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Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread


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The Japanese event leaderboard. If you can't read Japanese, everyone has their name set to the line their corresponding center said just before Snow Halation in the anime.

I love school.

I love music.

I love idols.

I love dancing.

I love our members.

I love every day.

I love working hard.

I love singing.

Because I love u's...


Someone, help, the tears. I'm serious here, I don't want April to come...


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I wonder where that myth came from. I don't know if you heard it somewhere or just though it, but no, you will never lose your gems when you transfer, that's just not a thing. As long as you are transferring between the same platform (iOS to iOS or Android to Android) you can transfer. If you have gems and are trying to transfer, it will simply deny you.

I just hear that question a lot and get confused as to why people think it  :wafuu:

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22 hours ago, Jade said:


Mannnn it really is coming...NOOOOOO 2Q==:komari::komari::komari::komari::komari::komari::komari:

So are you going to watch the live viewing? Not sure if the viewing location is around where you live but I hope it is :D


Also, I hope they can just fire their current proofreader and get a new one (Seventh instead of Seven'teen'th :amane: 


Anyway, next event (tomorrow) will be Umi SM. She is a Pure time-based PL (which sucks so bad, considering that she looks so pretty.)

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1 hour ago, imnoob92 said:

So are you going to watch the live viewing? Not sure if the viewing location is around where you live but I hope it is :D


Also, I hope they can just fire their current proofreader and get a new one (Seventh instead of Seven'teen'th :amane: 


Anyway, next event (tomorrow) will be Umi SM. She is a Pure time-based PL (which sucks so bad, considering that she looks so pretty.)

It's quite far away but as long as my sister who actually live there able to get the ticket, I'll be set to go.

I do hope she get it tho >_> 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here’s the first part of the ‘name train’ using Snow Halation quotes. This was just a trial run to test our coordination and also not to waste the suggestions that have been mentioned previously in another post.


Credits for the Snow Halation (English Version) name train:
6) I♡School (Eli) – luckyssl
7) I♡Music (Maki) - Lucina
8 ) I♡Idols (Nico) - Kotocchi
9) I♡Dancing (Rin) - artonico
10) I♡ μ'sMemb (Hanayo) - Zehel
11) I♡Everyday (Nozomi) - papabird
12) I♡HardWork (Umi) - Anna
13) I♡Singing (Kotori) - Hpulley
14) I♡μ's (Honoka) - Byaaakuren
15) μ’sic4ever (Honoka) – Lumineon

I've asked Kintolesky before the start of event for his participation and explained to him why I'm doing this but his reply was he wasn't interested. There is no point forcing or blaming him if he doesn't wish to participate but of course, it would be great if he did. Therefore, we had to come up with another solution which was to start the 'name train' from Rank 6 onwards. Umi's and Hanayo's line/quote were awkward due to the character limit so we had to make some modifications.

Don't worry, the Top 4 players have agreed and will join in later on, on the last day of the event, which we have a surprise for all of you. We hope all of you would like it. Until then, keep a lookout and good luck tiering! :D

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Top 32 Name/Feels Train (PART 2) in Umi Score Match Round 17:









As promised, here’s the PART 2 of the Name Train which involves more players using the same center. Some players may not have Snow Halation Rs even after trying and spending tons of Friend Points but still couldn’t get them so they will be using Wonderful Rush Rs instead.  As for the Top 4, their centers are SDS Movie Promo Umi and Yume no Tobira Eli, Honoka and Nozomi respectively. (Reasons why they were chosen are very obvious.) That’s not all! Besides changing their name and center, we have also requested them to leave their farewell messages in their profiles. It can either be dedicated to the corresponding μ's member/line they were assigned to OR the μ's members that they like. Do check them out although some of them are still currently updating in progress as everyone is in different time zones.

This is currently the longest name train record! Previous Name Trains I’ve coordinated were when /u/cychun87 (Nicocchi) retired and during Nozomi's Birthday. Lots of new event records have been broken so congrats to everyone on their respective achievements! This took me a long time of planning, asking around for suggestions, and then compiling them for players to vote for the best choice and lastly, executing the plan. I’ve encountered several issues along the way and had to find solutions to solve them but I’m glad everything turned out smoothly in the end. :)

We, on behalf of the Love Live! EN Community, hope you will like this farewell gift as there are only a few days left till the Final LIVE! To those who are going, enjoy and have fun! *Holds back tears* The next Name/Feels Train will probably be next year for their 1 Year Anniversary. I would like to thank everyone in the Top 32 (Except Kintolesky, well at least he said beforehand that he wasn't interested to participate so we shall respect his decisions) for their participation and cooperation to make this a huge success! This would not have been possible without them. :D

Name Train Captain/Organiser/Coordinator: Zehel (Me)

Quotes: (Suggested by me)

1.       Snow Halation Quotes (English Version)

2.       Making Dreams Come True Together!

3.       Farewell μ’s; We Will Always Remember You In Our Hearts!

Song and lyric chosen: Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari (Kanji with their names in it and center sequence according to the Movie) - Suggested by Jazz

Special Thanks to the following volunteers/helpers: (Helped with the planning and gave suggestions)

1. Makiss

2. Chishantee

3. Kiddlecorn

4. OTK*Lucina

5. artonico

6. hpulley

Credits for the Name Train: (* denotes that it is a tie in event points)

1. Making (SDS Umi Center) - DiCi

2. Dreams (Yume no Tobira Honoka) – PizzaDino
3. Come True (Yume no Tobira Eli) - Time Tame

4. Together! (Yume no Tobira Nozomi) - Coolguy

5. Kintolesky - (Pretend this is a space/black/period)

6. Ahほのかな (Honoka Center) - luckyssl

7. 予感から始まり (Honoka Center) - @Lucina

*8. Ah! 希望が (Nozomi Center) - Kotocchi/StreamBIG

*9. 星空駆けて (Rin Center) - Zehel

10. 花を咲かせる (Hanayo Center) - artonico

11. にっこり笑顔は (Nico Center) - piapiabird

*12. 小鳥の翼がついに (Kotori Center) - Annamarie

*13. 大きくなって (Kotori Center) - hpulley

*14. 遠くへと広がる (Umi Center) - baconator25

*15. 海の色暖かく (Umi Center) - Byaaakuren

16. 夢の中で描いた (Eli Center) - MOMOCHAN (Does not have Snow Halation R)

17. 絵のようなんだ (Eli Center) Maidable

18. 切なくて時を (Maki Center) - otakunopodcast

19. まきもどしてみるかい (Maki Center) - Pusheen

20. いまが最高! (Honoka Center) – umibrow (Does not have Snow Halation R)

21. Farewell - MVI_μ's

22. μ's, - Vanille

23. We - Celestia

24. Will - /u/arqeic

25. Always - tama@真姫推し

26. Remember - YiffMeUmi

27. You - Ninja

28. In - Kotolinsky

29. Our - μ'6-Chiaya

30. Hearts. - sonodank

31. μ'sic - OTKSamiha

32. Forever! - Vycksta

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Even though I don't play JP any more, I logged in to get the scouting tickets and used them and...


HANAYOOO :wub::wub:

It's kind of unfortunate to get it on the server I don't play, but if I ever do pick up playing it again, I have another UR to use :sachi: That puts me at 4 URs on 3 of my accounts (1 EN and 2 JP accounts). I also have an extra EN account.

Speaking of that EN account,  if anyone wants to add me, 


number form: 407749622

No idea how often I'll play the account, but at least I have a UR center to help anyone who does add me :D

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go cry myself to sleep due to what today is.

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15 hours ago, Jade said:

Wait, is today concert the same as tommorow? Or is it different?

They will change some of the songs for sure.

There are 42 songs in Day 1. I expect more tomorrow.

1) Bokura no LIVE Kimi to no LIFE

2) Bokura wa Ima no Naka de

-- Intro --

3) Natsuiro Egao de 1,2 Jump

4) Wonderful Rush

5) Yuujou no Change

-- Everything up here was done with the BNL outfit --

-- Cast interview 1: Interview on seiyuu about the beginning of LL --

6) Mogyutto Love de Sekinchuu

7) Baby Maybe Koi no Button

8 ) Music S.T.A.R.T

9 ) Yume no Tobira (short ver.)

10) Susume Tomorrow (short ver.)

11) Wonder Zone (short ver.)

12) Korekara no Someday (short ver.)

13) Love Wing Bell (short ver.)

14) Dancing Stars on Me

15) Happy Maker (short ver.)

-- Everything up here was done with Mogyutto outfit (yes, that maid outfit) --

-- Cast interview 2: First Live and ASL2012 --

16) Wao Wao Powerful Day

-- Printemps MC --

17) No Exit Orion

18) Sweet and Sweet Holiday

19) Omoide Ijou ni Naritakute

-- Lily White MC --

20) Futari Happiness

21) Shuujou Romantic

22) Cutie Panther

23) Psychic Fire

-- BiBi MC --

24) Sakkaku Crossroad

-- Everything up to here was done with respective subunit outfit. --

Cast interview 3: Second Live, Third Live, and first season of anime

25) Angelic Angel

-- A bit of MC --

26) Kaguya Shiro de Odoritai

27) Datte Datte Aa Mujou

-- Everything up to here was done with AA outfit. --

Cast interview 4: Fourth Live and 2nd season of anime

28) Hello, Hoshi wa Kazoete

29) ? <--- Heartbeat

30) Future Style

-- Everything up to here was done with the movie outfit. --

Cast interview 5: Fifth Live and LL! Movie

31) Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki

32) Mi wa Music no Mi

33) Super Love=Super Live

34) No Brand Girls

35) Kira Kira Sensation

36) Sunny Day Song

-- Everything up to here was done with SDS outfit.


37) Start:Dash

38) Snow Halation

39) Oh, Love and Peace!

40) Kitto Seishun ga Kikoeru

41) Moment Ring

-- Everything up to here was done with another set of BNL outfit I think? --

Double Encore(?) - Not sure if this is considered as encore because no people is shouting for it.

42) Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari -- The outfit was similar with the movie, and they changed to another one in split second during the last chorus.

Nanjolno (Eli's voice) couldn't perform a lot during the event, so she only came out in "important" songs like AA, SDS, subunits, etc.

PS: I couldn't remember most of the mini details as I was busy shouting in the entire concert. :kosame:

For more info about first day: http://love-live.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:LuciaHunter/%CE%BC%27s_FinalLoveLive!_2016_~%CE%BC%27sic_Forever~_Live-Viewing_Day_1 (by the LL wikia admin)

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So, as you may know, my dear fellow love livers. I am not the keenest on llsif news, but a post I saw said that these were the new cards on JP.

And oh boy, would I be willing to make a JP account and sell my soul to get that Maki card.





There's also honkers, rice, washi washi and Rin for everyone else, but Jesus Christ. Look at that Maki card, it's a gift from the sif gods.

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