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  1. MangaGamer's Message to Fan-translators

    Yeah right, they will never license certain type of "fan translated" games, even if someone sends then the translated scripts beforehand. Fan translators deserves respect, the VN scene would not be the same without these gentlemen!
  2. Complete this Conversation

    I would just show him my physical "Lolicon secret archive™".
  3. Outsider vs NekoPara!

    Damn Youtubers, always bashing something in the most ridiculous ways.
  4. My first VN was Three Sisters History...so I didn't know a voiced VN even existed, until I played "Hinatabokko" or it was "Da capo"? I can't remember which one. So yeah, I don't care that much about voices.
  5. Thanks! I just solved my problem too, in notepad++ utf-16le is called UCS-2 Little Endian.
  6. Thanks KnightFire!

    Sorry the lateness.

  7. happy birthday!

  8. What are you playing?

    My humble list... Clannad, Kimi no Nagori wa Shizuka ni Yurete, Boob wars, Shikokku no sharnot, Da capo 2, Edelweiss, Soul link, Otoboku, Duel savior, School days, Quartett, Snow sakura, Transfer student, Rewrite, Tomoyo after, Warrior Raidy, Fortune arterial, Sekien no inganock, Ayouku no eustia, Family project, Deardrops, Harem party, Moero downhill nightblaze and Cross channel. Planning to play again Muv luv and finally finish all routes.
  9. What do you plan on buying ?

    By the powers of my credit card, I´ll buy Otoboku limited Edition. B) Maybe Dengeki Striker bundle "if they release one".