yu-Gi-Oh (GX or something) where they duel on motorcycles (which I think is just plain silly)

Actually playing Yu-Gi-Oh was fun. It was one of the trends for a few months in one of my elementary skoos :D. Like me and my friends would be sitting around dueling each other rather than exercising during recess.

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So to talk about the anime here now that I found the other YGO thread. 


Arc-V is turnin' out to be amazin'. The latest duel 


between Sawatori and Yuya was epic. I can't bring myself to dislike Sawatori after his amazin' duel.

Lookin' forward to the next duel between Sora and Shun and hopefully we'll actually get some new RR effect monsters.


Well I like this more then Zexal already. . . Then again it doesn't take much for it to top Zexal. 

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Novel21 said they would give the game a try. A remark about how a lot of people seem to be coming back to this game..


I would say that I am a seasoned fan of the series. I read all of Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World in Shonen Jump magazine when I was younger. I always loved that Shonen Jump had rare Yu-Gi-Oh cards in them that you couldn't get anywhere else. I wonder if they are worth anything, its probably a good time to sell after them sitting in my card binder for so long. I also used to play in tournaments, which built up my collection of rare cards even further.


And for the anime series.. Everything after the movie was complete poop in my opinion. Judai could never compare to Yuugi

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yugioh was okay

yugioh gx was okay

yugioh 5ds got sorta weird but oh okay

yugioh zexal was like...wait wat the...and then I sorta gave up looking into the yugioh anime stuff

yugioh arc-v same



it's sorta like kamen rider:

den-o was okay

kiva was nice/okay
decade was nice
w was like hmm okay
ooo's was like errr what? uh okay
fourze was like hmm *shrug* and then come back to see the end ish
wizard was like interesting....and then went to what the hell (at least plot wise) is this -_-?
gaim was like wtf is this shit...
drive's like really....REALLY what the fuck is this

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Oh, Yugioh....


Up until about this time last year, I was really, REALLY into Yugioh. Interestingly enough, though, I only played the card game for a fraction of that time: I was more into the show (the original, with Yugi) than the game mostly because I was really, really bad at it. I actually own over half the manga volumes (never did collect them all- even 38 volumes was too long for me when my local bookstores were missing all but maybe 2 of them) and the first season box set. But when I seriously started to get into VNs, I kind of lost interest.


I was more into the villains than anything, though. Bakura and Marik will always have a special place in my heart.

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I am a big fan of Yu-Gi-Oh!, I know it first time when I was in elementary grade school, watching its anime. After the first Yu-Gi-Oh! with Yugi and Yami Yugi as protagonist, the manga and anime have differ greatly and anime has been the main support product for the card game since then. There have been several different opinions among Yu-Gi-Oh! fans about GX and ZeXal, but I think they are not bad. And the now ongoing Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V is a fresh and exciting one, espescially because it features all Fusion, Synchro, Xyz and the new Pendulum summon.


Personally I'm a little disappointed with its (the card game's) balance now. It depends on luck so greatly. OTK and FTK is a common occurence. It's so easy to fill the fields with great monsters and as easy to destroy them. The appearance of new fierce archetypes each time without balancing the old archetype is also great minus. I don't play the card game anymore, just watching the anime.


That's enough about me, how about you guys?

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Well, there was use to be a Fuwa YGO group group on skype, where we would organize online games, and it was pretty fun. Though now, it's pretty much dead for multiple reasons, though mainly because most people have moved onto Hearthstone, since it's simply a more fresh and balanced game. You can find that group's thread here . 


Leaving the game aside though, I've watched the first series as a child also, and fascinated by it. The characters are simply just so likable, I remember my sister being a more avid watcher than me, even though she hated the game itself. I never actually touched the manga though, and only watched very little of GX, though I did love it. I tried to watch the new series recently, but I guess my tastes have changed, since I simply couldn't stand it. The characters feel so... Childish in comparison to the original series I guss, at least for me.


Also, since this is Fuwa, might as well share the hottest card ever



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