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PS5 Full Reveal Discussion

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I'm sure both Sony and Microsoft are going to use this generation as a test run to see if they can get away with going 100% digital next generation. Historically I don't get a console until the next generation is about to come out (I just got my PS4 a few months ago). In this case though, I do want to cast my vote on the side of keeping physical media around though, so I might buy both of them new this time.


Also, the scalping community is alive and well I see.

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I would definitely go with the digital version if I were buying a PS, the only reason not to would be to buy second-hand games and the market for those in Poland is kind of meh...

Still a shame Sony neglects backwards compatibility beyond PS 4 and keeps their online services so mediocre. Maybe they'll start working to fix that during this generation.

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