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  1. We are planning to release updated version of patch within next few days (if nothing goes wrong), which will be compatible with Steam version.
  2. I remember someone on #tlwiki mentioned that he encountered once a VN with nameable protag and voice bank of common japanese names. I forgot title name tho, and cannot find it in logs. EDIT: actually, found it. Moogy: btw one of the gimmicks in the -cation series is that they had the seiyuu record hundreds/thousands of clips of themselves saying various common japanese male names so that the player can enter his own name and hear it So it was about http://vndb.org/v6682 http://vndb.org/v10288 http://vndb.org/v14005
  3. https://twitter.com/nekopara_pr/status/509350778197127168 "investigating" means "doing research", it doesn't mean they made up their minds and signed deals, at least from whatever info we have publicly. SP doesn't have infrastructure to sell 18+ games right now. Dovac complained in the past, that cc processing complanies he poked around either refused to deal with porn or demanded insane commissions. Then they would need to set up web shop from scratch, which isn't trivial task either. And then he'd need to hire support, anti-fraud and so on, which is really too much of a hurdle for single do
  4. First of all, your numbers are not very correct. ImoPara alone sold more than 3k copies so far.Second, you completely ignored price. 45 USD per digital copy without distributor and 5 USD per copy with 30% cut going to distributor are entirely different things. Within 1.5 years since announcement. What this has to do with anything? Its not "MG takes far longer", its "translation time is linearly related to the length of text", no amount of investment would drastically improve translation speed without affecting quality.License fees are paid, translators and other staff are contracted and rece
  5. Download prepatched version if you cannot get patch working. If you are using JP system locale and prepatched version still doesn't work, there are issues with your video card or its drivers or video codecs.
  6. Yeah, MangaGamer with their dozens of partners and huge portfolio doesn't exist, rite? Every year we see steady increase in amount of eroge devs interested in western market, and unlike SP, they bring new, not yet translated games. If GnK fails, it will be solely dovac's fault, because he managed to piss off huge part of VN market with his terrible management and PR, and it will not affect anything except his retirement plans.
  7. Are you seriously calling that trash "darkest desires of mankind"?Both games you claim to be dark are vanilla as fuck, and both are even more consensual than euphoria. There's no scat, gore, guro, cannibalism or extreme torture, there's no real mental breakdown, no real descriptions of suffering and anguish. Go play some real dark nukige, then we will talk. Considering you played only 14 vns total and all of them are english-translated, you don't have qualifications to judge quality of average nukige — you didn't read even single mid-tier or top-tier nukige after all.
  8. Apparently you didn't play the game. Pattern you are speaking about takes less than half of scenes. Rest are genuine gang-rape, torture and sexual slavery. These two games are lowest-tier nukige. Complete trash in terms of everything. I'm quite astonished that someone would use them as reference for anything but "what cheapest no-effort-from-creators games look like".
  9. I'd say Takahiro x Jackson is far more unusual than Romeo working on minatosoft title alone.
  10. Yeah. Not even slightest idea how that going to work tho. Maybe, considering episodic structure, there will be Takahiro episodes and Jackson episodes.
  11. Umm, everything is on their official site, what do you mean "limited to Japan"? Episodic romcom about older brocon girls, typical Takahiro stuff for which they somehow also recruited Jackson.
  12. At one point dovac hinted at such possibility, but his later comments imply nothing is set in stone yet and apparently they have some kind of problems with this plan.
  13. Umm, I already provided you link with full game text in my previous post.
  14. Here's full Meikyuu script in JP: http://dobrochan.ru/files/grisaia_meikyuu_full.txtLooking forward to your translation.
  15. Not to mention changing this stuff messes up Rakuen. You'd need some major rewrite to make it be the same story... All-ages fits for kajitsu, not meikyuu imo.. Removing h-scenes is not same as redacting material to make them not happen. As koestl already explained, "removing" means once sex scene starts, screen goes blank and they skip through it. So its not going to affect Rakuen in any way. Every point you mentioned (abuse from sister, romance with Asako, failed romance with Julia) is backed with tons of non-h material and is actually thoroughly rubbed in reader, with everything spelled out
  16. Not all of them. Makina afterstory is story-centric, and was pretty fun and interesting to read. Michiru is really good comedy. Sacchi was similar to Makina's, althrough a bit worse. And in every of them I felt H-scenes were unneeded. At that point their relation is well-established and we got plenty of h-stuff in Kajitsu, so they were just interrupting flow of story w/out any benefit. As for Dave's corner, I don't even know why its there. No relation to story, absolutely pointless lump of h-content. Whoever needs something to fap to, could read these scenes with ATLAS if he doesn't know Jap,
  17. http://vndb.org/v515 Apparently at the end of trial there's message that release date is oct 31th.
  18. I bet they will announce release date and open preorders.
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