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Yu-Gi-Oh Disscusion


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Oh, HearthStone, eh, babiker-san? A new thing for me. I only play Magical Tea Gathering other than Yu-Gi-Oh! at card games. Although I'm only recently playing it.


About the characters, yeah GX, ZeXal and Arc-V's main characters are middle schooler, while Yu-Gi-Oh! (first series) and 5D's are high schoolers'age (except for Luna and Leo, middle schooler). I think Yusei is the coolest character of all the Yu-Gi-Oh! series, followed by Yami Yugi, and then Yuki Judai (after merged with Yubel). What I like about Arc-V is its story and gameplay. More twists than the series before and featuring all methods of Special Summoning (except Ritual Summon), unlike the predecessors. Yu-Gi-Oh! first series and GX only focused about high level monsters and Fusion summon, 5D's only showing Synchro Summon, while ZeXal only emphasizing Xyz Summon.


About hottest cards, I also have some pictures, but unfortunately I forget where I put them.

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