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Alicesoft Titles ---- Translation Updates

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Hi there! I haven't seen a topic about Alicesoft titles being translated (except for the one about Kaeru no Panyon), so I made one myself.


This was made in assumption that there isn't one already out there.

Admins are free to lock the topic if deemed necessary to.


I will be updating the topic periodically, so stay tuned for updates!






Daibanchou! Big Bang Age

Translation by: Seiha Translations



English Patch: here





Kaeru no Panyo~n

Translation by: Tulip Goddess Maria



Download: here





Translated by: Ludo-Rathowm

(It's the all-ages widescreen remake of Mamanyonyo)



Download link: here




Dungeons & Dolls

Translated by: Ludo-Rathowm

(A dungeon crawler by Alicesoft)



Download link: here

English Patch: here




Toushin Toshi

Translated by: Arunaru



Download link: here




Toushin Toshi II

Translated by: Arunaru



Download link: here




Rance I -Quest for Hikari-

Translated by: HGTP Translations



Download: here


Alternatively, you can also download the digest version to save you time.

English Patch: here





Rance 02 -The Four Rebellious Maidens-

Translated by: HGTP Translations

(It's a remake of Rance II in Alice 2010)



Download link: here


Rance II has a digest version as well. It is based on the original game from 1990. It still has the same story, basically, but might not include some things released in the 2009 version.


English Patch: here


Yes, the Rance I and II digests have the same English Patch.




Rance III -The Fall of Leazas-

Translated by: Tulip Goddess Maria



Download link: http://rancetranslation.wordpress.com/2013/09/02/rance-iii-fall-of-leazas-re-release/




Rance IV -Legacy of the Sect-

Translated by: Tulip Goddess Maria



Download link: http://rancetranslation.wordpress.com/2013/09/04/rance-iv-legacy-of-the-sect-release/




Rance 4.1 -Save the Medicine Plant-

Translated by: Tulip Goddess Maria



Download link: http://rancetranslation.wordpress.com/2014/01/25/rance-4-1-release/




Rance 4.2 -Angel Army-

Translated by: Tulip Goddess Maria



Download link: http://rancetranslation.wordpress.com/2014/03/28/rance-4-2-release/




Kichikuou Rance

Translated by: Arunaru



Download link: http://arunarutranslatescrap.wordpress.com/2014/09/13/kichikuou-rance-english-translation/

SLC's 200% Window Expansion Patch




Sengoku Rance (Rance VII)

Translated by: Yandere Translations



English Patch: here




Slash, Thrust, Burn!

Translated by: 2.0 Translations



English Patch: here






Rance 5D -The Lonely Girl-



Translation being done by: Aten Gnu and Maria

Progress: 85% translated, 80% edited




Rance VI -Collapse of Zeth-



Translation by: Arunaru


Ludo-Rathowm and Aristoles
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By the way, translation of Kichikou Rance is out!



The translation is done by Arunaru, in case you didn't know.

Credits to him.



This makes Rance 5D, Rance VI, Rance Quest, Rance IX, and Rance 01 the only Rance games left untranslated.



Nice to see that you made it. Can't wait to see future updates on these titles.

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Rance Quest going steady, now with almost 14% (13.92%) messages and 67% (67.35%) strings translated!

A .44% increase in messages, and .65% increase in strings from last week.


Progress is being slowed due to Tulip Goddess Maria translating another title for Mangagamer, but the Goddess delivers!


Meanwhile, have a moe.


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Just a question, is  anyone working on Atlach Nacha?



Arunaru said that he might work on Atlach-Nacha, but he would need to finish it first. Sadly, he stated that he could not focus on reading visual novels lately, so it might take a little while. 


Arunaru's course of action is quite unclear as of now, but as far as I'm concerned, he isn't translating any of the games right now. I guess he's taking a break after translating Kichikuou Rance.


The games that Arunaru plans to translate, if he ever translates again, are Toushin Toshi III and Atlach-Nacha.


Blade Briders out next month, it's looking good. \o/


It's unsure if any of them would work on it.

The demo, however, was translated, as far as I'm concerned.

I'll try to confirm it later.


i'll help with the JAP to Eng translations for you


Thanks. I'm not the translator though.

Translators are 2.0 Translations and Arunaru.

Go to their homepage to learn more about how you could help.

I don't think they're recruiting though.

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Its really a shame that Alicesoft loves to put rape on their games, they sound so cool gameplay and storywise but that just kills it. Hopefully dungeon and dolls dont come with it as i have been enjoying it so far.


But you won't play them, would you?

An exception is Dungeons & Dolls, of course, having a nameless protagonist.

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Apparently there has been a translator working on Rance IX unbeknownst to me. 

His name is Oruore, and this is the reason why I thought it was weird that there was an extra translator in the team. I thought he was assisting some of the other three active translators in their games, but I guess I was wrong.


Oruore apparently posts in Mushoku Tensei threads in /a/ about his progress on Rance IX. Why he does this, I have no idea. But it adds thrill to looking for the progress.


Anyway, anons state that Rance IX has been translated nearly up to the end of Chapter 3. 

Looks like I'll have to move Rance IX to the games being translated.

Good job 2.0 Translations!

I'll be looking for Oruore in /a/ frequently now. Maybe I'll even lurk in the Mushoku Tensei threads. Yes, I'm that desperate. Rejoice fuwans. Salvation is at hand.


Now I wonder, who'll finish first? Aten Gnu (Rance 5D), Aristotles (Rance VI), or Oruore (Rance IX)? I just seriously hope they don't bail on it just like Ludo did. Or just like Roven-Pan did. Oh, what about Rance Quest? It's impossible to be finished before the other three games, unless the translators of the other games bail out. Fortunately, Tulip Goddess Maria is the one translating Rance Quest. I have faith she'll see it through the end.


Galzoo Island is still dead indefinitely stalled. Guyzoo, where are you?


Well, this turned out to be a bit of an opinion post.


tldr: Rance IX is being translated.

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They do have gameplay wich i would probably make an exception depending on how good they are since i love SRPGs.


You're gonna go crazy in the Rance games though. They're standard ADV games. You wouldn't know what to do unless you're batshit crazy. Or just lucky.



Nice to see that IX is getting translated too. Now maybe me buying the game wasn't a bad Idea. 


You bought the game? Nice. If only I could buy the game too... I'll try getting a physical copy through some people. Thanks for reminding me.



This is a great list. I'm glad they're deciding to remake all the old Rances. The I liked the art a lot in Rance 2 remake.


The Rance II remake had nice art. I preferred the art of 01 though. Damn Lia's hot. Also, I'm a big fan of Kanami sooo.

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Its really a shame that Alicesoft loves to put rape on their games, they sound so cool gameplay and storywise but that just kills it. Hopefully dungeon and dolls dont come with it as i have been enjoying it so far.

Rape is justified for its inclusion in the story, as long as it's taken seriously, and used to further the plot in a dark way. Not some creepy fanservice like how Rance does it. Alicesoft isn't that bad though. From what I can tell about Nacha, there's no fanservice intended, (and is portrayed as how it is, inhuman, and horribly disgusting. It kinda helps that you play as a demon of cardinal hunger and lust, so your not some punk ass kid in look of "conquest", and quite rare that Hatsune makes victims of both genders, which is a rare case of female on male rape.)  

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I think it's fine people take issues with Rance.


I just hope they don't take issues with people who enjoy Rance lol. The rape is very cartoony to me, just like the random murders Rance commits on anyone who's not female. They are both appalling in real life and I hope no one has to experience them. I wouldn't enjoy it one bit.


BUT I laugh when it happens in Rance maybe because I compartmentalize really well. 

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I personally liked Rance because of his antics.

I wouldn't be loving the series as it is if Rance wasn't who he is.

Personally, the rape and random killing serves as entertainment in the game, though as the other guys up there, I wouldn't want anyone in reality to experience what the different characters in the Ranceverse go through.

After going through all that, Rance is just a person too. I like how his character develops. Well, at least I see a development. But anyway, the lore is awesome. 

I know that rape and murder are not acceptable. Yes, they aren't acceptable in our society. But let's be nice at least.

If you don't like the game, then leave it be. There's no need to drag others down into your disapproval of it. It's just a game.

But I am okay with people hating on it. Just don't hate on the people who play the game too. <3

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The Tulip Goddess has delivered once again! Rance Quest is still steadily being translated, now with 14.31% messages and 68.17% strings translated! Once again, since Rance Quest is a huge game because of its expansion (Magnum), Maria has been reporting good progress each week. Let's pray that the Goddess doesn't succumb to the evils preventing the game to be translated!


Hail Tulip Goddess Maria!


Here's the actual progress report:




As always, have a moe.



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Added the download link to Slash!, Thrust!, Burn!


Also, Pi-R came in with an addition to Kichikuou Rance!

Pi-R has inserted a TADA mode enabler and the English SSG with some new tricks.

From what I've heard, these can be used to edit certain values in the game, say, money.

I haven't tried it, but I'll update you guys as soon as I do.

Or you could update us here in the thread.


For those who want the TADA mode enabler and the English SSG, haniho.

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