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  1. Classic style is an anime. I prefer graphics like Kara no Shoujo. But you can use any other. In the vusual novel, the main thing is the story imho.
  2. "Tiny Bunny" is made in realism
  3. My name is Ziczin About me: - I write in many genres, I experiment a lot. More than 4 years of experience. - I consider awareness to be an important part of the process of creating a composition. Those. the performer is obliged to fully understand all the details of the process of creating a track, since in most cases, this is exactly what is the key to high-quality sound design. Work process: - Make the most detailed TK. Be prepared to write a little more, maybe I'll ask about the project. The quality of the composition depends on the fullness of the TK. - Indicate in adv
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