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Looking for VNs to recommend to some of my friends

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Planetarian and Narcissu are usually the ones people recommend to beginners. Also Saya no Uta, if they're into this kind of stuff.

If they are more into the literature side of the genre, I would strongly recommend Adabana Odd Tales. And if they are into yuri, The expression Amrilato is also pretty nice.

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I don't know what your friend like, but in this case he still didn't get the VN that he want to play yet then I can suggest something like Parquet, ATRI, Marco, Umikana, and True Remembrance. In case your friend want to read something that has fighting and dark story, then he can try both of Kikokugai and Hanachirasu. I hope that my recommendations here can be help to your friend in case he still didn't play those VNs.

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