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If anyone's interested in how the SP translation of Hoshimemo compares to the original English TL (All Early Prologue - No Spoilers)


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8 hours ago, voidpointer said:

I know this is supposed to be a spoiler-free comparison, but it would be super great to have a comparison of specific dialog in Asuho's confession scene, specifically one part where the protagonist replies to her with "yeah sure"... so terrible! This part of the original TL bothered me the most. I hope they've improved it.

I hope they fix that terrible plot point with that one chick's right ear or whatever.

Oh wait, they can't, because this game is garbage regardless of translation. :ren:

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On 11/18/2017 at 10:44 PM, NowItsAngeTime said:

If anyone was curious:

"dame dame" gets translated as "dudhead"

"baka baka" gets translated as "dumbhead"




I want some opinions on some of the words they use though. Like Wholesome/cruddy/Thorn at our side. While overall I overall prefer Sekai's translations, when I read the phrases mentioned previously, that are almost never said in normal conversation, they sort of take me out of the immersion...

Also "Oh, that's valuable information. Much appreciated" is nowhere in the original Japanese line... These things just bug me.

Maybe i just like more literal translations?

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