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My name is Ziczin

About me:
- I write in many genres, I experiment a lot. More than 4 years of experience.
- I consider awareness to be an important part of the process of creating a composition. Those. the performer is obliged to fully understand all the details of the process of creating a track, since in most cases, this is exactly what is the key to high-quality sound design.

Work process:
- Make the most detailed TK. Be prepared to write a little more, maybe I'll ask about the project. The quality of the composition depends on the fullness of the TK.

- Indicate in advance whether the track is being written for a specific scene or will be used many times, whether this track will characterize a character, root, location, or should simply accompany the mood. It is important.

- As a reference (mastering | post-processing) I can request a couple of finished tracks. It is important that the tracks have the same audible volume and are not altered by the engine sequencer (or altered equally).

- Edits are accepted only from one person.

- Edits must be specific, i.e. phrases like "This is not the mood here" will not be quoted.

- The price may depend on the complexity and duration of the composition, as well as on the number of renders sent.

Examples of my tracks on SoundCloud:
- Plays (Free use)
- Experiments
- Old tracks
- Once upon a time for a short story (Free use)
- About~trailer tracks
- Tracks for the visual novel "Amalgamms"
- Tracks for the visual novel "Golden Leaves"
- Tracks for the "Splitlands" Competitive Novel (10th out of 136 by the "Audio" criterion)
- Tracks for Anivisual Jam3 Novel "Singularity of Hearts"
- Tracks for the modification of Katawa Shoujo: Letters to Venus

You can contact me in VK - https://vk.com/ziczin
Or by discord - Зишка#7806
Or by mail - [email protected]

Well you get the idea/

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