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Miura (Berserk mangaka) Passed Away Recently

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I was honestly shocked. Apparently he died on May 6th but it was only just recently announced. RIP 

It was always joked that Miura would die before finishing Berserk, but I don't think anyone expected it to happen like this when he was still relatively young. 

Edit: In case you want sources more official than Wikipedia, here you go. Cnet and Kotaku

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That's a waste... though stringing his fans along for over twenty-something years is going a bit far anyway.  There is a good reason why Robert Jordan's fans held a grudge against him for dragging the Wheel of Time series out for so long.

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Fortunately Berserk fans already had an idea of what the manga endgame was going to be (with the "Idea of Evil" being spoiled by accident ahead of time). This just makes me even more worried for Togashi (HunterxHunter) because i felt that Berserk was nearing its' end while i can't quite say the same for HxH.

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Well at the very least Berserk's fans didn't need to worry whether the world will be screwed up in the final battle (And that the late author didn't need to think on how to create the finale anymore), although obviously it mean that the bad guy (Idea of Evil and it's cadres (Including Griffith)) is still out there and so far there's no easy way to defeat them that the late author could think of. Sorry for my blunt statements and my condolence to the author here.

PS - For whether this 32 years old story can be continued or not, it depend whether the late author did leave some note for the manga ending or not so that someone can continued it. And if not, oh well.

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