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  1. I draw your waifu/husbando

    Ah, you're quite good at this! The way you've drawn the eyes on the pictures with Mei or Blanc, is spectacular! It would be wonderful if you could draw the firekeeper from dark souls III. Or maybe Lady Maria from Bloodborne? I'll leave it up to you
  2. Great Game Music

    I would put the entire dark souls III soundtrack here, but I feel that would spoil the amazing boss fights.
  3. Overwatch Group

    Sign me up for this! Nebula#2865
  4. I fucking knew it. But I stand by my words. I refuse to believe that any man could resist Rem after that amazing speech she gave!
  5. Along the Edge

    This looks great and I will probably check it out. Although, I must say I am slightly disappointed that this isn't the epic story of a young nihilistic teenager dealing with teenager problems and trying to control his inner edgelord
  6. Anime that Inspire you to Do Good Things

    Before watching boku no pico, I was already beyond reddemption. After boku no pico, I was basically inviting Satan into my home, giving him home baked cookies, blushing nervously and asking if he wanted to see my stamp collection.
  7. [PSA] Where's muh Fuwachat?

  8. Princess Evangile Steam Key giveaway! (OVER)

    give me the free stuff pls, tovarish derg
  9. This explains why I never get any grills
  10. Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    Now, I'm not saying that being granted godhood by K-lab is a bad thing, but what the heck is up with my LP bar? Is this normal? Before I got all that sweet LP, I also went from something along the lines of level 72 to 94. Note to your left, my beautiful waifu UR (I did more than scream when I got her)
  11. VN Reading Club - Yumina the Ethereal

    Go Rance or go home.
  12. I would totally give up danish, not out of contempt, mind you. I still have some national pride left. The languages I would choose would probably be german (Duel me to the death, Texas), Italian (Beacuse why not?) and english. It would be easy to continue living in Denmark and generally Europe, since english is basically the lingua franca of Europe.
  13. The Last GM Standing!

    Allahu Akbar, I have killed the opposing team's leader in a glorious Jihad Kamikaze I will now join my 72 well deserved virgin waifus, in weeb Jannah. Glory to the true prophet, Nosehammed
  14. The Last GM Standing - FINALE - Part 1/2

    NO, KINGDOM. I'll never let go, man. I promise!
  15. Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    Bloody hell, Klab is really saving the best URs for last! It seems that by process of elimination, Rin will be the next UR.
  16. The Last GM Standing!

    A shame, I would have loved "Not very skilled in combat, but makes up for it with sarcasm" Well, I'm sure it'll be fine anyways, I look forward to your next chapter!
  17. The Last GM Standing!

    "Personality/ traits: Slightly timid, doesn’t like fighting, physically strong, cares a lot for his teammates. Not too skilled in combat, but makes up for it in brute strength." >physically strong >not too skilled in combat, but makes up for it in brute strength >brute strength kek. On a more serious note, if you really want to make my character more like me, you should probably just change it to "an extremely sarcastic git"
  18. What makes a good Villain?

    True! It gives me the metal gear solid vibes.
  19. What makes a good Villain?

    I just want to add, that I personally really like villains that say "We're just like each other" and blurs the lines between the villain and the protagonist. I think those kinds of villains are some of the best! I know this isn't really a whole personality, but I think it still adds something to the villain and the story. I get this is usually in stories where the protagonist himself does some quite questionable actions, but I feel, like I said, it adds something to the story!
  20. True or False

    True. Even though I don't remember any of them Next person likes either dank memes or the overthrowing of the bourgeogise
  21. Show yourself off (RL picture thread)

    10/10 would drink tea and sing Britannia rules the waves with you
  22. The Last GM Standing - Chapter 5!

    Well, shit. Looking forward to working with you, Kingdomcome Nice chapter as always, Derg