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Kono Oozora H-Scenes Porting Project

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As pointed out above, you need to clear kotori first. You can put it on autoskip with "skip unread text" option (config->text) if you prefer to start with Amane.

I see, thanks Rusanon. By the way, how's the thing going with the patch ? It's already 14th now. Still uploading, maybe ? :o

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Well I didn't manage to edit everything I wanted to, guess it should be in for the second patch whenever. Sorry guys.

Don't worry about it, schedule for the project was very unreasonable, its already amazing to finish so much work in this time.

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I've uploaded final release candidate patch. Few scripts still not edited, but I guess it doesn't make much sense to wait for them for first release.

Gonna take some sleep, then check patch files and release notes again and we are ready for release.

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I just want to think the guys responsible for the patch and for the continued work on it. I knew it would come out sooner or later, but being this quick while the game is still in the spotlight is fantastic. If the guys from Moenovel and pull-top are reading this, shame on you for making others do your work for you and for free. With this comment, I'm referring to the translation, not necessarily all the censoring. I was always under the impression that the Japanese had a tremendous amount of pride when it came to their work, but looking at the English release of if my heart had wings, you have to wonder. Moenovel is an imprint of pulltop.

Anyway, thanks for you hard work, I for one, really appreciate it.

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Game crashes when Aoi enters the mansion right after he says the following :


Thus, for me, it's unplayable.

I'll try to reinstall everything though and see if it works...

And by the way, when I double clicked on the batch file (even as administrator) it said it couldn't find the files.

Now.. as it may also happen to other people, here is what I did :

I opened a new command prompt as administrator and went to the game's directory using "cd" and "dir" command.

Example :

cd C:\Program Files (x86)\MoeNovel\IF MY HEART HAD WINGS
and I just ran the code from there using :

Anyway, thanks for this patch !

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i have problems with the "moving background", when it happens it will always be green or black background. however there is no problem with the normal background

BTW,thanks a lot for doing the Restoration patch!!

Um, can you post screenshot?

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